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Chapter 7
“So Jared, can you explain to me why you and Chael decided to guard me tonight?” He blinks.
“Well…it’s kinda hard to explain. I don’t think this is the right time to explain everything.” He looks away. I let out an exasperated sigh.
“Oh come on! I’m fifteen! I can handle this stuff!”
“Can I at least promise you after things start making sense I can explain all this to you?” I looked into his eyes. He was confused as well and didn’t know the answer.
“Okay that’s fine.” I smile and saw Chael coming in holding crutches.
“Yeah, she said you’re in better condition. Normally your treatments in normal hospitals would take a while to heal. Since this is D.S.A, we have very advanced medicines to make healing increase.” I nodded. I honestly didn’t expect her to let me go, cause I was in such crappy shape. I look at Jared’s eye. I just realized he had gauze over the eye that got cut by the demon.
“Is your eye okay Jared? I’m really sorry that happened if I wasn’t so reckless.” He shrugged and grinned.
“Hey, I'm a fighter, things happen like this.” I started to take off the bandage wrap around my head.
“What are you doing?” Chael asks noticing me.
“I don’t want my friends freaking out about all the wounds I have.”
“Ehh, good point.” He says and helps me. I feel the back of my head. It didn’t hurt so much.
“Okay Streak hop on my arm, we’re going to eat now.” I watched my saber-tooth friend squeak and ran up my arm. I giggled. It sat on my shoulder and squeaked again, ready to go. I lifted myself and Chael gently help lift me up.
“Do I still look like I was beat up by a demon?” I ask.
“Nah, you look like you got jumped by a bunch of teens wanting you money.” Chael glared at him.
“No Liz, you look better now.” I laughed. They looked at me.
“We’ll I’d rather look like I was jumped than look like demons attacked me.” I took a step forward with the crutches and wobbled. Chael quickly supported me.
“I don’t think this is a good idea.” His face flashed with worry.
“Actually, I have never broken anything until now, so this is my first time trying these out. I'm okay.” I hopped forward.
“Okay…lets go. I'm hungry!” I laughed.
Barely reaching the door out of the infirmary I gave up and Chael carried me, Jared behind holding the crutches. I sighed.
“It looked so easy how people used them.” He smiled down at me.
“Well, they must have broken their bones many times that they were used to it.” I squeaked and he looked at me.
“What is it?”
“I’m still in my pajama’s and everyone’s probably changed!” I turned red. He laughed.
“Liz, you said this was the weekend. We don’t have school on a normal Saturday and Sunday. I'm sure people will be in their pj’s too.” He was right. I saw a lot of girls in their tank tops and shorts. Guys with their bed hair and in t-shirts and pants of different patterns. Apparently news can spread very fast around the school and people asked me if I was okay when they saw Chael carrying me and my arm and leg in a cast. I was happy they were concerned. Chael placed me at the table my friends were eating at. They all stopped eating and ran to hug me.
“Oh my gosh Liz! Are you okay?! We heard what happened!” Kana was crying again.
“Man, all the demons came and attacked you guys? Harsh!” Rae cringed.
“We’re happy your back Liz.” Solaries gave me a warm hug. I got teary eyed.
“Okay, I’ll leave you girls to your meals.” He gave me a perfect grin. I blushed.
“Thank you Chael.” He walked off and sat at the table behind mine. Rosalie sat by me. I looked down at her and smiled.
“Miss me much?” She looked at me. For a split second I thought I saw a smile in her lifeless eyes. She nodded.
“Was it that bad?” she asked softly.
“Heh, yeah, it was.”
“I’ll switch into that class. My guardian can help you.” My eyes got big.
“But Rosalie, that class is really advanced…I mean like extremely hard! I don’t even know why I'm in that class, I don’t even know how to fight.” She nodded to herself.
“I’ll switch classes.” She tugged at Solarie’s sleeve and she looked down. Rosalie whispered something to her. She nodded and both of them got up.
“See you guys back at the dorm.” Solaries smiled at me and took Rosalie’s hand and they walked out of the dining room. Kana scooted over to me.
“I see your ferret likes bacon,” she noted. I looked at my plate. It was filled with so much food. Now Streak ate the last piece of bacon. My eyes got really big.
