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“Fantasy? Fairy Tales? Magic? That’s for little kids…so I guess it’s funny that this freaky fairy tale…is happening to Me.” –Ayu Tateishi (Ultra Maniac)

Chapter 1

“I’m home…” I mumble. The door closes behind me.
I trudge into the kitchen with my backpack slung over my right shoulder. Life is always like this. Wake up, school, homework…you get the idea. My name is Elizabeth Bugarin. It doesn’t matter how you say my name. Call me Liz. I honestly don’t think humans need a name. Anyway, both of my parents are at work but I don’t care. They hardly get home which leave all the time to myself. I notice a note my mom left on the neat kitchen table. Under the note was an envelope. Reading the note my mother left me,
Mail came in early right after you left. Letter addressed to you. Love you.
I shrugged and took the letter stopping by the refrigerator to get an apple and marched upstairs to my room. I tossed the letter onto my desk and plopped myself onto my bed as I started on my homework while munching my apple. The silence in the room made the atmosphere peaceful. With no sudden hesitation a gust of wind blows through the window scattering papers everywhere. Crap, I just cleaned my room too… As I get up to arrange the fallen papers the envelope floats onto my lap. Oh yeah, I kinda forgot about that letter. I didn’t even bother reading it; looks pretty pointless. Won’t hurt to look. I flipped over the envelope a couple of times. The borderlines were rimmed in gold. I arched my eyebrows in interest. What really caught my eye was that the letter was addressed to me, Liz Bugarin.
Really now? I never sign up anything ridiculous at all that sends us junk mail. I laugh to myself as I open the envelope. What is the harm?

To Ms. Elizabeth Bugarin, (hee hees I feel older)
You have been chosen among the children/teenagers to apply into the school known as D.S.A. We would be delighted if you join us in the assembly. You have been selected to our school for the fact that you have a special talent along with the many students who are “gifted” as well. Although we are saying this as politely as possible, this isn’t a request, and you must come immediately. All will be explained at the evening assembly. We will be looking forward to have you as one of our pupil.
E. M. Bell
Oh wow. What the heck do these people take me for? I stared at the letter with an expression of mixed horror and confusion. Well the school I’m currently attending, I have no friends what so ever. Yeah, that’s probably not the best way to catch attention. I can’t help it; I’m way too shy. I suddenly realized the fact I was freaking out and laughed out loud.

“Oh my god, this letter is a hoax, I’m freaking out over some nonsense this letter is telling me!” I stuffed the letter back into the envelope. I take aim at the trashcan and shoot a perfect basket.
“What a load of crap that was.” I laugh and continued my homework as if nothing has happened between my life and the letter.
For once my mom comes home, all except for my dad, who stays late at work. It was just my mom and I. It’s been a while since I ever eaten dinner with my parents. The sound of forks scratching the plates was the only thing heard in the silence. My mom spoke up,
“How are things handling at school for you Liz?”
“Um, okay…I guess.” I mumbled with food in my mouth.
I didn’t mention about the letter and neither did she. Our conversation ended with just those couple of words.
I walked up the stairs back to my room. Sitting there in my bed, I sit in silence. I take another glance at the trashcan with the thrown away letter. I sighed deeply, turned off the light and fell asleep. I had the most terrifying dream that night.

Standing around a dark gray misty plain, I could feel chills crawling my arms, making me shudder violently. I look around wondering where I am. I start to move but what stopped me was thumping my foot against a cold slab of stone. I look down and freeze in fear. It wasn’t just a rock; it was a tombstone. I was in a graveyard.
Okay, time to get up now. I’m starting to freak out as it is…
What was I in a graveyard for? I suddenly turn to see a little girl in the mist into the distance. The fog was picking up really fast so it was hard to tell how she could have been. The little girl held a doll close to her chest as if that was the only thing to protect her. Then from out of nowhere the sound of fabric ripping flew around the air making me shudder again. Standing right next to the little girl was a hideous form of a monster. I wanted to scream “get outta there, there is a monster right next to you!” But my mouth wouldn’t move along with my thoughts. The girl seemed to notice me panicking, but made no movement. I could hear a low growl rippling from the monster, which made me even more terrified. The only thing she said to me as the scene was wavering, signaling the dream…or nightmare was about to end was,
Don’t be afraid…

I woke up with a jolt like someone shocked me and sat in my bed gasping for air. All I could think was, Oh. My. Gosh, what was that? Where did that happen? Who was that girl and what was that “thing” that was by her? I looked at my clock. I only had a couple hours of sleep. I was fully awake and didn’t bother going back to sleep fearing the dream would come back worse that before. I decided to get up and change. Today was a Friday so I didn’t mind waking up early.

