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Favorite episode
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20 / F / Somewhere in this...
Posted 12/6/09
Mine is episode something, I forgot but it wasd when kuukai was versing his older brothers, does anyone know which episdoe is that?
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21 / F / Shugo Chara Land ^_^
Posted 12/6/09
I know what you're talking about, but sorry, I forgot which episode it was

Hmm... mine was probably the newest episode of Shugo Chara! Party! Episode 10, I believe. It has a cool Tadamu moment in it. ^_^
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Posted 12/6/09
The episode you're thinking of is Episode 79 - Ikuto & Amu Sorrowful Battle

My favorite is episode 100
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23 / F / Neverland ♥
Posted 12/6/09
I have a lot of favorite episodes xD

Episode 9-Where Nadeshiko invites Amu over to sleepover.

Episode 25- Where Nadeshiko leaves and we get to see her "twin brother", Nagihiko.

Episode 56- Where Nagihiko returns!! (Kyaaa<33) (HATED Rimahiko scenes =o=)

Episode 75- Where Utau suddenly comes to Amu's house and hangs out. Then meets up with Kukai.

Episode 85 and 86- Where Sakurai Yua, a filler character who is Amu's childhood friend, meets up with the Guardians and has problems with her chara, Cecil.

Episode 91- Where Amu askes Nagihiko to be Nadeshiko (soo cuteee!!<3) Then Rhythm is born and Beat Jumper appears!! (So cool<33333)

Episode 92- Where Nagihiko gets used to Rhythm during the day. (So freaking awesome and funny!! Kyaaa<33)

Episode 93- Where Utau is back<33 She has a new concert, with a new song (which I love!!<33) and new outfit XD

Episode 98 and 99- Where Temari is back and Yamato Maihime appears!! Thats the only thing I liked about it! (I DESPISED Rimahiko scenes =o=)

Episode 100- Where Amu and Tadase see's Ikuto's past, meaning little Ikuto!

Episode 104- Where Hikaru finally enters Seiyo Gakuen and Nagihiko and Amu shows him around!! (Kyaa<33)

Episode 109- Where Nadeshiko finally comes back infront of Amu!! (Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!<333)

Too much episodes? xD
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21 / F / Planet Mato
Posted 12/6/09
My favorites would add up pretty long but I guess I'll shorten it D:

I like all the episodes from the 1st season but these would be my top faves

Episode 3 “Flaky and Fluffy, Leave it to Su!”
Episode 100 “The Birth of Two Character Transformations!”
Episode 26 “I Can't Help But Fall in Love!”
Episode 33 “The New Beginning!”
Episode 99 “Our Feelings, United! The Guardians’ Battle!”
Episode 4 “I'm The Trump Card!?”
Episode 42 “Utau Hoshina! The Last Battle!”
Episode 49 "The Secret of the Violin! Notes Dancing in the Wind!"

For Party:
Episode 7(109) "Welcome Back, Nadeshiko!”
Episode 3(105) "Sparkle, My Heart! The Power of Song!”

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Posted 12/8/09
Favourite episode? Uh...
Episode 71,episode 48,Doki finale episodes,I think any episode introducing the male transformations?
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23 / F / England
Posted 12/11/09
Mine was episode 98 when Temari came back
It was probably the only episode i was really really excited about

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22 / F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 1/24/10
Mine from all three seasons are:


Episode 3: "Flaky and Fluffy, Leave it to Su!" (One the cutest Amuto scenes in whole entire show ^^ & Nadeshiko is hilarious xD)
Episode 9: [/purple ]"The Seven Mysteries of the Fujisaki Family!?" (Nadeshiko! xD)
Episode 11: "The Snow Mountain Holiday!" (Nadeshiko again xD)
Episode 13: "Big Disturbance! New Year Live!" (Utau's first song & Ikuto ^^)
Episode 21: "Kidnapping of Guardian Characters!" (Ahhh Ikutoo x3)"
Episode 29 "Character Transformation!? Amulet Angel!" (The episode where Amu and Kukai learn that Utau is Ikuto sister... ohh bahahah xD)
Episode 33: "I Can't Help But Fall in Love!" (The best freakin' Amuto episode of SC YET.)
Episode 42: "Utau Hoshina! The Last Battle!" (Loved it (: )
Episode 43: "Character Transformation! Amulet Diamond!" (Black Lynx x3)
Episode 49: "The Secret of the Violin! Notes Dancing in the Wind!" (Hee Amuto x) )
Episode 51: "I'll Get the Embryo!" (Love it (: )


Episode 53: "Hectic Day to Speak Frankly!?" (Amuto momment x3)
Episode 59: "Utau Hoshina! New Beginning!" (Amuto momment there x3)
Episode 64: "The New Year! First Laughter in Character Transformation!?" (The episode where Ikuto falls asleep in her bed x3)
Episode 65: "Snow Days are Full of Secrets?" (Amuto episode all the way! x))
Episode 70: "I Hate These Stupid Chocolates!?" (Ikuto ends up eating her V-day Chocolate ^^)
Episode 71: "An Exciting White Day!" (Hee-hee a clash between Ikuto, Amu, and Tadase ;D)
Episode 72: "The Jig is Up!? Utau Pays a Visit!" (Episode with Utau and Kukai ^^)
Episode 100 : "The Birth of Two Character Transformations!" (Amulet Fortune and Seven Seas Treasure! ^^)
Episode 102: "The Dream Egg, Who I Want to Be." (The episode where Ikuto kisses her on the cheek<33)