“STREAK!” He just looked up at me and smiled. I sighed and got a second helping of food. I heard laughing behind me. I turned and saw Chad laughing from witnessing the ferret scene. I stuck out my tongue at him. He laughed even harder. Chael hit Chad in the head with his spoon and Chad scowled at him. He smirked. I giggled and looked and saw Jared sitting with other tough looking guys deep in a conversation. I turned around. Looking at another table, Melanie was glaring at me, ripping her napkin into tiny pieces of confetti. She gritted her teeth. Her eyes were full of hatred. I looked down at my food. The smile left my face. I knew something bad was going to happen because she saw Chael carrying me. I frowned. Whatever the hell that hag is up to now, I’ll be ready.
Chael helped me back to my room in the infirmary. He carefully set me on the bed. Streak hopped off and went to his favorite spot on the windowsill.
“Something wrong Liz?” I looked up. I felt my self frowning and put on a straight face.
“…Melanie saw you carrying me.” I blurt. He frowned.
“That’s her damn problem. You were hurt. I see no reason for her to get up and defensive like that.” I shrugged.
“Well, I'm just waiting until she comes up with some plan to get rid of me.” I put up a fighter face. Chael laughed and patted my shoulder.
“There’s no need to be cautious. I’m here to protect you right?” I blushed. I really like Chael a lot; I don’t want to see him getting hurt. I pulled my knees close to y chest.
“Has she ever done this to girls in the past?” He grimaces. “What were some things she did? You know, incase she does that trick the second time.”
“I’ll tell you but Melanie never used any of her tricks the second time. She has really dangerous ways to make most of the girls fear her.” I looked at him.
“There was this girl a year ago. I thought she was a nice girl and we became just friends. No deeper relationship that. Melanie wouldn’t have it. She paid this guy in this school who can make illusions in peoples mind to believe what they were seeing. He was a good guy too but Melanie bribed him…in a really dirty way and he followed her plan. He made the girl think that the school was covered in blood and people she saw walking around looked like bloody corpses. I saw her one-day and walked to her. She screamed and told me to leave her alone. I didn’t know she was under the illusion spell. She ran and the next day, teachers announced the death of the student I befriended with. She committed suicide by running into the Ripped Demon woods” I squeaked. His face was grim “I noticed later Melanie with the student of illusions talking. She had a wicked smile on her face. Then the guy tried to kiss her and she started freaking out. A teacher saw them together and he called the guy to the headmistress’s study. I went to eavesdrop on what the headmistress was going to do to the illusion student. I read his mind to see if he was--”
“Wait!” I interrupted “…you read his mind??” He cussed under his breath. I looked at him and touched his cheek. He looked at me with a pained face. He lowered his voice.
“I deeply trust you Liz, so I’ll tell you. You have to swear you can’t tell anyone even your closest friends.” I nodded quickly. He sighed.
“I’m considered in this school to have the highest source of power. I can do all the psychic things like mind read, lift objects, that sort.” I nodded and took his hand.
“You didn’t have to tell me you know. I’d be curious yes, but I would have understood.” He smiled at me.
“Well, I told you haven’t I? So I thought it’d be best for you to know. Plus I read your mind a while ago and you wondered what type of “gift” I have.” I gaped at him.
“Um before you continue the story, can you lift something now?” I fidgeted.
“Sure,” he responded. He looked at my ferret that was sleeping. All of a sudden he started to float up. My eyes got big. Streak woke up and started squeaking, flailing his paws. We both laughed. Chael placed him back down on the sill. Streak was still stiff of the random lift. He shook his fur and curled back to sleep. I gave Chael a big smile.
“That was freaking cool!” I squeaked. He blushed a light shade of pink, which made him look adorable.
“Thank you. As I was saying, when I read his mind, he wanted to tell what really happened to the headmistress. She is a very patient…err person. When he tried telling her the truth, all the words he was saying ended up in lies saying it was his fault. He was freaking out in his mind. He didn’t know what going on. The headmistress, with great power tried to use a spell to help him tell the truth, again she being very patient and understanding he wouldn’t lie, but she couldn’t break the spell. Then I knew. Melanie had a stronger power. Her power is probably as great as the headmistress. I heard the student cry saying he wants to tell the truth but something won’t let him. I walked away from the door thinking Melanie wasn’t good at all.” He looked at me with a worried expression.
“Melanie isn’t what you think, she’s pure evil. That’s why I need to watch over you.” I nodded.
“Do you know what her gift is?” His lips tightened.
“Actually, I don’t…She hasn’t told anyone. Her power is probably dangerous.” I straightened the sheets on the bed.
“So what are you going to do today since we have no school?” He grinned.
