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Chapter 10
I would have taken a broken arm and leg any day than a skull crushing pain spreading all over my head. We reached the infirmary. I felt cold wet cloths wipe the sweat from my face. I didn’t care what happened to me. I wanted to see if Chael was okay. I struggled under the straps, more hands held me down. That instantly made me forget about being in the infirmary a brought me back to the demons trying to pull me back in. Complete fear mixed into my pain, I started screaming. Mainly screaming for them me to let go. I couldn’t stand the pain and fear overwhelming me and I bit my tongue. I tasted blood. Then something was placed between my mouth. They were putting a cloth so I wouldn’t bite my tongue off. I started crying again. My emotions were so messed up I couldn’t keep track of what I felt. Someone started stroking my hair trying to calm me down. I thought that Chael must have been cured. I quickly opened my eyes. Jared was standing next to me as the nurses healed the poisoned gash on my forehead. He was the one who was stroking my cheek instead of Chael. He brushed the tears away from my eyes.
“You’ll be fine.” He smiled. I couldn’t believe he actually gave a genuine smile. The medicine started kicking in and I slowly stopped crying and closed my eyes and passed out. The fire burning inside my body started slowly dying down.
It was around late 7pm. I woke up and looked around without moving. I was in a different room. A curtain stood between me and the other side. I frowned and winced. Great, I missed a second day of school! I was hoping to be in class with Solaries today. I looked to my left at the curtain. Was Chael on the other side? I lied still for a minute.
“Uh, Chael?” No answer. I sat up and supported myself with the side table. I felt the bandage wrap around my head. I slowly stood up and walked over to the other side of the curtain. Sure enough Chael was there, sleeping. He had dark circles under his eyes. He looked completely drained and face looked even paler. His breathing was shallow. Then I wondered what I looked like at the moment and shook the idea off.
“I might break the mirror…” I mumbled. I stood there watching Chael sleep. He looked almost peaceful…almost dead. I squeaked and shook that thought out of my mind.
“I’m not dead yet…” he muttered, his eyes still closed. My eyes widened.
“Okay, that time I wished you hadn’t read my mind.” I crossed my arms. He grinned and looked at me. “Ha ha ha, you should see yourself in the mirror. You look like a vampire.” He narrowed his eyes. I giggled. He patted a spot on his bed and I walked over and sat by him.
“So how are you feeling?” I asked softly.
“I’m okay. It was really painful though.” I remembered myself screaming from all the pain. “Yeah, I heard you screaming. I wanted to be next you but I was under the same kind of pain.” He smiled and propped himself up. I watched him in silence. I gave an annoyed sigh. He gave me a look.
“I really wanted to continue with all my other classes today.”
“Hey, at least you didn’t have to help with Melanie and her thing with the committee after school.” I blinked.
“Oh yeah…that’s a relief.”
“So you would you like to tell me your dream you had this morning?” I thought about it.
“Well, it did have something to do with the Winter Dance.” He nodded. “I was standing in the middle of the dance floor. I was wearing this navy blue gown.”
“You must have been really beautiful in it.” He said and I blushed and quickly continued before I started to stumble over my words.
“So I felt weird just standing there and watching people dance by. Then this masked guy, he had an awesome mask too, he asked me to dance. I took his hand and we started dancing under this really pretty chandelier. Then he was about to kiss me, all of a sudden the chandelier broke and he pushed me out of the way and it fell on him.” I took a breath swallowing tears “Then I saw who the masked guy was. It was you and you died trying to save me from getting crushed by the chandelier.” I felt the tears free falling again and I squeaked and stood up. Chael grabbed my hand and pulled my down to his bed. He leaned my head on his shoulder. I started sniffling.
“Well in your dream I would be happy to see you still alive and not crushed by the chandelier.”
“Well, you’d leave me alone!” More tears fell. He rubbed my shoulder.
“I would never leave you alone even if I was gone. But if the dance comes around, we’ll avoid the chandelier and dance somewhere else so it never comes to that.” I laughed and nodded. He kissed my head.
“Now I really can’t wait for the dance.” I smiled. He chuckled.
“Me too.”

Tuesday morning the nurses let us got to school since our injuries weren’t to vital. I thanked them kindly again. They smiled and were happy to help. The nurses gave Chael and me clothes to change into. Thank god I could change in the other side of the curtain. I straightened my skirt and fixed my tie.
“Is it okay to look Chael?”
“Yeah, I'm changed.” I walked around. He was wearing his boy’s uniform. His silver hair spiked at the top. He looked cuter than ever.
“Thank you” he said. My face bubbled up with embarrassment and I quickly walked out of the room with Chael behind me laughing.
“Oh my gosh what happened to your head?!” Kana squealed at breakfast. “We didn’t see you at the dorm and thought you got hurt again.” She pointed to my head, which a gauze was patched on.
