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Posted 12/9/09
Look at Wiki's 11eyes article and I see why lots of people hate Yuka. However, look at what happened in episode 10. Kusakabe almost tried to get Kakeru to get into her skirt. Yuka is a yandere like Shuffle's Kaede. I don't think Yuka meant to be a "evil girl" but she became that. She is almost blinded by her love for him. I think you could also say her power is cursing her consciousness and good judgment in helping people. I feel Yuka's nullification power perhaps swallowed her good side and is slowly having her bad side surface

Also, are there any other people here that doesn't care how the series end so as Kakeru and Yuka were to be together (the way the game ends for various characters is also on its Wiki article? Yes, Yuka is turning evil, but isn't similar to the evil Lucy was in Elfen Lied? So, am I right in saying that evil in Red Night perhaps is influencing her and she is also acting upon it a bit? That is, is it too foolish to say Yuka is the lead antagonist because Risolette almost seems to have given her the bait to become evil? Yuka cares for other people but is losing humanity with her dark side and her true love for Kakeru. Hell, I like that type of devoted romantic love in anime.

Finally, who else here would want to bang Yuka if she was real?
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Posted 12/9/09 , edited 12/9/09
I think Wiki talks about game Yuka. Yuka is only baloony in the anime. In the game, she is a little annoying but still completely normal (sad over his death, her death) until she finally learn that they are the "World Destruct button", even till that point, she doesn't go nut at all. Trying her best, possessive of Kakeru, in denial, but still aware of what is going on. You can't compare anime Yuka to game Yuka.
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Posted 12/23/09
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