“I was hoping maybe I can show you my room?” his eyes got big. “I mean like, I can show introduce you to my roommates! The school lets girls go to the guys dorm and vice versa.” His face got red and he muttered something about it being a bad idea. I burst out laughing.
“Yeah sure! I bet they are as fun as you are!” He smiled nervously. He picked me up and we walked out of the infirmary to the guy’s dorm building. Walking out, the sun glowed on my face. I squinted. Chael leaned his head to block the sun’s light. The suns rays glowing on his hair made it look like he had a silver halo. Of course he read my mind and he laughed out loud. I flushed a bright red.
“What?! I can’t help it! Your hair is really awesome!” I complimented still red faced.
“Thank you, I can’t describe how beautiful your hair is comparing to mine.” I bit my lip, stifling a giggle. He is so sweet!
We walked to the door. He placed me down to stand as he opened the door. Still holding me so I didn’t touch the ground, he opens the door. I saw a soda can heading straight towards my face.
“AHH!” Chael’s hand flew to my face and caught it, the tip touching my nose. He glared at Chad. Chad’s face went pale.
“Ah shit, sorry Liz! I didn’t see you there.” He started blabbing a bunch of sorry. I was hyperventilating, scared crapless. Chael led me to his bed and I sat down. He chucked the can back at Chad, the soda can exploding in his hand. He swore something in Scottish and wiped his hand with a towel.
“I-it’s okay! That really put some excitement into my day!” I laughed but I came out in small hiccups.
“Geez Chad, throwing cans when Chael brings in a girl…not cool.” A guy with an Australian accent spoke up. He had dark brown hair that he pulled back with a ponytail. He had green eyes. He also looked really strong.
“ ‘Ello there, th’ names Mitchell. Sorry about that “surprise”, Chad love to try and scare Chael every time he walks in. I still don’t get how he can tell.” He looks at Chad.
“How many times do I have to tell you I have X-ray vision!!!” Chad chucked at pillow at Mitchell. I looked at Chael. He looked embarrassed at his roommate’s behavior. I saw another guy. He had black hair cover down part of his face. He smiled kindly.
“Hey, I'm Josh. I guess I can tell you my talent if you want to know?” I nodded eager. “I have the power to have animal features. And I can change the color too.” I nodded. Suddenly he started to grow blue big cat ears. He looked like a guy in an anime. My eyes grew big.
“Oh my gosh! Is it real?!” He grinned.
“Wanna see?” He noticed my leg in a cast and thankfully walked over. I stretched my hand and felt the blue ears. They were real all right. I puffed my cheeks to prevent myself from squealing. That is so freaking cool!! Chael probably read my mind and he coughed a little annoyed. I giggled and held his hand.
“Don’t worry, I love yours the most.” I whispered in his ear. He smiled. The last guy looked younger than the other guys. Then it hit me,
“Troy!?” He gave a big grin.
“Hey, you remembered! Yeah, I’m a roommate with these guys. They’re so hilarious.” I laughed.
“So what skill do you have?”
“Hmm, look at Chael.” I looked at him confused. He smiled down at me. “Okay, look back.” I turned and I was looking at an empty spot. The other guys were watching. I eyes got really big.
“Holy crap muffins! You can turn invisible?!” The guys started laughing, even Chael.
“Uh, look behind you.” I quickly turned around and almost jumped into Chael’s arms. Troy was sitting on the bed next to me.
“H-h-how did you get here?!” He laughed.
“I can teleport.” My mouth dropped.
“That’s freakin’ amazing!!” I squealed. Mitchell spoke up,
“Hey! I haven’t showed mine!” I turned to him and smiled.
“Yeah, can you show me?”
“Close you eyes.” I closed them excited. I felt myself being carried. “Okay, you can open them.” I looked and I was in Chael’s arms. I gave him a confused look. I looked around the room. I didn’t see Mitchell anywhere.
“Huh? I don’t get it.” Chael gave a really big grin. Everyone was trying not to burst out laughing.
“Liz, I’m over here.” I turned my head and squeaked. Chael was standing on the other side of his bed. I looked back at who was carrying me. He smiled.
“Know what it is now?” I felt myself blushing. He put me back down on the bed. The real Chael and Mitchell (shape shifted into Chael) stood my each other. I wanted to drool.
“Oi, you two are gonna make Liz pass out from seeing two of her favorite man.” Chad laughed. I looked around and found a magazine and started fanning myself. They all started laughing. I smiled embarrassed. Mitchell turned back to his self.
