My theory in a way of speaking
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Okay, I've explain to aye that the battle between the brothers, aka Sasuke vs Itachi goes depth, and I've explain and proved that the 3 legendary jutsu was based on gods, and there was also 3 legendary items as well.

Anyways, this link I've going to show you will explain the history behind the Curse Clan, Madara stated. I will try my best to explain to you my time line theory and show you how it goes along with the anime, and with an good idea,

Okay, after you read that, you would be either in shock that it make sense, or you dont have the sense to think this is just made up. to let u know it is made up as a rumor but MK hasn't confirm it, cause it came out few months after MK made the chapters of the brother battles.

Okay, This story take based on my theory and my theory goes back when in real life when the guy founded American aka Florida time period follow me.

There's was an god, who married an lady from the Hyuuga, who carred the special eye jutsu aka Byakugan, and gave birth to a child named Madara, The time line is after Sage of the 6th path died, seal the 10th beast in the moon. maybe 100-200 yrs where the world was an baby,

Anyways, the god took interest in Madara cause he was mature and special due to his age, aka- How alot of people Sasuke talk too, stated how fast Itachi passed his exams, and was Chuuni, and Anbu Hawk,

So after his 18th birthday I would say in real life, his father needed an '' vessle'' similar to Orcho needed an vessle ever so often to kept his youth body ect. Anyways Madara found out and form an pack with Kyuubi.

aka- How Kyuubi stated to Sasuke with Naruto, - you have the same eye as Madara- gave you the hint. and Kyuubi agreed to share and onto he form the legendary 3 jutsu Tsukiyomi (to control people’s minds and drive them insane), Amaterasu (to teleport objects into another dimension)* and Susanoo (to create a storm like that created by a Tengu’s fan).

With the help of Kyuubi, he defeated his father, before doing so he knew if he allow him to die, similar to letting Naruto lose Kyuubi, you would lose the change to gain his knowledge, power,jutsu, so Madara seal him up with an special odd seal, and only the power of Kyuubi blood is able to unlock the barrier of the seal jutsu.

By sealing him up, Madara gain the able to teleport, similar to how Sasuke teleported to Naruto blind of an eye, not even Yamato couldnt notice it, and Able to enter people mind, which explain how Sasuke enter Naruto mind to talk to the Kyuubi, but Madara father was an god, Madara was able to perform time,space jutsu, more advance than 4th Hokage ability was.

And this is few yrs before he met with the 1st Hokage and form the clan of the hidden leaf villege as in real life, in amerca would be the 1st town ever created.

After so, with his father god power, Madara eyes evolve from an Byakugan evolved into an even more dreadful form—the Sharingan! This new bloodline had 2 levels: Normal Sharingan and Mangekyou Sharingan.

After this, now it's the year 2009, where Sasuke vs Itachi battle took from, Itachi stated to come back when you obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan, cause in the temple, you are able to read the hidden inscription which the normal sharingan couldnt, Itachi stated that once he obtain it, he would be the 3rd people, which would explain why Madara needed 3 Mangekyou Sharingan users and with the blood of the Kyuubi.

He can achieve the moon eye plan, and here is why. Sage of the 6th path stated way before before 200yrs in real life that close before we found american and ect.

Where he sealed the 10 tail beast within, and before he died, he sealed the 10th tail beast into the moon, but passed on his jutsu, knowlege ect ect, and Madara is 1 of his 1000th ect son who had the blood, rage, exp, knowledge and with his father sealed up inside of him where Itachi stated - he is the shell of his former self, which mean he need the 9tail blood or chakra to unlock the seal within to unleash his power to return his youthfulness, and able to use his power to break the seal on the moon, to either seal it inside of him which will make him an god.

Or due the fact he is now in his new state from breaking the seal, he regain his youthfulness, and power of his father, he may be able to make the 10th tail beast, with the power to control the other tail beast and in 2010, become as known as the The 4th Great Ninja War of all Time.

I hope I made this rumor into an real understanding way, show you how my time line took part, explain as in real life too. but now it's up to u to see what will go down between Sasuke, Naruto, wil they join forces, or become enemies for life, or take on Madara.

But, I would assume for an fact that since Obtain was an full blood Uchiha, and Kakashi isn't blood related to him, yet Obito eyes took over with able to obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan, yet since he wassnt a blood related nor a full blood Uchiha, that he was an half breed, which he obtain an different power than Madara,Sasuke,Itachi.
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