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Rubi (Ang Bidang Kontrabida) is an upcoming television series to be produced by ABS-CBN. This will be one of ABS-CBN's offering for the celebration of 60 Years of Pinoy Soap Opera.

Popularity in the Philippines

Rubi became a success in the Philippines because it was previously aired by the Philippine TV network ABS-CBN on its daytime slot. Despite its timeslot, Rubi still managed to reach primetime-series-like ratings.
[edit] Casting

The role eventually went to Angelica Panganiban[1], who has proved us her versatility as an actress when she played the socialite villain Scarlet dela Rhea in the drama epic Iisa Pa Lamang.

Main Cast

* Angelica Panganiban as Rubi [3]
* Diether Ocampo as Alejandro [4]
* Shaina Magdayao as Maribel [5]
* Jake Cuenca as Hector [6]

Additional Cast

* Megan Young[7]
* Xian Lim[7]
* Kaye Abad[8]
* Gardo Versoza[3]
* Cherie Gil[3]
* Cherry Pie Picache [9][10]
* Allan Paule[3]
* Bing Loyzaga[11]
* Coney Reyes[11]
* Dante Rivero[11]
* John James Uy[11]
* Juan Rodrigo[11]
* Susan Africa[11]
* Wowie de Guzman[11]
* Eva Darren[11]
* Rey “PJ” Abellana[11]

Rubí is a beautiful young woman from a working-class background. She is studying at a university because of her sister's great efforts. Rubí is best friends with Maribel, a wealthy young woman with a small defect in her leg, which prevents her from having a normal social life. Rubí eventually meets Maribel's boyfriend Héctor and his best friend Alejandro. A much darker truth lies inside of Rubí. She is driven by a dark ambition that will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and what she wants is to escape from poverty and be wealthy.

Alejandro offers her true love no luxuries due to his middle class. She rejects him despite the fact that she believes he is her true love. Rubí then seduces Héctor, because like Maribel he is very wealthy, and on the day of his wedding to Maribel, they run away leaving Maribel in the deepest and darkest hour of her life. Rubí finally has the lifestyle and money that she's always dreamed of, but she soon learns that money isn't everything.

She begins to miss Alejandro and decides to get him back at any cost even when Maribel and Alejandro have moved on, and even begin dating each other. Rubí will do anything to get what she wants, even if it's at the expense of others and even if it means hurting everyone in her path. At one point Rubí considers changing, but returns to being the bad girl. Even after a fortune teller tells her to change or she will be punished for her sins, Rubí doesn't give this much thought and goes on with her life. Alejandro soon is torn between Rubí and Maribel; he and Rubí even made love once where Rubí became pregnant. However, Rubí soon lost the baby due to her saving her niece Fernanda, the daughter of her sister Christina from a being hit by a car. Rubí tells Alejandro that she lost the baby but by fault of Héctor.

During her attempt to get Alejandro back, Héctor eventually finds out everything about Rubí and that the baby wasn't his. As he tries to expose Rubí, he is accidentally killed in a car crash. In his will testament, he leaves everything to Rubí, much to the dismay of his family since he didn't consider changing his will as soon as he can. Eventually Alejandro find outs the truth of how she lost the baby.

Finally Alejandro pays her a visit one more time to tell her that its over. It's finished and that he has chosen Maribel. After all her schemes, lies, and backstabbing Rubí begs him to not go. At this point she sheds her dignity and any pride that she has left. She gets on her knees and wraps her hands around his leg and begs him to not go. He's her true love and she refuses to let him go. Alejandro is sick and tired of her evil ways. He leaves and walks down the stairs. As Rubí follows him, she screams that she will never let him go while holding on to a balcony rail but then slips and falls several stories. At the hospital they have to amputate her leg to save her life.

Rubí doesn't die and even at her most desperate point she doesn't repent. Her sister Christina tries to encourage her and tells her that she can lead a new life, just differently. Everything Rubí had is gone. The corporation stocks that he left her with are gone, as well as any money that Héctor left her. She is completely behind on her rent and she is hated in her community. The accident even scarred her face and her beauty is gone. As a result of a rare skin condition,her scars will always be apparent. There is no operation that will help. Rubí even alienates her best friend Loreto, who has always been by her side and stood by her, even towards the end when he discovered how evil she really was. She asks the fortune teller to visit her one more time, and he tells her that it's the result of all her actions, and this is her punishment. She has a hard time accepting the truth. She wants to be like she was before, beautiful and alluring, but everything she ever had is gone. She doesn't repent and is without shame, and she tries to make a desperate attempt to kill Alejandro at his wedding to Maribel, but she can't. He's her true love and she will always love him. She tries to aim for Maribel but Christina moves in the way as she is Maribel's maid of honor.

Eventually she sees her niece Fernanda then Rubí starts to advise Fernanda (then a child about 4 years old) on how she can destroy men and get what she wants through using her beauty and help Fernanda get what she wants. After some years Fernanda grows up, with a striking resemblance to Rubí, and when she's at the university, she meets a boy who has a store. Fernanda introduces herself as Rubí and the boy seemingly falls in love with her. Later she visits her aunt Rubí, who tells Fernanda that Alejandro has returned and how can she get Alejandro and his son to both fall in love with Fernanda and drive them both to hate each other. Some hours later Fernanda goes to the hospital and sees Alejandro. Alejandro, thinking she is Rubí, is shocked to see her. She then greets him, winks at the camera, closes the door, and then starts to kiss; "fin...?"

The alternate ending is that Fernanda, saying she's Rubí, gets Alejandro and his son to fall in love with her so she can get revenge for her aunt.
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i watched the mexican version (original version), so i can't imagine a new version of this Telenovela/soup opera.

For me Barbara Mori was RUBI.
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brisallie wrote:

i watched the mexican version (original version), so i can't imagine a new version of this Telenovela/soup opera.

For me Barbara Mori was RUBI.

oh me too..i think i watched some episodes but i didn't like it...rubi was a bitch in the episodes i watched..i have no idea what happened to her and i don't care...
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