Being a sophomore in high school isn’t so bad. I find it okay that the day goes by pretty fast so its as if nothing happened. As the final bell hints out that school’s over and the weekend begins. I head out into the crowded hallways, which is overwhelmed by hundreds of students to my locker. A bunch of what I guess you would say “popular” girls were standing right in front of my locker chatting to their friend who’s locker was right beside mine. I started to get nervous. I never really liked talking to people. I have nothing against it…again; I’m shy. I slowly head towards the lockers and stand in front of the girls. They still didn’t pay attention to me. I thought maybe it wasn’t a good idea and almost started to turn around but stood firm. I’ll try to ask politely. I’m known in some parts, not all, but some parts of the school who is very polite. This was different. Yes, I was polite with teachers or if I bump into someone I say ‘excuse me’ or ‘sorry’. I haven’t actually spoken to anyone at school. Think polite again; smile… I clear my throat enough that the girls stopped at their conversation to look at me and smile kindly waiting for me to speak.
“Oh, hello there.” Says one girl.
I couldn’t move my mouth. I was happy yes they noticed me. But all I could say that just plopped into my mouth was,
“You’re standing in front of my locker, move.” My voice sounded icy and blunt not even smiling at all. NO! What was that?! I didn’t want to say that! I’m sorry! I screamed in my head. The girls’ smiles faded away into hurt frowns. I wanted to cry and beg them for me to start over.
“Oh, um, well, sorry…” and they quickly walked off, leaving me standing, in the deserted school hallway feeling crappier than ever. I wiped my eyes from the free falling tears and placed my books in my locker. I never felt so rude in my life. I walked out of the school and head to the buses which students were still boarding onto.
I saw a lot of the seats were filled with people already talking to their friends. I spotted a seat with one girl sitting there talking to the seat in front her with her friends filled in it. I suddenly became nervous again. I didn’t want to hurt the girl’s feelings if something rude pops out of my mouth. I stood still until she looked at me. She saw me and smiled. I smiled back hoping I wouldn’t have to speak and hoped she got my message that I was kinda in need of a seat. I assumed she understood the fact that she got her bag and placed it on her lap giving me some space enough for me to sit as well. Her friends smiled at me as well and continued talking to their friend whom I sat next to. Eventually the bus room got smaller as student got dropped off. The girl was the second last stop got up and I stood up for her to get through. She smiled kindly at me as thanks and waved as she stepped off the bus. I blushed a little thinking I did well even without having to talk.
I suddenly notice her Ipod lying next to me and worrying that she left her Ipod on the seat. The bus started moving and I stood on my seat to call the girl but stopped. The girl was walking but listening to another Ipod. I got slightly confused as I flipped over the Ipod and noticed in black sharpie written ‘Let’s hang out sometime.’ I looked up and saw the neighborhood she lived in was the incredibly rich people. My eyes widened and I found out that it was one of the girls at my locker. I couldn’t see her but I think she knew that I didn’t mean to say those words to the girls. I got a little teary and thought my Friday was perfect. I couldn’t wait until next week. I put in the ear buds and selected a random song, which wasn’t to rap-infested or overly romantic and leaned back and closed my eyes. The stop to my neighborhood would take a while so I could take a small nap. I didn’t even notice the glint in the bus driver’s eyes in the rear view mirror.
Nothing like the same dream I had that morning which I was having in the bus ride. I could shape the sharp fangs through the thick fog. I heard the same voice once again saying don’t be afraid and woke up. I saw my street coming up and noticed the bus wasn’t slowing down. I cleared my throat to let the driver know I was still on the bus. I don’t think he heard me. We passed my stop. I blinked a couple of times. Yeah uh, we just like passed my stop…do we have a substitute driver? I looked up and sure enough it was a different driver.
“Um…mister? We uh, skipped my street. Can you turn the bus around please?”
No answer.
“H-hello?” Then I thought holy crap! I’m getting kidnapped!! What did I do to deserve this!
