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If you were the Philippines PRESIDENT??
Posted 7/1/10 , edited 7/1/10

Their numbers should be significantly reduced somehow and their capacity rate should be increased and the Jeepneys should be modernized. You should like put GPS, Automatic Tubig Machine, put an automatic fare collection machine (That would solve the problem of dispatchers collecting fares). Also Jeepneys should like operate similar to Bus the difference is that they only operate in smaller roads and their travel distance should also be limited. That way the problems of congested traffic would be solved.
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Posted 7/9/10 , edited 7/9/10
i'll suprise the whole world! ^^

that explains a lot, isn't it?? :)))
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Posted 7/12/10 , edited 7/12/10
1]remove busses!! i hate them!
2]will build trains that can reach all part of the Philippines...
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Cassiopeia conste...
Posted 7/19/10 , edited 7/20/10
nice question.
but i have another question:
when u've answered this with all those great ideas of what to do as president of the philippines, will you actually do it and try to achieve the things u js said?

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Posted 8/5/10 , edited 8/5/10
if i were given the chance to be president , the best thing that i would do ....... since PHIL is in deep shit T_T.. probably i would just put PHIL back under American rule ... because the phil government is so stuck up and corrupt and in my opinion only america can help up us grow back to what was once the PEARL OF THE ORIENT was it ?......

we lost alot of money...... and probably will have alot of difficulties recovering because corruption is still going (active)..
if i were president id probably make a proposal to the high officials of the PHIL gov who are not corrupt to give phl back to american rule... that way we can reassure those corrupt official will surely be busted because of CIA hahahaha.... but honestly though id do it for the sake of the poor and my fellow FILOZ..... id do it.... at the pribe of being in american rule ,

im tired of corruption ... maybe if phil is under american rule .... evrybody would be well educated, good job,minimum wage, no poor,

and probably the deep shit going on in mindanao will end for good with the help of american government ... ... ^^

peace .... thats what i would do if there were no other choice......
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Posted 8/8/10 , edited 8/8/10
I wanted to do lots of things for our country, I want it super duper clean like japan! And the quality of education I also want to give credits to filipino scientist/invetors, geologist, archelogist any filled that is related to science because our government never really care about them thats why most of them accepts the offer of other countries.
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Posted 8/21/10 , edited 8/21/10
1. Declare Martial Law
2. Eradicate corrupted officials
3. Seized all the properties gained by corrupted officials and used those to built our country economy, schools, housing for the poor and scholarship.
4. Offer rewards and protection to people that helps prevent corruptions.
5. Provide stimulus to help facilitate economy.
6. Provide good retirement plan for our balikbayans.
7. Open investment for foreigners.
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Posted 9/3/10 , edited 9/4/10
OK so i'll make this brief
if i was the president of the Philippines the first
thing i'll do is build more schools, hospitals, and
make better jobs available for more of the people
and i'll strive for the Philippines to become a leading
country in economy, trade, security , etc.
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Posted 9/18/10 , edited 9/18/10
I will make a house for squaters. I will clean Philippines. :) LOL
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Posted 10/18/10 , edited 10/18/10
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Posted 3/22/11 , edited 3/22/11
If I was the president I would help all the poor people. Bys giving them shelter, food and duly necessities. I just I hate the fact that I can't do something to help all the poor people. This is one of the reason why their is crime in the country
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Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/20/11

mj_buena wrote:

...For the National Power, we'll need to build lots of Nuclear Power plants around the islands.
Plants will be built in small inhabited islands, so if something goes wrong it won't hurt much....

Meanwhile in japan...

You're the last person I would vote for
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Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/21/11
If I were to be the president of the Sovereign Republic of the Philippines Incorporated...

The first thing I will do is give an inaugural speech in Quirino Grandstand.

"*coughs* We're no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of..."

After the speech I'll say " maestro! roll it!"

then I sing and dance, ~ Never gonna give you up...

The next day of my glorious presidency, I will give an order to the AFP. "Draw a big ass transmutation circle around the Baseco Compound."

I'll go into the center of Baseco and perform the alchemic transmutation, turning myself into a living philosopher's stone.

The night after, I will laugh as hard as I can until I bust my throat and bleed to death, like an evil villain. After I died the next morning, I regenerate myself back to life.

For the 3rd day of my majestic presidency, I will perform a jutsu, the mass shadow clone jutsu and send all my clones around the islands.

I will tell the AFP to retire since we already have the ultimate defense, me.

Since then, we will become a member of the G8, replacing Japan, which right now is suffering from country shaken syndrome.

How about the corruption in the government? How will I deal with them like Mahal na Pangulong Arroyo and Company?
Simple, exile them all to Hawaii, the paradise islands, enjoying their petty GSIS pensions.

When we get them all in Hawaii, The Filipino race will be a majority in the state, maybe 95%. Because the United States government won't let these people of ours become naturalized American citizens, they would instead turn over Hawaii to the the Greater Archepelagoic Republic of the Philippines. In this way, we will gain strong military influence in the whole Pacific region. Of course, we will not send away the US navy from Pearl Harbor like we did in Clark Airbase, we will just share it with them, with a clone of mine. The US and Philippines will always coexist.

For the poverty in the Philippines. I will create gold through alchemy and make the biggest gold reserve in the world. I will give them money, even if there's nothing more to buy. Now that's a filthy rich country, ain't it?

How about the heavy traffic in the metropolitan areas of the Philippines? Simple again. I will ban the use of gas, diesel, lpg fueled vehicles throughout the Philippines, and eventually the whole world since I will become the UN Secretary General and the Pope at the same time. What form of transportation will we use then? LRT, MRT, PNR, Helicopter, bulldozer, forklifts, bump cars, bicycles, unicycles, horses and llamas.

For our unappealing heat, simple. I'll go to Baguio City and ask the mayor, how'd he make a centralized cooling system in the city.
There's gotta be an answer.

No matter how powerful a nation we are, we will still stay humble. Afterall our beloved OFWs are potential hostages where ever they are.
They're our main export.

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