should i go see a phychiatrist?
Posted 12/12/09
I feel as if i'm a useless person and i have no future ahead of me even though i get all Bs in school. I'm depressed all the time and I've thought about suicide many times. When i think of anything it passes quickly to something dark and i feel like crying. I wake up thinking "Argh... Why couldn't i have died in my sleep?" Should i see someone about this and get pills? I really want to meet people , get a girlfriend and stop feeling the way i do.

Can anyone help me and post their experiences?
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Posted 12/12/09 , edited 12/12/09
Don't ever, ever think of committing suicide! Maybe you still haven't figured out what the right path is for you, but really..soon you will.

Sorry to lock this, but your thread is a personal one. I think you should post this in the Personal Advice thread.

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