“Actually miss,” the driver spoke up. His voice rough but kind. “I’m no kidnapper” reading into my mind. “I'm actually your bus driver to a different school, you know what school it is” I had no idea because I was to kept into the thought of being kidnapped.
“I'm your bus driver for D.S.A.”
Did I hear him right? Did he just say D.S.A.? I remember throwing away the envelope. I twitched. Did it get discovered? Crap, I have major explanation to tell my parents. Seeing my freaked out reaction the bus driver laughs,
“No worries miss, I have your letter right here signed and confirmed by your mother. The headmistress visited your mother at her work and she happily agreed; no threats made. I see that you are quite worried and you don’t believe any of these. Some students, like you, coming to this school for the first time will be thinking of the same worried thoughts.”
Since there was no one on the bus I let my true emotions out.
“Yeah and I’m supposed to believe all that crap?! Someone has got to be that stupid just to believe all that rubbish!” I was really freaking out and yelling at the top of my lungs. The driver just nods and keeps driving.
“I know this is too much for you to consume all this at once. Let me ask you something, did you fully read the letter that was sent to you?” I nod. “Then you know there was one part that said it wasn’t a request from the school for you to attend. You need to join this school. You’ve had a hard time making friends at your ‘old’ school right?” I nod again calming down.
“Well, I promise you that this school you’ll be going to, you will make a ton of friends who share a special gift just like yours.”
“How do you know all this?”
“I used to attend the school around your age cause I too have a special gift.” I look at the rear view mirror and gasp. The driver looks at me but his eyes changed color. The eyes were once dark brown but now the left eye was a bright lime green and his right eye was dark purple and his irises were dilated in slits like a cat. He winks. I rub my eyes from that trick. So he says he has a ‘gift’ huh? Is it like superpowers cartoon heroes have? X-ray vision? Super strength? If I was going to this school, what ‘talent’ did I have? I rake back into my memories thinking if any odd coincidences happened when I was young but none hit me. Then I realized my life would never be the same again. . The bus stops for the next person to arrive.
The bus driver greets the person with a kind hello. I still wasn’t sure about this school and had an urge to scream, “Refuse while you still can!” The person boards the bus and slowly walks down the aisle. From looking up I couldn’t see anyone. Was this person’s gift becoming invisible? I looked from the side of my seat. I felt like an idiot. It was just a little girl. This “gift” thing is messing with my head I'm starting to believe in it too much now. I shook my head to clear the crazy thought and decided to look at the girl again in more detail. I looked around the seat to see her still walking down the bus aisle. My eyes widened to the size of grapefruits at the sight of her. It wasn’t that she wasn’t bad looking; she was quite adorable. The thing is instead of the typical cutesy girlie clothes mothers like to over dress their daughters in, it was completely different. This girl wore, I'm sorry to say but it was so hard to describe what year this dress was made. I can tell you it was a light gray silk dress with a navy blue ribbon strapped around her waist tied into a perfect ribbon in the back and the dress went past a little of her feet. It looked really cute on her. Her hair was a complete shade of silver that glimmered in the sunlight, which peeked through the windows. She also had a small pale face. The girl looked like a live porcelain doll. I would guess she was…around 5-6 years old? The only thing that really scared me, not to be judgmental, was her lifeless eyes. They too were a dull gray. I couldn’t sense anything cheery about this kid. Her face was still and blank that she must have mastered the emotionless face. I wanted to find some life in the girl and make her smile but just seeing her so gloomy made me think that wasn’t the best thing. She looked too cute to have that facial expression like that. The girl finally found a seat…the seat was right across my side. I paled slightly, and looked at the window trying to focus what’s going on while the bus was moving again than staring at the girl like she had an extra head. It was quiet again in the bus and it started to bug me.
