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Posted 12/17/09 , edited 1/7/10
Add more to the story!!!
A family of 5 was living happily and as usual went off to bed. Eri's mother went off into the priare room alone. Eri got curios of something, and went off to talk to her mother. Eri left her siblings and went to talk to her mother, only to find her dead on the floor. Eri began crying hysterically asking her mother to be alright. Then her father walked in. When he saw his wife lying there on the floor, he killed himself, right then and there in front of Eri. Eri cried for awhile, then got up and buried her parents in the backyard. She went back to bed and the next morning she had to tell her brother and sister what had happened.....5 years past, and it was almost time for Eris 16 birthday. She was making lunch for her brother and sister while they were watching t.v. Eri heard a thud, and went out to see both her brother and sister dead on the floor, stabbed to death.......
About 3 months later, Yuko had come to Eri and she told her she had the ability to grant her wish. When Eri agreed she transported them back to the shop. There, Yuko introduced Eri to Watanuki.....
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Posted 12/17/09
and so...she lived with yuuko an watanuki......and then one day she met a very cheerful girl called haruko...they became best friends and so the time went by~ one day watanuki met haruko, when he discovered that haruko can also see spirits and ghosts......
Posted 12/19/09 , edited 1/7/10
He went back to tell Yuko and Eri. He went in to find Eri and Yuko talking over a cup of tea. Eri was telling Yuko about all of the weird things that she could see, then Yuko told Watanuki to come in. Startled, Watanuki walked in and as he was about to tell them about Haruko, Yuko told him Eri could see the spirits as well.
The next day, Watanuki was getting ready for school. He went to go and wake Yuko for breakfast, and saw Eri sitting there in the school uniform. "Um, Eri? Why are you wearing that uniform?" Eri looked up, "huh? Oh! Ha, I go to your school now. Yuko says it would be better for me to go and make more friends."
On their way to school, Eri and Watanuki were walking and ran into Haruko. They began talking about what school was going to be like, and what they should do after school, and without knowing it, Doumeki joined the conversation...
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22 / F / The world of the...
Posted 12/19/09
Doumeki say hi watanuki who's with you she is your girlfriend?. Watanuki say to doumeki that eri was her friend and the new student and they continued walking to school. And when thy finally arrived school they saw toons of spirits but they had to ignore them and then...
Posted 12/19/09 , edited 12/22/09
Watanuki comforted Eri. They looked at each other for a moment, then Eri looked away. Doumeki interupted and as he was talking, Eri and Haruko ran away. Haruko asked Eri what that was about, and Eri told her she felt a connection. Haruko questioned it, then told Eri her and Watanuki would be good together. They were almost halfway to class when they ran into Natani....
Posted 12/19/09 , edited 12/19/09
As i walking down the streets of tokyo looking at all the tall buildings and all the light and my eyes began to sparkle with amazement but then i started to recall that my parents had said i was supposed to start at a new school today. they told me not to be late or i would get in trouble for it later on. As i thought this over realizing that i did not want to get in trouble, i started running down the sidewalk as i did i finally came across the school that i would be starting at today. So i walked closer to the school and came across the front door of it.. i opened it and was starting to look around when i saw someone speed by me as if they were in a hurry to get somewhere.......
Posted 12/19/09
So she decided to run after them, and soon found herself making friends with Eri, Haruko, and Natani. The four girls were laughing and talking when Eri said "umm, i feel like we're forgeting something." Haruko soon realized what it was and shouted " school!" The four girls ran towards the school thinking of an excuse as to why they were late....
Posted 12/19/09
but as i was starting to run towards the classroom i realized i still hadn't checked in with the office. so i told my three new friends that i needed to go check in with the office first. they said it was fine and that they would meet in class later...i nodded and said my goodbyes for now and started to run towards the office.
Posted 12/20/09
the other three girls walked to class, and realized none of them were in the same class. So they parted, and walked off to class. Eri walked in only to see Watanuki, Doumeki, and Himawari standing there. She walked over and said hi. Doumeki introduced Eri to Himawari, then Watanuki walked away blushing....