“Yeah, I got poisoned.” I said bluntly. Trae chocked on her scrambled eggs. Rae spat her drink back in her cup. Solaries started at me with shock. “Hey, I’d rather take the broken arm. The poison stuff the demons put on me and Chael burned!” Chael, sitting to my left nodded.
“That’s close to describing what Liz said. Its really hard to explain in detail the pain.”
“Oh. I hope today you can survive long enough to be in next class with me Liz.” Solaries smiled.
“I know!” I complained, “I hate going to the infirmary and getting treatments! I probably missed so much!” Solaries smiled.
“Actually none at all, The Spell Caster teacher is really nice. We’re actually not doing anything. Were waiting up on you to come.” My eyes got big.
“Ahh! Please don’t wait! I really don’t want everyone bored because of me! Who’s the teacher?!”
“That would be me.” I turned around and saw the headmistress.
“Really? You would wait for me?” She smiled.
“Of course. It’s my duty as a headmistress to let all students be well educated.”
“But what about my other teachers?”
“They have acknowledged and understand what you are in. They will help you catch up in class.” I nodded thanks and wished her a good morning. I looked back at Solaries,
“She’s our teacher for Spell Caster?” Solaries nodded excitedly.
“You’re lucky.” Chael said and smiles. I nod in agreement. It was finally time for class to start. Chael and I walked to PDT and hoped this time I would need to go to the infirmary again.

Chael and I walked in. Chad came over to us.
“You guys okay? We couldn’t see you after that because you two were in bad condition.”
“Were okay Chad, thanks.” I walked to my desk. Mr. Silus thought it would be best to take a break after the second incident, which was yesterday. I cheered in my mind. Chael seemed calm. Through out the class period, we worked on strategy, studied the map of the Ripped Demon woods. We also took notes. It felt like a typical high school day. Physical Demon Training class ended and I moved onto Spell Caster where Solaries was going to be in it. Chael happily volunteered to show me to my class. I waved to him as she watched me go to my second class.
“It’s great to have you join us Liz.” I smiled at the headmistress and took a seat next to Solaries.
“Now we may begin the first step of spell casting. Who knows the number one thing for spell casting?” Solaries raised her hand.
“The first thing for spell casting is concentration.” a very familiar voice came from behind me. I turned around; there sitting right behind me was no other than Melanie Forte DeCarley. She gave me a smirk and mouthed “loser”. I turned around and looked at Solaries. She smiled sadly at me. I frowned at my desk. Has Melanie been giving Solaries a hard time?
“That’s correct Melanie. It’s very important that you have absolute concentration in order for a spell to work. As you all may have known you all have a gift.” The headmistress looked at me and I smiled. I bet she knows I finally have a talent. “For today you’ll be working on how to do this simple spell.” She snapped her fingers and her hair turned from bright blond to purple.
“It does not matter if you have a different skill, you all have a hidden magic energy to follow through. I shall give you 20 minutes to try it out.” Solaries smiled.
“Watch this.” She touched the top of her head and stroked her fingers down her hair. I gaped in awe and it tailed down from the bright orange hair to a mix of pink and green. I clapped wildly. She blushed.
“Well done Solaries.” The headmistress passed us by. I heard gasping and awes from behind me. I turned around. Not only could Melanie switch her hair color, she could change the hairstyles and lengths. She looked like she was bored but she was really enjoying the attention. I gritted my teeth. Solaries stopped smiling. I patted her hand.
“Don’t let that show off get to you Solaries! You’re a great spell caster!” I smiled really big. She gave a small smile.
“My turn.” I concentrated on a hair color. Chael’s silver hair flashed in my mind. I grinned. I closed my eyes and placed my hands on my head like what Solaries did and stroked my hair down. Melanie took her chance and snapped her fingers at me. I heard a gasp coming from Solaries. I guessing the color turned out okay? I opened my eyes. Everyone was staring at me. My felt my faces go red.
“What’s going on--?” I stopped and realized it wasn’t my voice. The headmistress blinked at me.
“Good job Liz, but we won’t be doing shift shaping for another couple of units.” I frowned. I looked at Solaries. Her eyes were big. I turned and glared at Melanie. She smiled evilly at me. I looked over Solaries shoulder and caught my reflection on the window. I saw Chael’s face. I blinked and wonder why he was in my class. I waved my hand. He waved back. I ran my hand through my hair. It felt spiky. The reflection did too. My mouth fell open. I shift shaped into Chael. My clothes were different too, thank god. I growled and spun to face Melanie.
“What did you do to me you freak!” I yelled in Chael’s voice and I balled my fist.
“Liz…” the headmistress started.
“I didn’t do anything,” Melanie said in her most innocent voice. I bared my teeth. I felt hot sparks shooting at my fingertips. Melanie stood up and held up a shadow ball. We both completely forgot about the headmistress standing there. I raised my fist and a fireball glowed.
“Girls!” The headmistress disabled our powers with a clap of her hand. The fireball disappeared from my fist. The shadow ball dissolved from Melanie’s hand. I looked at the headmistress in guilt. She wasn’t looking at me. She was glaring at Melanie.
