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the battle ground is were you can figth each other for real in tranning or tounemants
befor u can battle you have to read the rules and add your info about your character and there attacks

Note: the battle ground is a special place were even the imortals can be killed and the land negates any ablitys like regenration but dont worry about dying cause the queen of the eternal is the best magic user and has long massted the power of ressurection all who have died shall be revived

each diffrent race has a diffrent set up of ablitys please put your attak info in the rigth place, also everyone starts off at lv 1 and powers and ablitys are unlocked as you get higher leveing, also just wrigth down the names of the attacks and not a desciption also they cant be to powefull

people of darkness attacks set up

the undead attack set up

Ghosts attack setup

The Tormented attack set up

hunters attack set up

the blood thristy attack set up

ablitys that only certain races can do

mind control
pyroniesis (creating and manipulating fire)
Precognition (the ablitys to see the futer)


the tormented

replicate other ablitys
Aura absorption
Enhanced strength

Telescopic vision

the blood thristy
health drain
super speed
Primal rage

Ablitys note:
for races that have no special ablitys you can make up what ever ones you want but the ablitys are unique for each user you cannot have ablitys that some one else already has only applies to races with no specail race ablitys

Ultimate Attacks

ultimate attacks are unlocked when you reach lv 45 ultimate attacks can kill all oppents instantly how ever u can only use them oncen in a battle and onced used it will take 50 battles or 7 days to recharge you dont have to name your ulimate attack and u can also name it in adanved but you wont be able to use it untill you reach lv 45
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