I looked around the bus, looked through the songs I had in my Ipod, it all was wasted in that time. I wanted to see how the girl was doing so I tilted my head to a small angle to catch a glimpse. The girl’s eyes bore into mine and I thought I would have a heart attack. I couldn’t even tell if she was glaring at me or she had the same curiosity. I didn’t care, the eyes showed no signs of anything that it scared the crap out of me. I couldn’t look away for some odd reason. Finally she looked away and I was released under that stare down. I had to blink ten times just to keep my eyes moist because my eyes began to sting. I rubbed my eyes due to a headache that was suddenly approaching. Eventually the bus started to fill with other people who didn’t seem the least afraid. Do they probably know about their ‘gifts’ then? Another stop was made but I couldn’t tell with all the conversations going on. I look up from my seat and Oh. My. Gosh. This guy was so freakin’ hot I started to turn dark red. Everyone stopped his or her conversation to stare at him too. I could tell he didn’t like the attention focused on him so he sped walked to the back of the seat, which was behind me. He stopped short at my seat to look at me, I was still gaping at him and blushing still. His eyes widened and suddenly he stared angrily at me. I made a small squeak and he stomped to the seat behind me that was the last chair of the bus. The conversations started again and I sat stiff in my seat breathing really fast. The glare was probably the worst I have ever received from a person in my life. I dared not to look back at the guy. As I can remember, he had jet-black hair, long bangs hanging down the right side of his face. He had an amazing clear face and his dark brown eyes stood out from the left side of his face. He looked around my age of at least 15 or 16. He wore a black leather jacket with multiple pockets all around. His black pants contained so many chains I thought they would fall down. Pants also covered in multiple pockets. He looked like a harsh street fighter. I’m not really into guys like that much but he just seemed to catch my eye. I wonder what his “talent” is. He’s so intimidating I was scared to turn around and ask simply what his name was. And…from the look on his eyes meeting mine, I don’t think he likes the sight of girls at all. But he’s so dang hot!
The seats were getting full and I think that was the driver cue to pick up one more person as the bus slowed down for the final pick up. The girl (just noticing her flowing golden blond hair) walked up the steps and said a greeting to the driver, in which he greeted back kindly. She searched the bus for a seat and looked at me. I arched an eyebrow as she headed to the only seat that held me in it. She stopped at my seat and I was sure she spoke up,
“Hi there, I'm Kana. You wouldn’t um, mind sharing this seat with me?” she smiled kindly. I looked back at her and the only seats available were the one with the ‘gloomy girl’ and ‘hot fighter boy’. I just had to save her from sitting next to the two so I just nodded and scooted over. She smiled and plopped down. Apparently she noticed ‘hot guy’ and turned around in the seat to try to start a conversation. I was a bit jealous and afraid for her at the same time because I bet she thought he was hot too and that she was really pretty. I feared she’d also get her head knocked off the fact ‘hot guy’ hates girls.
“Hi I’m Kana” she repeated the first line “Why are you sitting all by yourself? Would you like some company? I can talk to you if you want.” What a brave soul she was. I can’t believe she’s actually talking to him! I suddenly hear him muttering to Kana with a low tone. Something like “go away” and also gave her a death glare. Kana shrugs and turns around our seat and faces me. She smiles again. I wanted to glare at her too for being so cheery when she just pissed of the guy even more. As if reading my face she giggled and whispered in my ear so that ‘hot guy’ wouldn’t hear,
“Don’t worry, he’s so not my type.” I wanted to crack up from what she said but I just smiled. She starts off a new topic,
“ So are you first joining this school?” I nod. I realized that I haven’t introduced myself I spoke up quickly,
“Oh, I'm Liz by the way.” And I gasped. I’ve actually spoken up! Was this girl that friendly that I was comfortable with talking to her? Did that mean she was my friend then? I was so deep in thought I didn’t hear the question she was saying next until she repeated it again.
“Hey, Liz, I was wondering what kind of pets do you like?” I look at her puzzled.
“Uh…ferrets?” I say stupidly. What does that mean exactly?
“Oh okay!” she smiles. I had no idea what was going on.
“Don’t worry, it’s a surprise!”…Um sure I’ll go with that…
The speaker for the bus clicks on.
“We have arrived at the destination.” The driver speaks.
“Welcome all new members to your new school and home”
“Welcome to D.S.A.”
This was a start of a new adventure…

I sat there tuning out the driver’s voice, not to be rude; I just had a lot on my mind. I managed to snap out of my trance and heard the last part the driver said,
“Enjoy your stay here. This school has separate dorms for the boys and one for the girls as well. You may go now.”
Um…did he just say, “stay”? I understood that I would be going to a different school, but A DORM SCHOOL?! One thing I found out, I didn’t pack my clothes. Crap, some of my good clothes are at home too! I stood up; I didn’t notice Kana’s long dress skirt catching the bottom of my shoe, making me slip until I was heading straight to the bus floor.
