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Chapter 12
I woke up in my room and saw my roommates still asleep. I checked my hair. It was clean of food from last night. I must have taken a fast shower. I slipped out slowly out of bed and changed clothes. I sat on my bed and checked the time. It was only 6:58am. I wouldn’t have to get up for an hour and a half. Streak woke up and walked to my lap and looked at me. I smiled and ran my hand on his sleek slim ferret body. He curled up and fell asleep. I stare around the room and wondered what the headmistress is going to say to me.
Later on, everyone got up. I was first and waited for Solaries. While walking down the girl’s hallway in the dorm, Solaries looks at me,
“Are you okay? From yesterday I mean? I know I shouldn’t be talking about this…” I smiled.
“Thanks, I’m okay. I can be very scary when I mad, now that I have fire powers.” I laughed. She smiled kindly. The morning in the dining hall ran nicely as if the small incident with Melanie and I had didn’t exist. I was fine with that.
“You feeling better?” Chael sat by me. I leaned on his shoulder.
“Yeah I’m good.” I nibbled on a waffle.
“Morning Rosalie! Did you sleep well last night?” I looked over and saw Chad sitting next to Rosalie. She ignored him and kept eating. He tried to start a conversation. She looked at him and pointed to her mouth that was full of food so she couldn’t talk to him. I swear those two would make a weird couple.
“Hey you, stop being a creeper to our Rosalie.” Said Rae eyeing Chad suspiciously. He scowled at Rae and I laughed. With Melanie not trying to get me, the day would go by fine.
In PDT, Mr. Silus told us that we were going to train again in the Ripped Demon woods again. The thing is, we only get one dagger. Some people complained about how that would kill a demon. Mr. Silus grinned,
“You’ll have to find out yourself.” I felt prepared to find myself ending up in the infirmary. Chael was my partner. Mr. Silus handed out everyone two daggers.
“Ready face another day of demons?” I shrugged and nodded. I stood up and saw Rosalie behind me,
“Save me from him,” her voice sounded really dull. I snickered.
“Is Chad getting to you?” She looked around. Chael patted her head,
“He’s not as bad as you think. Give him some time. He obviously sees a young teen in you.” Her cheeks went pink and she walked back to Chad and agreed to be his partner. I looked at Chael.
“You’re a meannie did you know that?” He smiled.
“If I'm a meannie, I shouldn’t be able to do this.” He kissed me on the cheek. All the girls squealed. I blushed and grabbed Chael’s hand and pulled him out of the class. I sat on the grass outside of the school. The Ripped Demon woods; staring in front of me. My classmates chattered around me. I played with my dagger’s sheath and waited for Mr. Silus to arrive. Chael sat next to me.
“How are we supposed to fight with tiny knives like this?”
“You have magic right? He wants everyone to use their skill to adapt to their surroundings when they fight.” Another question popped into my mind,
“How are we going to get rid of the demons from this world?” Chael looked serious.
“The school sends higher ranked students who feel like they are ready to help and try to seal the demons entrance. The demon’s entrance is pretty far from the woods. It’s a really risky job. Sometimes a lot of students don’t come back from the entrance.” My eyes got big.
“Don’t tell me you're going when you’re stronger?!” Chael looked at me sadly. My heart started fluttering in my chest.
“I’m debating if I should or not. After meeting you, I don’t think I want to leave you by yourself.” I let out a small cry and tackled hugged him.
“Don’t go okay?” I mumbled into his shoulder. He smiled and stroked my hair.
“I won’t.”
Mr. Silus eventually arrive, 20 minutes later; I’ve always wondered why he was late. Mr. Silus raised the signal to let us go. The time started and we ran into the Ripped Demon woods. I was careful enough not to lean on another tree. I walked alongside Chael and looked around to see if anything fast goes by. I tried to think of something to start a conversation while we walked around. Chael seemed to start it off,
“So what’s it like where you used to live?” I had to think about it.
“It was crap.” I said. “I rarely talked to anyone at my old high school. My parents worked all day. I didn’t care actually. We’d fight continuously. I’d sometimes try to kill myself because I was pissed off at life.” Chael stared at me. “They would give me crap about me not doing so good at school. I could careless anyway, they always put me down.” I felt myself getting mad, and I took a bunch of deep breaths. Chael took my hand.
“If you killed yourself, I’d probably be at the demons entrance fighting for nothing and wasting my life on that.” I blinked. I was about to say something when a black chain shot out and flew straight to the side of my head. Chael pulled me down and the chain struck the tree. A blade was stuck onto the end of the chain. I sat up. Chael unsheathed his dagger and lifted the knife with his mind. I focused and my blade bursts into flames, the metal wasn’t melting. I stood my ground. Two demons walked out swinging blade-tipped chains. They were both, I would assume, female demons. One demon looked at Chael and licked her lips.