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Posted 12/21/09
and so in the reccess haruko came into eri's class and said ''hi!'' she said hi to watanuki doumaki and himawari , eri didn't know haruko knew himawari so she was surprised , so there school day ended and haruko,eri and nanati we're walking to the're homes nanati's home was the other way so she went away and said bye , when suddenly haruko saw Ame-Warashi, Zashki-Warashi and Neko-Musume........
Posted 12/21/09 , edited 12/21/09
Zashiki-Warishi was hiding behind Ame-Warishi, and Neko-Musume was doing her usual thing. Of course Ame-Warishi was in a bad mood because of Eri and Haruko being friends with "that Himawari girl." Haruko was about to say hi to them, when Eri popped out of nowhere yelling "hi!!!!!" But to the others surprise, Eri just ran by them. Confused, Haruko turned to the others but they were already gone. Eri was running towards the shop because she was late for work. The only thing she could think about was what Yuko was going to do to her for being so late...
Posted 12/22/09
i guess i'll continue again.....
Eri rushed to the shop, then ran inside. There, Maru and Moro greeted her, and she walked in to find Yuko. She saw her lying on her couch with Watanuki running back and fourth with a bottle in his hand. When Eri went in closer, Watanuki asked her to go and get some medicine from the cabinet for Yuko. Eri concluded she had a hangover, and used that to her advantage as to why she was so late....
Posted 12/28/09 , edited 12/28/09
im continuin again xD
Eri went and got some medicine for Yuko, and gave it to Watanuki. He went and mixed it with some water and gave it to Yuko. While Eri was watchin her cell phone rang. She answered it and went off into another room. Of course it was Doumeki callin and he was askin for Watanuki. He wanted to tell him he wanted onii-gari for lunch tomorrow. Eri rolled her eyes and told him she would make it then said goodbye. As Eri was about to walk back and help Watanuki, her phone rang again and it was Haruko. Eri answered, and Haruko said, " Hey Eri. Me, Natani, and Sakura are goin out for dinner tonight, wanna come?" Eri thought for a second, and told Haruko maybe. She had already arranged to go out to dinner with Watanuki, so she had to decide on whom to go with...
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19 / F / Outside your wind...
Posted 12/30/09 , edited 12/30/09
mmmm let see...ill just write this^^

"Hey eri...You should go out to dinner with Watanuki!!!"Haruko told Eri. "Haruk.." "do you know what restaurant you are gunna go to?"Haruko interrupted."We are going to Sushi Tsune in Shibuya"Eri replied. "ooo i see...well i guess we migth see each other...we are going to eat at Kua 'Aina!!!Its in Shibuya"Haruko lied."Well then see you around~!"Haruko lied.Haruko told Natani and Sakura to met her at Sushi Tsune were watanuki and eri are planning to go.Haruko explained the whole thing that they should do."That sounded kind of cruel.Spying on other people is bad Haruko"Sakura told her "But if anything happened between them, we will make sure that they will get along well!!!" Haruko explained"That does sound should we go now?"natani asked. "Maybe we should wait in a little while." "WHATZZUP EVERYBODY!!!"a suprise entrance by Jessica."WHAT ARE WE DOING TO DAY?I KNOW!SPYING ON ERI RIGHT?I WANT TO COME!!!"Watanuki and Eri arrived at the sushi restaurant, and Eri saw some familiar people that sort of look weird in unknow cosplays.....

Talking about food makes me hungry
Posted 1/2/10 , edited 1/4/10
Eri just ingnored it, and focused on her date with Watanuki. Of course that wasn't really possible with the thought of being watched, but she tried. Watanuki and Eri talked about school, and Yuko (which Eri thought wasn't such a good idea because Yuko usually finds out eventually). After they ordered their sushi, Eri looked around to see if she was still being watched. Watanuki asked her what was wrong and she said,"I cant help but think we're being watched." Watanuki looked around, then said," The only people who I can see are watchin us are those guys over there. Well theyre not watching us, theyre watching you." Eri told Watanuki he was probably right and went on to eating. But then she saw 4 suspicious, familiar looking girls (wearing unknown cosplay) moving towards them. Eri thought it was just her imagination and went back to eating. But as she looked away, out the corner of her eye she saw them get a table closer....
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