Oh owww… that freakin’ hurt. I struggled to get up rubbing my forehead. Suddenly someone takes my arm and pulls me up to my feet. My eyes met the ‘hot guys’ eyes and we stared at each other. I searched his eyes looking for some mockery in them. I only noticed the small concern he gave me. His face was content, he looked less frightening the last time I saw him. I flushed a deep red. We were the only ones in the bus and he was still holding my arm. The bus driver broke into our minds, which made us jolt.
“Okay you two, you’ll have to get off the bus eventually” he chuckled.
‘Hot guy’ looking as if he was slapped back to reality, he realized was holding my arm and snapped his arm back and blushed a furious dark red, twice as embarrassed as I was. He shoved past me and quickly stomped off the bus. I looked at the driver, blushed and walked past him down the bus. I stepped off the last step of the bus and stared straight ahead. I was shocked that so many students actually came to this school. I looked at the school I would be attending and sucked in a big breath. The school was gigantic! I mean not even a mansion around the neighborhoods I’ve passed by could beat a structure such as this. The school could have has at least 10 or 12 stories high! Who knows what the inside looked like! There were many stained-glass windows, each filled with all kinds of colors and shapes. The building was made up of bricks. Before the school was a giant iron fence. Letters shaped “D.S.A” into the wires. I actually wanted to go inside the school and explore around. Kana standing by me commented the school,
“I’ve heard about this school but I have never seen one this huge! This school totally beats Midnight High!”
“I get what you mean.” I say still gazing in awe at the school. I feel something brush my arm and jump, stifling a scream. ‘Gloom girl’ was standing by my side. I was okay with that, it’s just that girl gave me such a fright. I looked at her hand that held something small that looked like a beanbag doll. The color from the doll, completely faded left a beige color. It had a rag dress and the hair only had a few strands of red yarn. The eyes were missing leaving two X’s. The doll was completely a mess and I immediately thought, Isn’t that a…voodoo doll? Hoping my theory was wrong I turned to the little girl,
“Do you mind me asking, what happened to your doll?” She just stood there searching for the right words and looked at me with those lifeless eyes and spoke quietly,
“…Guardian.” Okay, I’ll just go with that, not knowing what she meant. Poor thing, her parents haven’t given her any new toys. I looked up hearing we were called in to enter the school. I could hear Kana babbling excitedly while I was just excited as her, but in secret. Already did it feel like my old high school but something felt different. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

We entered the front gate and we stepped into the front yard. The grass was a perfect green. Some teachers coming from the school kindly directed all of the students to first walk to our dorms. I was thinking if we get to pick our dorms but then some person tapped my shoulder and said it was in our pockets. I nodded thanks but the person was gone. I stuck my hand into the left pocket and felt a slip of paper. Wondering how that got in my pocket I opened the paper. It read Elizabeth Bugarin…Dorm room #15. I walked heading to where (obviously) the girls dorm. It didn’t take too long to find the room. I looked across the hallway. Some girls were still searching for their rooms, and others leaving to go someplace. I breathed in and pictured the room being very plain with the white walls and simple beds. I knocked just to be polite and heard someone say ‘come in’. I slowly open the doorknob and pushed it forward. I gasped at the style of the room. It was nowhere near the “plain” category. The room was incredibly large for its size. It looked like a room made just for royalty. I felt like I just stepped into my own fantasy world. There were five big fancy canopy beds arching around the room with incredibly fancy puffy cover sheets. At the front of the bed were name plaques on the beds. I saw mine besides Kana’s and between some girls name of “Solaries”. The order of the beds went Kana who was in the far left side of the room, next me which was close to the large window to the left, then Solaries to my right, then Tracy, then Raylin who was in the far right. There is space left on the floor to roam around freely. A giant rug covered the already light covered carpet saying “D.S.A” in big print. Along the sides of the room were 3 dressers and wardrobes big enough to fit 3 people in. In opposite sides of the walls were two large windows big enough for me to slip out. You could see the courtyard from the top. There is a totally of five girls in the room including me. I saw Kana talking to the girls and the all stopped to smile and wave at me. Kana skipped over to me and introduced me to the other girls.
“Everyone this is Liz, our last roomie!” she smiled. I smiled shyly and waved.