“Do we have to kill the hot one with silver hair? He looks quite yummy.” Her voice sounded almost human. I shuddered. Chael’s eyes narrowed.
“No sister, we’ll save him for last. Let’s get his mate.” The other demon hissed seductively. My eyes got big and Chael stood in front of me.
“No one will be touching either of us.” He threw the dagger with his mind at one demon. She knocked it out of the way.
“Is that all you’ve got?” Chael smirked.
“No.” he moved away for me to aim a throw the flamed dagger into the demons throat. She bursts into flames.
“NO!” her “sister” shrieks. I grin and snapped a fireball to my hand. I quickly threw it at her. She also explodes into black dust. I wiped a little sweat on my forehead from the effort.
“Good job Liz. You should save your energy until we see a bigger opponent.” I nodded tired. Chael turns around.
“Here climb on my back. I don’t want you getting tired too soon.” There was no use of avoiding it so he placed me on his back, picked up his dagger and he continued to walk. I started to hum a song from Linkin Park. I started getting bored.
“Sheesh, this is kinda a rip off. A lot show up for 4 days but they don’t show up now?” I complained.
“You want excitement? We were thinking you needed a break but if you're fine of dying fast, we have no problem.” Chael looked around and placed me down. I flared my dagger up. I hear sneers, cackling, and screeches coming from around us.
“Okay, that’s just, stupid. I didn’t want all of you to fight at once!” Chael thought of an idea,
“Liz, summon a fireball and throw it up, I can make smaller fireballs and attack at all sides.” I nodded and created a fireball the sized of a basketball. I giggled and spun it on my finger before throwing it in the air. Chael used his telekinesis and separated the flame ball into multiple parts. He threw all of them in every direction. Some demons burst into flames. I saw 2 rows of demons.
“Ohh crap.” I muttered. “This is a little to much for a dagger to handle.” I dropped my dagger and summoned two more fireballs in both hands. I shot them at the sky and stretched them to look like red flaming ribbons in the sky. I let it spiral around Chael and me and head straight for the demons. They ran, trying not to be caught in the flames. Chael watched me astounded. I felt my face wet with perspiration. Then I suddenly felt lightheaded and struggled to stay focused like the headmistress told me to in Spell Caster class. Who knew magic could take so much out of you? I saw the ribbon of fire start to fade. I gritted my teeth and pushed my energy to go further. Just a little longer. Long enough for me to get all the demons… My eyes started to close. Most of the demons fled back into the dark. I dropped my hands and fell forward, out of energy. Chael caught me quickly and picked me up.
“…Did I…get them?” I gasped.
“You did really good Liz.” He whispered in my ear and walked back to the school. I was completely passed out by the time we got there. Jared came over quickly and wanted to know what happened to me. He told Jared that I wasn’t hurt but used up a lot of her energy summoning fire. I was lucky to skip one class to regenerate my energy. He brought me to the normal infirmary where little injuries were treated. He placed me on a bed and left to check up on me after second class was over.
I felt better after I had about two hours of sleep. The nurse left a cool towel on head. Chael walked in and greeted me. My stomached growled in response. I smiled embarrassed. He took my hand. I thanked the nurse kindly and we left. At lunch I saw no sign of Melanie. I wondered what they did with the suspended students.
“She’s probably in the library organizing all the books in order.” Chael guessed. I whistled. That must suck, sitting there looking at old books and finding which book goes first and so on. He shrugged.
“That’s what she gets for messing with you. I just wonder why she’s doing this in front of the headmistress if she knew she was getting in trouble.” He frowned down at his place.
“Hey, who cares about that snob? She got busted.” I snickered. He grinned.
“In speaking of DeCarley getting into trouble.” I turned around and placed a hand over my chest.
“Hello headmistress, you have to stop scaring me like that, please.” Chael chuckles.
“I do apologize Liz. But as you know, Melanie is the head of the committee for the Winter Dance project. She cannot attend to project and I was looking for a substitute.” I nodded then stopped. Don’t tell me she wants me to lead the project?!
“Oh but I Am.” She smiled. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable. Chael placed a hand on my shoulder and looked at the headmistress.
“Could she think about that? I don’t think she’s quiet ready to lead such a big project.” He looked at me and I nodded quickly. The headmistress smiled.
“That is fine. You cannot, I’ll ask another student to help.” She smiled again and walked away. I sighed in relief,
“Thank you so much. I honestly can’t lead a big thing such as the Winter Dance. That’s too much responsibility on me!” Chael smiled thoughtfully.
