What is your favorite genre of music and what favorite band/artist?
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25 / M / Willowbrook, IL
Posted 12/12/09
My favorite genre of music would definately have to be Death Metal (Pig Squeal, Screamo, Death Growling, ect.)

My favorite band(s) would have to be Straight From The Depths (I wish they would come out with more music D:), As They Sleep, Suffokate, and Aurora Black. :D

But i like other generas of music, but yeah...

Whats yours?
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Posted 12/12/09 , edited 12/12/09
Favorite Artist/band/song

Favorite Music Genre

meh, your thread is just those 2 combined , and where's K-pop , j-pop , J-rock? , and etc O.O thats where my vote counts in as.

Guessing this should be better off as a poll

- Duplicate
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Posted 12/12/09
^ ditto.

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