“I bet you liked that didn’t ya Liz?” I blushed even redder. I covered my face with the magazine trying to calm down. I looked up and I was staring back at the reflection of me. I blinked. I raised my left hand. She did the same. My eyes got big. Her eyes got big. I stuck out my tongue. She did the same again. I jumped to the back of the bed.
“Cheese nibblets, Mitchell!” Everyone started laughing again. I spent two hours with the Chael and his roommates. They were awesome. I thought now I need to see what my friend’s talents are as well. Then I realized something and I stopped smiling. Josh looked at me.
“What’s wrong Liz?” the guys stopped talking and listened. I looked around.
“…I didn’t show you my talent…”
“Well, show us then!” Chad laughed. I wasn’t smiling.
“I don’t have one…” Troy blinked.
“Sometimes, it takes a while until someone finds theirs. Don’t worry you’ll find yours soon.”
“But I want to know now! I want to teleport or shape shift!” My eyes filled with tears. I wanted to go back to the infirmary room and curl up into a ball and cry. It went really quiet. No one really knew what to say. Troy coughed uncomfortably. We looked at him.
“Well…I heard there is a way you can get some other talent and your talent will soon come eventually,” I perked up and looked at him with eagerness “You have to be with someone and they have to be willing to share some of their power as well. I’m not sure how it could be dangerous but it’s not allowed in the school anymore.” I sunk back into the bed feeling depressed again.
“Hey, cool. I’m willing to share my power with Liz.” My eyes widened. I looked at Mitchell. He grinned.
“That’s what it takes right? No problem. You are really cute Liz.” He smiled shyly. I blushed. Chael didn’t look so happy in that idea.
“Did you not just hear what I said?! You’re not allowed to do that! Who knows what the consequences are? There has to be a reason to the forbidding to share powers.” Troy spoke loudly.
“Well, let’s see what happens. I bet its so no one rebels against the school and becomes too powerful.” He took my hand. Chael pulled me back.
“No! I’m not risking Liz to do that! What if it cost someone a life or something happens during the switch and both people end up dying? I’m not taking that risk!” Chael glares. His arm tightens around my shoulders protectively. Mitchell blinks,
“S-sorry Chael, I just wanted for Liz to experience something interesting while she’s here.” He looked down guiltily. I looked at Mitchell.
“It’s okay Mitchell, I think it is best to see if my gift will come. If I was here, it means I have a talent. Thanks for the help.” I smiled sweetly at him. He smiled slightly.
“Thanks for not getting mad at me Liz.” I gave a two thumbs up sign and grinned. Chad looks at his digital clock.
“Oops, people we better head off to the dining hall for lunch.” He stood up and stretched. “Want a lift?” he wagged his eyebrows. I laughed.
“I’m okay, Chael can help me.” I smiled at him and he smiled back. The picked me up and we all walked to the dining hall.
I sat at my usual spot and my friends and I laughed and chatted. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I tuned around and I was looking at the headmistress. My eyes got big and the girls gasped. She nodded the girls to let them eat. Then she smiled at me.
“How are you’re wounds?” she asked in a sweet young voice. Still from a very young girl, I sensed a strong force of power. I smiled.
“The nurses have treated it really well, my arm and my leg are feeling a little better. She nods. I had to keep my mouth shut. I wanted to say she was the cutest thing I have ever seen and I wanted to give her a hug so bad. She giggled. I blinked.
“Uh…you didn’t read my mind did you?” My face went red.
“If you must, you can give me a hug.” She smiled sweetly. I was stunned. I looked around and had no idea if she was testing me. Could I hug her? Are we even allowed to shake hands with her? Oh god these stupid questions are making a headache. She smiled waiting. I fidgeted and hugged her. I heard loud gasps coming from all over the room. Lots of people were staring directly at me. I could feel myself burning red. The headmistress returned the hug. A lot of whispers broke around the room. I looked at the headmistress’s elder adviser. He was smiling. I started to get annoyed with all the whispering. I stood up and shouted,
“What the hell is your problem?! Yeah I hugged the headmistress! Got a freaking problem, deal it with me!” I punched my fist and winced. The room went really quiet. My friend’s mouths were wide open. Chael had a big grin. All of a sudden the room erupted in whistles and applause. I frowned and looked around. What the hell just happened? Kana yelled over the excitement to me,
“No one has ever shook hands with the headmistress, let alone hug her!” I gave her an awkward look and started cracking up at this random event. I broke D.S.A history. I hugged the headmistress. Melanie was the only one who wasn’t clapping. She just kept hating and hating me more.
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