“If were done eating here, shall we take a walk?” I looked at my friends. They nodded excitedly and giggled. I rolled my eyes and took Chael’s hand and dragged him outside which left room for Chad to sit next to Rosalie. Trae and Rae quickly sat on both sides of Rosalie. Chad frowned. That would be a story the girls are going to tell me tonight. We sat under the same tree near the guy’s dorm again. As we walked over, I noticed Chael holding my hand. I narrowed my eyes slightly. Something didn’t feel right. I pulled my hand away and pretended to fix my hair. We sat under the tree. I let Chael lay down his head on my lap. I smiled and it felt like I was in an anime again. We stared at the moving clouds that went by. Chael smiled and moved his hands around. I looked at the sky to see what he was doing. He made the cloud form a perfect heart. I gaped and my face grew red. I looked down and studied Chael’s silver hair. It looked slightly metallic close up.
“Was your hair like that before?” I asked. He sighed, not in annoyance.
“Well, it was dirty blonde and when I started getting my powers, my hair seemed to take color.” I thought of a great idea and touched the top of my head. Chael looked up and watched me. I gently skimmed my fingers over the surface of my hair. Without Melanie messing me up, I made a successful spell. My hair turned metallic silver just like Chael’s. I grinned and looked down at him. He smiled back.
“I just realized that making spells is almost easy as playing a simple scale on a clarinet.” He looked amazed.
“Then you must be really good at that instrument.” I couldn’t help but blush a little. I decided to keep my hair as the silver until I got to Weaponry and then reverted my hair color to its natural dark brown.
The rest of my classes went by smoothly. I managed to concentrate on what I was doing. After classes ended for another day of school, I went back to my dorm. My friend’s explained to me what happened at lunch. Rosalie sat on my bed with me and listened to Trae, Kana, and Rae rehearse the whole scene. I had a hard time of breathing cause it all made me end up laughing so hard. I laughed to the point I had to pause the story and go to the restroom. When it was my turn to tell what happened when Chael and I left the dining hall, I skipped him holding my hand as if we were dating. I talked about him laying his head on my lap like an anime couple. Kana squealed. Trae blushed and said it was so cute. Then I told them about Chael making a heart in the sky with his “power” which I did not tell them what his power was. I don’t think they mind. They all squealed and hugged me.
“You should totally ask him to the Winter Dance that’s coming up this December!” Kana exclaimed. I blushed.
“Chael already did.” The girls screamed. I covered my face in embarrassment.
“I call finding her clothes!” Kana yelled.
“I call helping her with her hair and makeup.” Solaries said.
“I call making her perfume.” Rae offered. My eyes got big.
“Uh how about no?” Kana’s eyes flared in an evil “makeover” look. I backed away to the door. I heard Trae mutter to Kana,
“Quickly, get her measurements, she mustn’t escape!” I stuck my tongue out and ran out of the room laughing. I accidentally bumped into Chael, who was walking to stop by my room.
“Hurry! They want to do my makeup!” I hid behind him. Some girls peeked their heads out of their doors and watched the interesting scene. Chael laughed and pulled me behind him. Kana stood at the end of the hallway.
“Chael, hand over the princess this instant!” She quipped. I snorted. More girls came to watch, giggling. He laughed in that fake heroic way.
“You’re going to have to get catch me first!” He scooped me up in one move and ran the other direction with inhuman speed. The girls cheered as they watched Chael open a window in another girl’s room.
“Sorry!” I yelled to the girls who were in the room and Chael jumped off. In a few seconds we were on the ground. I saw Kana stick her hand out the window.
“We’ll get you eventually!” She shook her fist and laughed.
“Not likely!” I shouted back. We ran off to the guy’s dorm.

I quickly open the door to his room. A can flew at my face. Chael swiftly grabbed it with ease.
“Oh look, it’s the dragon…” Chael’s eyes narrowed. Chad raised an eyebrow.
“Long story Chad. You had to be there.” I laughed and flopped on Chael’s bed. He sat next to me. I looked over to Chad and blinked. I was surprised to see Rosalie sitting on his bed. She was reading a thick book. Little picture books surround around her. Chad scratched his head and laughed nervously,
“She didn’t like the little kid books so I gave her one of mine.” I gave Chael a weird look. He shrugged. I looked over his bed and saw a couple of mangas. I picked one up. I smiled and looked at the cover and started reading it. I noticed Chael leaning back on his bed and scooted back to sit next to him.
“You know you two should go out?” I looked up and turned beet red. Chael chucked a pillow at Chad.
“You should talk. Why don’t you do the same?” He looked at Rosalie.
“Hey, you can’t rush age and maybe…”
“I’ll think about.” Rosalie said bluntly and kept reading. I giggled.
“You’re thinking about it too aren’t you?” Chael murmured in my ear. I smiled and put a thought in my head for him to read. He grinned and hugged me. The next couple of hours we read in Chael’s room with the company of Chad and Rosalie.
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