put some Anime characters in dying will/ hyper dying will mode
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Posted 12/12/09 , edited 12/12/09
try to imagine anime characters that you want to see in dying will/ hyper dying will mode , i know the hyper dying will mode works only some one with vongola blood but let just forget all of that.. so maybe some (mostly lame looking ) anime characters can be cool, or turn funny looking when in dying will mode )

u can choose/give a weapon or if the character does have one..just imagine it can be light by dying will flame (in hyper dying will mode) even though it didnt came from leon ,it will add more changes into the character )

for me

ichigo -bleach -( hyper dying will )- ..half asleep / bored eyes and emo expression is not a big diff. he's face will turn into more serious but kinda bass -*ss while his zanpakto is coated with dying will flame

(dying will mode) - it will be funny while ichigo's eyes are widened and big with a angry face after yelling REBORRNN!!!!
tearing his clothes. ichigo: " i will defeat any espada with my dying will!" (me :hahaha thats new) . in his boxers ichigo's body is way better than tsuna

luffy -one piece-= (dying will mode ) = only a little changes on his expression but definitly will turn out suited on him..about his attitude i dont think it will be much diff...

(hyper dying will mode)- i cant imagine luffy in a calm state.... it will look good on him but a really a big diff - h e can have some kind of gloves weapon cause his a fist type fighter

oh i forgot , not only guys but it can be girls (but u dont have to imagine their clothes tearing appart )


haruhi - (dying will mode) -it will be epic Haruhi : "i will find some alien,time travelers, etch...using my dying will!"
she'll run through the whole town/city nothing can stop her ,hahahahahahaha ,

(hyper dying will mode) -finally haruhi can hold back her energetic attitude, haruhi being quiet /serious/calm will get kyon some goosebumps hahaha...cant think about her weapon

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Posted 12/12/09
What? this thread doesn't make any sense at all. -_-
Posted 12/12/09
What is the point of your thread? What do you want the other users to discuss about? Or, is it a game? Provide me with details if you want to keep your thread.

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