[APPLY] Cutest Voice
Posted 12/13/09
Ok girlies, do you all remember when we had the "Cutest Voice" Forum? Well ive been thinking and ive decided to make it into a competition. So guys post your youtube, motionbox,imeem link etc so we can hear your cute voice. Then after a month we wikll have someone choose 5 videos of people who they think have the cutest voice and they will be put in a Poll for all our members to vote. Good Luck Guys~!
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Posted 12/13/09

thats my vid..ummm my voice is cracking cuz of the sickness i have been having and i will make more!
and sorry i was looking aay there was an ambulance infront of my window...so i got distracted
Posted 12/14/09
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Posted 12/17/09
snapvine do? :P
had no idea what to say xD
Posted 12/18/09

hahaha i've got a wierd voice! wierd!
Posted 12/23/09
Competition Ends Soon. Please Keep Entering For Your Chance To Win. Thank You~!
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