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Posted 12/17/09 , edited 12/18/09
Who likes quiz ? ME ~ [ but I cant participate in this Quiz , cos i'm the hosting it ! ]
This quiz is for everyone , members & Mods [ but definitely not me ] hahas
For just answering simple questions , you'll may be in the 1st place , 2nd or 3rd ! Below are the prizes if you are in the winning place .
1st : Being a Mod for 5 Months + your name in Hall Of Fame PAGE + Special Banner !!
2nd : Being a Mod for 3 Months + your name in Hall of Fame PAGE + a picture edited !!
3rd : Being a Mod for 1 month .* If you are the MOD & won the 3rd place , you will win a picture with your name on it

WOW! 1st - BEING A MOD for 5 MONTHS ? I WILL PARTICIPATE ! But I cant Haha!
Well well , ready to answer a few simple questions ? Below are the questions ,

1st Question :
What do you think is the best gift in Christmas ? [anything , regardless of in real life or in games , anything ]
2nd Question :
If you're the Santa Claus , what do you think you're going to give to your best friend ?
3rd Question :
What do you think Santa Claus will give you if he existed ?
4th Question : [Last Question]
What do you think Christmas is all about ?

Thank you for your participation .
This quiz will end at 24 Dec 09 [ Some other countries dates are different ]
Good luck !

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