“Yes, my name’s Liz. I’m um…15 and I guess this is actually my first time being here.” The girls nodded. I felt already at home and the girls asked me a couple of questions. They also introduced themselves. There was this one girl who looked like she was 18. She had flowing bright red orange hair. Her eyes glowed a bright color of green that showed in the sunlight. She wore a black velvet witch hat that settled nicely on her head. She also wore a long red dress with a connected corset and golden laces crisscrossing each other. Looking at her face, she was incredibly gorgeous. She looked close enough to be a Greek goddess. She spoke up with a clear voice,
“Pleasure to meet you Liz, my name is Solaries Cestollo. I am 17 years old and I’m also joining this school for the very first time. I know we’ll have a wonderful time together as roommates the next few years.” She smiles again as she ends her introduction. The next girl was about to speak up until I spoke up quickly asking,
“If you don’t mind, can you guys tell me your… I guess you could say “gifts or talents” as well? If it’s okay with you all?” I blushed a little feeling a bit anxious.
“Not at all, Liz. We’ll be happy to tell you our talents. What I can do is cast dark magic like curses. But I only use it when needed. I don’t find turning some person into a duck entertaining. Hmm, I guess you can call me a “good” witch.” I stared at her waiting for the “just kidding!” mark. In her eyes she looked dead serious. I nodded and swallowed nervously and looked at the second girl seated at her bed cross-legged. This girl looked pretty normal. Her light brown hair waved past shoulder length and she wore a light blue T-shirt and a simple pair of jeans. She also wore glasses, which is perched on the end of her nose. She waved and cheerily spoke,
“Hey there, my name’s Tracy Larken. You can call me ‘Trae’ for short. I’m 16. Short and simple, I'm a “mad scientist” people call me.” She laughs at her self-humor.
“What I really like to do is mess around with all sorts of chemicals that won’t harm me and inventing all kinds of useful stuff. I’m still iffy at mixing chemicals so I intend to blow up a lot of stuff. Just to give all of you guys a heads up if you see me covered in soot.” She then nods at the next girl, who clears her throat. The girl had cool layered blond hair and two thick strands in the front were dyed black. She wore a long sleeve shirt and regular jeans.
“Hey, I'm Raylin Zepharo. You can call me Rae. I’m 16 too. I make potions like…sleeping potion…a potion that could make you stay up all night…I can’t exactly list some right now cause I just started. I’m almost in the same category as Trae but my potions are quite serious in magic as well.” She grins and looks at Kana.
“Of course you all know my name is Kana Vontrot. I'm 15 just like Liz is” and she smiled and looked at me, “Hmm, I take care of animals. Actually, somehow I can communicate with all types of creatures that suddenly turned up, new and mysterious.” Okay, I had about enough of the silliness that was going on and I wanted to know the truth.
“You guys have to be kidding me! I mean all this “magic” talk and stuff blowing up. That’s just ridiculous!” The fear started taking over me and I started backing up to the door. “There’s no such things as magic and mythical creatures right? This is a regular normal school.” The girls looked around uncomfortable. Solaries walked over to me and touched my arm. I flinched at the touch.
“Liz sweetie, can you tell us what you talent is?” she asked kindly. I shook my head and swallowed tears.
“I don’t have a gift.” My voice quavered. Solaries looked at me with concern.
“We’ll the only way you could come here is that you have a talent. No ordinary human has found this school. You are very special in this school along with everyone else. Sometimes it seems like one doesn’t have a talent but it doesn’t mean it comes to you directly. It probably will come soon. Do you trust us?” I looked around seeing all my roommates’ faces. Their facial expression looked exactly like the girls at my old high school at the lockers. I just made friends with these girls and the last thing I wanted was no friends once again. I sighed.
“The only way I could believe you all is that you show me.” I grinned slightly. The mood suddenly lifted quickly. All of them wanted to show me at once. I couldn’t help but laugh. Trae looked at her watch and squeaked. All heads turned to her.
“Oh shnikies! That’ll have to wait! Guys were late for the assembly!” The room filled with curses and everyone started rushing to the door. We stumbled into the hallway giggling and running into the main ballroom.

We were right on schedule actually. Every student had a place to sit. We all found a long bench and sat there waiting until our breath came back. I was still giggling when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see who done it and was staring at the most gorgeous guy in the world. He flashed a white tooth smile that made my face burst into an unattractive red. He had a perfect fit body and smooth square shoulders. His hair was metallic silver and the front was spiked. His eyes were a dark navy blue, which made me think of an endless dark sea. I wanted to melt on the spot. My friends watched every moved in excitement. He flashed another perfect grin. He spoke in a clear voice enough for my friends and I to hear over the loud racket.