Episode 110: "The Miraculous Character Change!" (Yoru sends Amu a pic of Ikuto sleeping! Hee-hee x3)
Episode 112: "Eh! Tadase-kun has a crush on someone!?" (Ikuto calls her from Paris and consoles her ^^)
Episode 114: "Exhausted~ Amu-chan, Becomes a Mommy?" (Such a cute episode WITHOUT that Rikka girl! -__-)

& there you go (: Hope Peach-Pitt makes a ton more of Amuto/Ikuto SOON!
Posted 1/24/10
Mine is episode 85 86 with Yua Sakurai ^^
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21 / F / Under a box. :3
Posted 1/24/10
Episode 62: Haha this episode of the whole series! If you people know me then it would be the fav ep of the all the Rimahiko forumers!! I LOVE RIMAHIKO!!!
Episode 109: Hell yeah I love this episode! Rima really cares! If Rima didn't care then would she keep Nagihiko's secret? And she doesn't like the fact that he is lying to Amu so that most likely is the reason why she torments Nagihiko!
Episode 98 & 97: The Queen's waltz episodes! It kinda proves that Rimahiko is going to become canon!*hides from Amuhiko fans*

These are mah faves but I like alot more episodes! I'm just pretty lazy to list them all!

NOTE: Haha if you guys were wondering! I used to LOVE Amuhiko and despise Rimahiko but for some reason my heart has changed some way about them and now I don't like Amuhiko anymore! How wierd...
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21 / M
Posted 1/24/10
Mine is the episode - Star Class vs Moon Class.

It is very funny There is a whole ton of humour in it

I also like the episode where it is Rima's birthday ^_^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rima

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23 / F / Bustin Major Ass...
Posted 1/29/10
74 of course when Tadase confesses to Amu. Then the episodes after with the Battles.
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28 / F
Posted 7/15/10
Episode 99 “Our Feelings, United! The Guardians’ Battle!”
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F / New Jersey
Posted 7/15/10

3. Flaky and Fluffy, Leave it to Suu!: It's funny! And we get to see Nadeshiko and Tadase's KYARA CHENJI!

9. The Seven Mysteries of the Fujisaki Family!?: It's UBER funny!

18. Happy, Embarrassing First Date!: It has Amuto AND Tadamu! Plus I love that little girl that's "in-love" with Tadase! She creates funny moments!

33. I Can't Help But Fall In Love!: I like it. It, again, has Amuto AND Tadamu! And it's funny! And Kairi looks AWESOME without glasses!

39. Character Transformation! Platinum Royale!: It...I actually dunno why i like it, I just do.

41. True Self!: I like it because...I just do.

42. Utau Hoshina! The Last Battle!: BATTLE! Woohoo! And Dia comes back!

43. Character Transformation! Amulet Diamond!: Amulet Dia and Seraphic Charm! They're awesome!

56. The The Sky! The Feeling To Take Off!: NAGIHIKO ISH BACK!!!!!

57. Real Pretty Close Call!: I get to see my favorite characters in a skirt...and it's uber funny!

69. First Love! Love Attack!:I find it funny. Especially when Tadase and Nagi get hit with hearts...

74. An Exciting White Day: Tadase AND Ikuto confess! An how Amu throws Ikuto into the closet! AHAHAHAHA!

77. Shocking! First date, Busted!?: It's sad....but, I like it...

79. Ikuto & Amu Sorrowful Battle: It's funny when Tadase comes with Kukai to his house...and, that's it...

80. Believe in Each Other! Platinum Heart!: Platinum Heart. It's cool! And Tadase and Amu make up! :D

91. Full Throttle! My Rhythm!: BEAT JUMPER!!!!! And Kukai comes to visit! :D

97. Tadase & Ikuto, the Horoscope of Fate: they're SOOOOO cute as children!!!

99. Our Feelings, United! The Guardians' Battle!: YAMATO MAIHIME!!! And Rimahiko! YAY! And Utau comes in!

100. The Birth of Two Character Transformations!: I like the transformations, they're cute.

101. The Torn Picture Book! The Tragic Secret!: Hikaru! He's so cute!!!!

102. The Dream Egg, Who I Want to Be.; Hikaru gets his Heart's Egg!

109. Welcome Back, Nadeshiko!: It's funny! And I love when Rima makes Nagi change back and forth.

110. The Miraculous Character Change!: It's funny! And especially in the end when Tadase KYARA CHENJI!

112. What? Tadase-kun has a crush on someone?!: It's funny when Amu tries to fight the X-Egg!

114. I'm Beat! Amu-chan becomes a Mom?: LOVE LOVE LOVE the water gun fight! Oh, and when Hikaru puts the gun to his head and fires, it seems like he's trying to kill himself!

120. A Heart-Racing Picnic: Rikka's Dad + Rikka + Hiklaru + Water Gun Fight = PURE AWESOMENESS.

124. Hikaru and the Fun Amusement Park!: I love when Hikeru starts laughing and Rikka goes, "HIKARU'S BROKEN!"

126. Believe in my Pure Heart!: Pure Feeling is cute....and I like how in the last episode Hikaru seems like he cares a LOT for Rikka!

127. A Heart-racing Dokki Doki!: Last episode! T^T But it was cute, and i liked it.

And...that's it.
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21 / F
Posted 9/18/10 , edited 9/18/10
GAHHH I HAVE SO MANY FAVORITES!!!!!!! if i had to choose probably 102 cuz of all the AMUTO!!!! I basicly love any ep that has ikuto in it!
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