“Class is dismissed. Melanie, you will meet me in my office.” She turned to me with an apologetic smile. “You may leave Liz but I’m sorry, I cannot remove the spell Melanie has cast on you. It will fade within a day. We shall talk about it later okay?” I felt tears forming in my eyes. I blinked them away. I nodded, took the bad with me and left. I ran into Chael.
“Sorry man, I was waiting--.” His eyes got big. My face turned red and I pushed past him and ran. I ran outside and looked around. I knew I couldn’t go into the girl’s dorm, they’d freak out. Then I knew. I ran behind the school. I was standing in front of the Ripped Demon woods. I dropped my bag and ran in. I instantly knew how the girl Chael was friends with felt. Melanie won. She knew I couldn’t attack directly at her with the headmistress watching. I yelled in rage and punched a tree. I heard a crack and stared at the dent I put in the tree’s bark. My knuckles stung in pain and I saw scratched skin and blood. I sat down and pulled my legs together and cried. I heard a loud crack. My head snapped up. I heard Chael’s voice from far away. I stood up and started walking further. I couldn’t let him see me looking like…him. It wasn’t so bad. It would just look weird that it would look like he was talking to himself. Another crack sounded nearby. My eyes widened and I looked around in fear. I had nothing to protect myself. I stood surrounded by dark trees.
You’re all alone… something whispers past my ear. I swirled around and saw nothing.
No one here to protect you…
“I don’t need anyone to protect me!” I yelled. I saw something in the dark shadows. It had a white cracked mask. The other half of his face was blank. Like, no face, just black. The one side with mask I could see the hole in the mask where one eye was peeking out. I raised my fists up in defense. It started slowly walking towards me.
Nothing to protect yourself with? How reckless… I heard its voice in my head. I shivered.
Want me to take the spell away? I blinked.
“Yeah?” How did it know I was under one?
It will very quick. No pain. Then I realized it wanted to kill me. I took a step backwards. Black shadowy hands grabbed my foot. I yelped and tried to pull away. The hands had a strong grip. The demon stalked towards me. Its eyes were filled with bloodlust. I squeezed my eye’s shut.
“Liz!!” and arrow shot out of nowhere and flew straight at the demon. It dodged the arrow. It hissed and his fingers grew long, sharp like knives. It clicked its fingers and dashed at Chael. He loaded his crossbow and launched another arrow heading straight to the demon’s chest. It hit it square in the chest and he exploded in black dust. I fell to my knees. Chael slung the bow on his back and ran to me.
“Are you okay?! What made you think of entering here without any sort of weapon??” I was still staring at the ground.
“Melanie won.” I said that sounded like one word.
“She wanted me to blast her with a fireball with the headmistress watching…I didn’t but she got in trouble with the headmistress. All she needed was my weakness, and it’s that I can get mad really easily.” I looked at Chael; tears blurred my vision.
“It’d be better if I wasn’t here. Like what you said about you friend who killed herself in these woods because of Melanie. Now I can’t fight back because she’ll find a way for me to get mad at her when the headmistress is looking. When I hit her I’ll probably be sentenced to die here for killing another student!” I sobbed. “I don’t get what her problem is! I didn’t bother her in Spell Caster class. All I wanted to have is a better high school life. I listen to the headmistress and follow what she does. I try to turn my hair silver but she turned me into you! I don’t even know how to do a freakin’ shift shape! That bitch pisses me off!” Chael sat down next to me and pulled me into his lap. I tried to squirm off, he held me close.
“Well, Melanie seems to suck at casting spells cause the only one I see is you and your starlight hair.” I sat up and looked at my hair. He was right. I was back to my old self and my long hair was the color silver. I turned to him and smiled through my tears. He held a silver strand on his finger and examined it closely.
“You did a really good job by the way. It almost looks like my hair.” I laughed.
“The color of your hair just popped into my mind so I wanted to try it out.” I shrugged. He chuckled.
“Will you color your hair like that for the dance?” I nodded excitedly. He stood up and helped me up. He noticed my bloody hand. He sighed and rubbed his fingers on my hand. I winced from the sharp sting.
“Melanie is the devil for damaging such and angelic form like yours.” And he kissed my hand. My face turned bright red. He smiled. “That’s the cute Liz I know of.” And we walked back to the school to meet in the dining hall.
Chael sat next to me again at lunch. Chad decided to join us as well to sit by Rosalie. I was suddenly beginning to think he actually likes her. I shuddered.
“Hey, you should be happy for them. Love can find it’s way through anything.” He smiled.
“Well, yeah but in my world back where I used to live, that’s called “creepy”.” He laughed.
“But is she in danger?” I shook my head. “Then it’s love.” I stuck my tongue at him and laughed. He plopped a chocolate dipped strawberry in my mouth. I blinked.
“Aww, that’s too cute!” Kana gushed and everyone laughed except for Chael and me. Our faces went red.
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