MAME anyone
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Posted 12/13/09
What Is MAME
Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, or just an emulator which allows you to emulate any arcade game you've ever wanted to get your hands on! It supports online play, so for all of you with Marvel vs Capcom at home wanting to go against someone online, here's your chance.

I play MAME .117 cause I have VISTA. I honestly think people should upgrade. Well I use the god weapon server with the ip:

I would like to play KOF, but all anyone seems to play is 3rd strike. If anyone's interested, you should get the emu and get online.

I would like to know your favorite games, and availability. We need more MAME .117 users, so whatever anyone says about it don't listen. They just don't want to upgrade because no one else is, so it's going nowhere.

Download: (I DIDN'T MAKE THIS!!!!)
Posted 12/13/09 , edited 12/13/09
I have MAME for XP but I've hardly used it. Last game I had was DoDonPachi.
Posted 12/18/09
I prefer Kawaks, since I usually play CPS1 & 2 arcade games.
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Posted 3/7/10 , edited 3/7/10
I play MAME!Well actually I was playing because now I haven't it. It has many old games.It's good but unfortunaly the newer ones around 90s weren't playing in mine. I don't know why.I had it for XP and actually it was named MAME32...
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Posted 3/12/10
I never knew you could play online with MAME.

But I'm not the type that plays fighting games with other people.
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Posted 3/12/10
Ooooh...I've heard about this before, but I never really had the will to look it up in the net. Nice one on the link. x3

btw, could this emulate Jap arcades? BlazBlue Continuum Shift, specifically.
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Posted 3/13/10
Why the fuck would you want to emu blazblue, ggxx all the way babe.
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