What is your top fav. korean dramas?
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Posted 12/13/09
1. Hello Miss
2. Delightful Girl
3. My Girl
4. Smile, You
5. Goong
6.Invincible Lee Pyung Kang
7. Who are you
8.1% of anything
9. 18 vs 29
10. Sweet 18

Noticably absent is coffee prince, I liked it but I wouldn't watch it again; I thought she was better in goong. I also like lady castle but the other ones I prefer more. I'm sorry but I hate BOF; the guys were good but the writing and the main girl were bad, I also hate east of eden it's not my style and even though it had Lee da Hae one of the best korean actresses it stunk. Is it just me or was this year a good year for korean dramas: Invincible Lee Pyung Kang, Smile, you, lady castle, tamna the island, heading to the ground. I thought this year was much better than last years korean dramas.
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Posted 12/13/09
This might be a duplicate. Im too lazy to find it :3
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Posted 12/14/09
Definitely a duplicate. Please use the forum search before making new threads. Thanks!
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