Does Anime/ Manga / J-Culture Affect Your Way Of Life?
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23 / M / Takamagahara
Posted 12/6/09
I find myself, each day, becoming more and more OBSESSED with japan.
Sure, i could be an Otaku.
But really...I now drink green tea, i get sushi at lunch from M&S, i have about 3GB of J-Rock on my iPhone.
My GCSE art book, is now PLASTERED with anime cutouts. (Pics on soon)
I know more Anime trivia than ANYONE in my town.
I buy all the anime magazines.
i made egg foo young in food tech.

And all this stemmed from seeing 1 episode of "Naruto" on TV...

Its crazy.

Well, read the title and respond my lovely people!
Posted 12/6/09
this question has already been asked so many times over. its funny how people think they are the first to come up with a topic.
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25 / F
Posted 12/6/09
Hmm, I'd say it has affected my life.

I've found a bunch of friends through anime.
Out of the 765 songs on my iPod, 604 of them are Japanese.
I've written several essays for my english class on Japanese culture., etc., etc.

I'm probably an otaku, but I'm okay with that^^
Posted 12/6/09
It used to. I think the obvious answer is 'yes'. I used to be an Otaku (And believe it or not, I use to say "nyaa" IRL).

btw, wrong section? (I'm guessing this should be in the Anime Forum.)
This is also a duplicated but eh, too lazy to search >_>
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23 / F / Lebanon
Posted 12/6/09
yes of course it does, I also have sushi once a week for dinner.
I draw mangas all the time (at school, in bed..)
I think the hottest men are the Japanese.
I watch anime a lot, and I read mangas a lot.
I speak japanese. and a lot of stuff related to Japan.
sometimes I act like anime characters without noticing.
and such stuff. I think every anime lover would act this way!
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F / Youtube!
Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09
Um. No, actually.

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Posted 12/6/09
not really
Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09
First of all, being Japanese is not all about eating Pocky, slurping Raman, and drinking green tea. Do you even know the history behind the country you're so obsessed in imitating? Their politics? Social standings? Language? Oh wait, don't tell me you also go around mixing in Japanese words with English? For example, "That purse is so Kawaii!11!"

But what would I know, I'm not Japanese.

Also, Duplicate Thread:
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