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Chapter 11
After lunch all the students got a break. They would use the time to ask teacher questions or hang out until their next class started. Chael and I walked around the school grounds talking and laughing. I noticed and archway, blood red roses spiraling around the arch. I asked Chael if we could go. He led the way. The place was filled with all kinds of flowers. My eye’s trailed to the white roses. I walked over to it and held its stem as delicately as possible.
“Ow!” I jerked my hand back. My finger had a dot of blood. I stuck my finger in my mouth to stop the bleeding. Then I looked at the flower. The tips started turning red and started flowing downward. My eyes got big. Chael walked over.
“You must like someone a lot.” I turned around and blushed.
“If the red keeps filling in the white you really like someone.” He nodded at the rose. I looked. The rose was completely red.
“…I-it was white a few seconds ago!” Chael smiled.
“Look…” I noticed the flower started opening. Inside laid a sleeping fairy. It looked like a miniature fairy version of Chael. My mouth dropped. It woke up and looked up at us. He spread his wings and flew in the air. He flew next to Chael’s ear and whispered. Chael gave a big smile. The fairy then flew next to me and gave me a small kiss on the cheek before flying off, leaving a scent of roses in the air. Chael was still smiling.
“What did he say?” I looked at him nervous.
“He said that you really like me but you don’t have the courage to tell me so I should wait until you felt comfortable telling me.”
“He said that?”
“Yeah. It’s okay for you not to tell me straight out. I’ll wait until you feel like it.” I smiled and hugged him. Whenever we’re alone, he somehow knows just how to make me happy.

My next class was Weaponry. I loved the fact none of my classes had something like Math, Chemistry, Biology, History, all that stuff. It all relates to demons. Every now and then some subjects would be involved. I was really pumped to see what I was going to do in that class. Mr. Silus was also my Weaponry teacher. Jared was in my class and I sat next to him.
“How are your classes going along?” I smiled. He shrugged.
“It’s coming along.” I noticed his eye was looking better and the scar looked really awesome.
“In Weaponry, all of you have been chosen to have you weapons picked for PDT.” Students nodded in agreement. “Well, in this class, I’ll show you how to make weapons for you to use and create new ones for people to try out.” I bounced excitedly in my seat.
“Calm down.” Jared chuckled as he saw me excited. Mr. Silus allowed everyone to work in pairs. Jared and I partnered up.
“So…what should we create?” I asked. Jared thought for a moment.
“Uh, something…explosive?” I grinned. “We should make explosive candy!” I laughed. He gave me an odd look and smiled.
“Sure, why not?” I tapped my head with a pencil and thought.
“Uh, what if we installed a mini bomb into a piece of chocolate so when the demons consume it, they go boom!” I stretched my arms wide, making an exaggeration.
“I like the way you think Liz, but make sure the idea is easy to make.” Mr. Silus walked by our table. I giggled.
“Okay, scratch that idea out. How about making makeup or accessories to be a weapon, you know for the girls to use.” All girls’ heads turned to my direction. They looked at each other and nodded with my idea.
“You sure you’re okay in the head? What’s up with all the random stuff?” He laughed.
“Hey! I made my whip a belt ya know! It was cool too!” I puffed my cheeks to look tough. He tightened his mouth so he wouldn’t laugh.
“I was thinking a head band with a razor blade and can slice the head of a demon. Or lipstick/lip gloss which can turn into poison darts.” The girls cheered at my idea. The guys complained and laughed. I had to think of something for the guys to be polite.
“Hey, for the guys, I could make a soda grenade…maybe? Or use the old method of a lighter and hair spray. If you cast a fire spell right, the flames will last longer.” I grinned really wide. The guys nodded, thinking it was a cool idea. Some came over to high five me. Other girls came over to give me compliments about my hair, not sure why, probably that’s how girls show that they like to be friendly, and they gave me brand-new unused lipstick incase I ever was going to create my ideas. Jared sighed,
“I’ll help you with making all that stuff. You seem to be the major idea girl.” I beamed and felt proud. We couldn’t actually make the weapons yet, only just to create some ideas. Our class ended an hour and a half later. I stepped out of the class and found Chael waiting for me. I smiled,
“You always find a way to be here quickly don’t you?” He smiled and placed an arm around me.
“I'm mysterious that way.” And we walked to my last class; thankfully Chael is also in that class as well. I saw Melanie walking in the opposite direction. Her eyes filled with icy rage. Melanie and my eye locked for a second. She smirked, flipped her hair and walked by. I glared at the back of her head. I had an urge to set that silky hair of hers into flames. Chael laughed and moved my head forward again. My last class was something called Legendary Creatures. The name sounded ridiculous. It didn’t matter. That is officially my favorite class. A cheery middle-aged woman, Mrs. Scarlet, told us everything about all sorts of mythical creatures. This wasn’t any other class, she had a lot of mini creatures flying and crawling around. She didn’t believe in keeping the all caged in. I stuck my hand in my bag to take notes and something licked my finger. I squealed. Chael, sitting by me, looked at my direction. I pulled out Streak who was napping in the bottom of my bag. Mrs. Scarlet found it amusing to see a saber-toothed ferret and she allowed me to bring Streak in class whenever I wanted. I let Streak crawl onto Mrs. Scarlet’s arm and sleep on her shoulder as she taught the class the rest of the hour. I really liked Mrs. Scarlet. Later she brought in some creatures from a window that I instantly remembered from walking in the Academy’s garden. I saw the mini fairy Chael fly in and he flew over to us. He stood on my desk and waved at Chael and me.
“Sup, mini Chael,” I laughed. He bowed and shrugged as if to say nothing special. Streak sat on my desk and sniffed over Mini Fairy Chael. It sniffed, I'm guessing fairy dust, and he sneezed spraying blue dust all over my uniform.
