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Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09
Basic Lesson 1: Common Phrases You Should Know by mikoto_kino
Pronounciation of basic words you can refer to.

Basic Lesson 1.5: Japanese Common Expressions by wave_stackz16
A guide to common expressions used by Japanese. Worth a look!

Basic Lesson 2: Counters! by Ryukon
Counters: a part of daily life! Important for forming sentences.

Basic Lesson 3: Ages :] by Ryouseiteki
A good guide to counting ages. Now you know what your age is in Japanese! :P

Basic Lesson 4: List of Honorific Explained by Abkia_shock
Read this guide to find out about the proper ways to use honorifics (eg. -san, -kun). And I said, READ IT!

Basic Lesson 5: Japanese Words, Phrases and Definitions/Meanings by snow_san
A longgggggggggggggggggg list of definitions to Japanese words. Suited for anime/JDrama lovers, in my opinion as there are many terms commonly found in anime and JDrama.

Basic Lesson 6: First Kanjis by MUD-PIES-YUM
A list of simple kanjis that are suitable for beginners to learn
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