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F / with carmen sandiego
Posted 8/23/10 , edited 8/23/10
Minako(stuttering):M-My name is Minako, I'm a transfer student from America. These are my charas, Hime and Sora are still eggs, but this is Ishani.
Ishani: Konnichiwa! Wa-Watashi no oname wa.. no, onameawa Ishani? *
Minako:She's pretty shy. This is Nala.
Nala: Yoh! Nala desu!**
Minako: This is Midori.
Midori: Hajimemaste, watashi no onameawa Midori desu. Dozou Yorushiko. Genki desu ka?***
Minako: You are?

*Hello! M-My name is... no... name is Ishani?
**Yo! I am Nala!
*** Hello, my name is Midori. Pleased to meet you. How are you?
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