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Posted 12/9/09 , edited 12/9/09

My name is Reborn and I will be your home tutor that will teach you the basics of role playing. It's very simple and easy once you get the gist of role playing.

What is role play?

Before we continue you need a general idea of what role playing is. Role playing is when you create a character and pretend that you are that character. I know from the get-go this leaves a lot of open ends which makes the creativity process very hard to muster. So I'll break it down:


These are the 3 key things that help you shape your character's appearance.


Personality is what makes your character different. Your character can be hot-headed like Gokudera, laid back like Yamamoto, or very timid like Tsunayoshi. These are just examples but you're welcomed to be more descriptive with your character's personality.


This alone is probably the more important piece to any creation process. The life of your character. In here you can describe your character's appearance, personality, and how they have become the way they are now.

Last but not least it is expected when RPing (to keep from being vague) is that you make a conscious effort to write legibly. That way there aren't any errors or discrepancies that can be disputed later on.

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