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Posted 12/14/09 , edited 12/14/09
Hey guys tatsuhiro-hitomi here with brand new topic and this one is very simple really. I just want to know your Top 10 Moments of 2009. Now this not only limits WWE but anything that is related in Pro-Wrestling.


"Triple H breaks in Randy Orton's House"

"Shaq goes toe to toe with the Big Show"

"DX becomes Unified Tag Team Champions"

"Donald Trump's Commercial-Free RAW"

"Edge breaks up with Vickie Guerrero"


10. Santina Marella becomes Miss WrestleMania

09. Mr. Kennedy Released from WWE

08. CM Punk & Batista turns Heel

07. Christian Returns to WWE

06. Jeff Hardy Says Goodbye to WWE....for now

05. Umaga Passes Away

04. Stone Cold gets inducted in the Hall of Fame

03. Undertaker becomes 17-0 at WrestleMania after defeating HBK

02. Randy Orton Kisses Stephanie McMahon

01. Sheamus becomes WWE Champion

*So what's your Top 10 Moments of 2009???
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Posted 12/23/09 , edited 12/23/09
Here r my top 10

10. Test and Umaga passed away

09. The Miz becomes the new United State Championship

08. DX becomes the new Tag team champion

07. Batista turns heel

06. Matt and Jeff reunited

05. John Morrison turns Face

04. Christian Returns to WWE

03. Drew McIntyre becomes the Intercontinental Champion

02. The feud between Eric Escobar and Vickie Guerrero

01. "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters turns Face
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Posted 12/28/09 , edited 12/28/09
More like events being changes good or bad for wrestling IMHO, here goes:

10. Passing of Test, Umaga/More concerns about drugs/head concussions causing death

9. CM Punk and Batista turning heel

8. Jeff Hardy gone from WWE/Lingering drug case in court

7. Kurt Angle's heel to face change/Divorce and tribulations with Karen/Jeff Jarrett leading to Jeff departing for some time

6. Undertaker/HBK Match of the Year at Mania

5. Huge injuries/illnesses for many like Edge and Jim Ross

4. ROH ransacked of talent by WWE [Danielson, Briscoes] and TNA [Nigel, Young Bucks]

3. WWE doing fake sales angle with Trump thought as real by News reporters/Starts WWE PG rating move with RAW guest hosts

2. Vince vs. Denver Nuggets owner over NBA Playoff schedule conflicting with RAW

1. Hogan signs with TNA to restart Monday Night Wars in 2010/Causing WWE to bring back Bret Hart and Mike Tyson to confront SPIKE TV programming of UFC show, TNA with Hogan, Scott Hall and more debuting on TNA

Well here's hoping 2010 with competition on the horizon might spawn good TV, PPVs and more new stars to rise!
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