“Hey there” he spoke in a perfect British accent.
“H-h-hi” I stuttered stupidly blushing a deep red.
“My name’s Chael Farrow. It’s really nice to meet you…um…” he raised a perfect eyebrow. I struggled to find my voice. My friends giggled.
“I’m Liz.” I smiled awkwardly. My voice could not compare to and angelic voice like his. I looked around wondering if he was talking to me. He smiled again.
“Yes, it seems you and your friends are new to this school?” I nod vigorously.
“Well, giving advice from a junior, here’s the thing. When the headmistress enters in…do not judge her by her looks okay?” He straighten up and placed a hand on my shoulder and squeezed it before letting go and walked back into the bench behind us watching and smiling at me while his guy friends laughed and joke about something to do with me. The doors suddenly burst open with a thundering boom.
The hall suddenly fell silent as an elderly man walked in. I could obviously tell that wasn’t the head of the school. Following him were small shoe taps on the wooden floor. From what I saw that instant made me think about what Chael told me about judging the headmistress’s looks. The headmistress was a 12-year old girl. She looked very professional even just in her little business suit. The headmistress had long golden hair. One side clipped with a butterfly pin, which I found it really adorable but kept the thought to myself. The headmistress walks to the giant table that sat all the way to the front. I felt myself being in a Harry Potter movie with the fancy dining hall and such. That’s basically what the whole room looked like except 10 times as royalty looking and 3 times extra space. The elder man who now I think as her adviser helps her with a 3 step stool and places it behind the table. She stands up and looks around. She smiles and raises her arms as she spoke,
“Welcome all, newcomers and years that still join us in these years! I am your headmistress E. M. Bell. I am grateful that we are gathered here in such a wonderful place to discuss the reason why you are here.” Her small voice echoed through out the room. The voice was so high and cute, I wanted to squeal and giver her a hug. It was tempting but I held it in.
“I also apologize for some who do not want to be here at this moment and want to live in normal lives. I glanced over Solaries who was the only one closer to me. Her face looked grim.
“Some of you want to know what D.S.A. stood for am I right?” Murmurs went through the crowd. Yeah, I really wanna know what that means. She smiles then becomes serious.
“FOR ALL THAT WHO DON’T KNOW, D.S.A. STANDS FOR DEMON SLAYER ACADEMY!!” she shouts and voices filled the air in worry. I looked at my friends and they looked at me as well saying what they told me in the dorm about magic and stuff was all true. I stared at the table ready to freak out, and then the headmistress spoke again,
“You may not believe this is true but if I show you proof, you will understand the true concept of demons.” Demons? What is she talking about? Demon slayer…oh my god are we here to kill demons?! My eyes widened and Solaries took my hand and squeezed it. The sound of fingers snapping fills the air. The door bangs open and in walks a bulky man dragging something from a chain into the room. I stared at Solaries in horror.
“You don’t have to look Liz,” Solaries whispered in my ear “If you understand the concept of this school now, you needn’t to look.” Her eyes didn’t match the reassurance in her voice. I shook my head. I want to see why I was here. If demons truly exist… The hooded figure was right in front when the man ripped off the sack masking the face. A bloodied beat up demon stood in the midst of everyone. Some new girls screamed. Guys looked like they were about to be sick. The demon had two dark gray ram horns sticking from both sides of the head. His skin was black as night. Veins pulsed out of his skin. He was wrapped tightly with some chain that kept him bound well. I was on the verge of passing out when the demon looked straight into my eyes and shrieked.
“So the prophecy is true!” it sneered “The one that would stop us demons from entering the human world and sealing us into the dark abyss is among us! You will not live!!” and with incredible inhuman speed, the demon dashed at me. The other students screamed and ran to both far sides of the room. Everything became a blur. I remember before seeing black, someone running in front of me. I think it was Chael. Then another guy ran up with a sharp object I'm guessing was a switchblade and slashed the demon down the face. I could hear its loud cackling and screaming something else before I heard chocking noises coming from it. I was relieved the demon didn’t get to me and before crumpling to the floor; strong arms supported me and picked me up. I could still hear screaming from all places. Then everything went black.
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