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Chapter 3
I sat patiently in front of the headmistress after I told her what I thought the demons words meant. She nodded in concentration.
“What if the demon mistaken Liz for being…the one?” I spoke in distress. “Liz just arrived here. The demon had to be wrong!” She stared into my eyes and I calmed down.
“We can’t be too sure, it could be possible the demon wasn’t wrong. I never knew the time would come so fast.” She whispered the last part. I couldn’t afford Liz getting hurt. Along with that, it would be so complicated to explain everything to her when so much has happened in one day. The headmistress eyes were full of concern as well.
“We’ll let her adjust to her new life first. Later on as she grows to understand the concept of being a demon slayer, I will explain to her.” She smiled reassuringly. I smiled back.
“Oh I do believe we have someone waiting for us outside?” Oh yeah! I kinda forgot about Jared.
“Um yeah, you wouldn’t mind talking to him about this? I think he has found his talent already.”
“I have no business to attend so I do not mind at all discussing his gift.” I had to grin again.
“Headmistress, you really know everything don’t you?” She had to smile.
“Chael Farrow, I may have the form of a young girl, but mind you, I am a very powerful sorceress too.” She winked. I chuckled.
“I’ve always known…its just you know how I keep forgetting you’re a little older than everyone expects you to be.”
“I don’t mind at all really, having to be in this form, I’d have to admit when I'm not busy, I like to play with my hair and put it in many types of styles. I could do that too in my other form but I just look too “old” (adult-wise). You young students have everything easy.” She shakes her head and smiles. I laughed out loud at this. A headmistress admitting being a young girl is fun.
“You are dismissed Chael, you may send Jared Hawk in now. And keep that little secret between us okay? I don’t want the students thinking I’m not taking my work seriously.”
“Yes, mistress.” I bowed low and walked out. Jared stood up straight looking like he was bored.
“The headmistress wants to talk to you. I can take care of Liz now.” He nods and slipped Liz back into my arms again. I smiled and walked down the hallway. It was late and the moon shone out the windows.

The headmistress told me Liz’s room and found it eventually. I opened the door and walked casually in. I spotted her bed. I noticed another girl was sleeping in it. She also had silver hair that spread freely over the pillow. At least she left some space for Liz to sleep. I walked over and tucked Liz in. The little girl stirred and opened her eyes slowly. Crap, she gonna scream ‘pervert’ anytime now! I was only here to drop Liz off. She looked over to Liz and back at me. I smiled embarrassed. She spoke in a small tired voice,
“Is she going to be okay?”
“Yeah, she’ll be fine tomorrow. Sorry for invading you guy’s room.” She shrugged and fell back asleep in a few seconds breathing softly. I looked back at Liz; she looked so cute sleeping. I knew I couldn’t stay too long. Then I thought about what the demon said about she being the one to stop all demons. The last demon slayer existed over a thousand years ago. I brushed a strand of hair from her face and stroked her cheek. I blushed when I found myself leaning forward to kiss her forehead. I pulled out a white rose with red edges looking like they were dipped in blood. I placed it by the side of her head on the pillow. I opened the window, took one glance at Liz,
“I hope the demon was wrong.” And slipped out into the night.

I had another weird dream. I felt myself standing in the misty fog. Something felt different. I felt a rush of air past behind me and I jumped. I saw a girl running past a couple of trees, wearing a long black cape. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. It was really hard to catch up to her in my dream. She stopped at a tree and quickly turned around. I squeaked and was about to blurt something but she didn’t pay attention to me. She whipped out a rod. My eyes widened and I thought what the heck are you gonna do with a st--- and I my mouth dropped. She flicked it up and a long line of flames shot out of the top of the rod. She had a fire whip. Then a guy stepped out from another tree to stand next to her. He was dressed in black heavy armor. Then the same little girl appeared beside the older girl and the heavy armored guy. I squinted to get a close up look at his face. He looked familiar. Then I glanced at the older girl and my eyes widened. Her face looked exactly like m-. A shriek filled the air and I screamed and hid behind a tree. Through the thick mist I could see outlines of hundreds of demons. We were surrounded. They started closing in. Even though I couldn’t be heard in my dream I kept screaming for them to run. They stood firm. The guy gripped his sword waiting to hack the heads off the demons. I heard a familiar voice coming from one of the demons. Its eyes glowed red through the mist.
“You will not stop us this time!!” The last thing I heard as my dream was coming to an end was the crack of a whip and the demon’s voice dying out.
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