“Eww it’s all over me!” Chael laughed out loud as I was quickly brushing it all off. Class was unfortunately over and Mini Fairy Chael flew out of the window along with the other flying creatures. The final bell rang and my class left.
“Want to go to my room to work on our homework?” Chael asked me as we were walking outside.
“Sure!” We started to the direction of the boy’s dorm. The room was empty and I placed my bag on the floor. Streak popped his head out of my bag and looked around. I pulled out my notebook and the textbook for Legendary Creatures class.
“You want a drink?” Chael offered. I nodded and he walked over to Chad’s mini fridge. He closed the door and walked back. He gave me a Coke. I happily sipped it and started working. We spent a lot working. Chael especially helped me out. An hour later Chad came to tell us to go to the dining hall. Chael was reading a book, I was sleeping, my head rested on his lap. A jacket was draped over me. Chad gave a thumb up. Chael grinned back. He woke me up a few minutes later and we walked to the dining hall.
Chael and I talked and laughed at dinner. The headmistress kept a close eye on me. I turned to talk to Solaries.
“At least I got a days work of school done for once!” Solaries laughed. I was going to say more then all of a sudden a spoonful of mashed potatoes flew across 2 tables and hit me in the side of the face. My friends blinked. I looked around. We just laughed and Chael helped wipe my face. Two spoonfuls launched at me. One of them landed in my hair. The other hit my nose. I growled and jumped off my seat.
“Oopsie,” Melanie said. Her face was taunting me to fight back. I barred my teeth and two fireballs flared in my hands.
“You wanna fight, bitch?!” I yelled. Everyone watched me. She stood up calmly.
“Go ahead, you’ll be sentenced to death in the Ripped Demons woods.” She raised her hands. Utensils hovered in the air. The headmistress stood up. Jared watched me from behind. Part amused; part concern.
“Liz, calm down.” Chael spoke softly, I didn’t hear. I screamed and threw a fireball at her. She threw the knives at me. My friends and other students screamed and ran to avoid being hit. Chael stood up. The knives melted in the fire and it kept heading straight towards Melanie.
“I hope you die!” The flames got bigger. Melanie screamed, acting like a weakling. The headmistress yelled a spell, which immediately wiped the flame out before it could burn the hag into ashes. I tried summoning more but sparks flew out of my tips. I was about to jump on the table to attack with my hands when strong hands grabbed around my arms. Two arms wrapped around my waist. Chael and Jared were pulling me back. The same was with Melanie. It took three of her girl friends just to pull her back. I tried to break from the guy’s grasp. It failed; they were way too strong for me. The headmistress quickly walked over, she was furious.
“Miss Forte DeCarley! I have never seen such action take place in you! Liz is just a freshman and has started this semester! You have no right to use your power at any student here!” Her voice sounded scary and more mature than she looked.
“She’s trying to take my reputation away from me!” She yelled and tried to rush at me. Three more of her friends had to help hold her down.
“I am not! I’m trying to live a freakin’ normal life! You keep trying to make things crappy for me! I didn’t do anything to you!” I screeched.
“You stole Chael away from me!” She shouted. My eyes were filled with such rage I couldn’t think right. Tears filled my eyes.
“Well fine! Take your stupid perfect playboy and get the hell away from me!” Chael was taken aback. I ripped my hands away and ran out of the dining hall. Melanie sneered and watched me leave.

“Miss DeCarley, you are hereby suspended for 6 weeks and will not be attending the Winter Dance.” Melanie’s face fell.
“What?! She’s the one who threw a fireball at me!” She looked at me for back up. I glared at her. The headmistress’s decision was final. She started sobbing and her friends took her away. The headmistress looked at everyone else.
“You all will not discuss this matter at all, understood?” Everyone nodded and quickly left the hall. The elder advisor started cleaning everything up with a flick of his hand. The burnt mark of form Liz’s fire blast disappeared. My thoughts went to the words Liz said about me. Jared placed a hand on my shoulder.
“You know she didn’t mean that. She was pissed off.” I nodded. “You should look for her.” I looked at Jared. He nodded in encouragement. “Hey if I tried to make her feel better my way, she’d probably fry my ass off.” I grin and walked out. It was dark outside but I knew where to find her. She was sitting on a white bench talking to the air. I could tell she was still crying.
“You wouldn’t believe what I did!” She was speaking to the fairies, which some surrounded her. “I got so pissed that I threw a fireball at the bitch of the school! The headmistress was even watching!” I held in a laugh. The fairies said something that sounded like tinkling bells. She sighed, “I’m probably in a lot of trouble too. I couldn’t help control my temper and I called Chael something that I shouldn’t have said.” More tinkling sounds were mad. “I don’t even know what playboys do!” I was guessing the fast flicker of lights meant that they were laughing. “I feel like crap. I have food in my hair and Chael probably hates me by now.”
“I don’t hate you.” The words came out of my mouth, and I meant it. She jumped and the fairies flew off. She didn’t look at me as I walked to her. I sat next to her as she tried to pull mashed potato out of her hair, grimacing as she pulled a big chunk out. She gave up and wiped her hands on her skirt. I stared at my hands.
“I didn’t mean to call you that. It just it popped into my mind; I learned random words at my old school. I’m really sorry Chael, you should probably stay away from me.” I laughed. She frowned and looked at me.
“You haven’t done anything wrong. And I don’t hate you. It’s going to take more than a little word for me to dislike you.” I pulled her into another hug. Hey eyes got big and she tried to push away.
“You’re going to get food on your uniform!!” I smiled and hugged her anyway.
“What’s a playboy?” she asked. I was stunned for a second and laughed and helped her walk back to her dorm as she kept asking me.
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