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Posted 12/21/09 , edited 7/23/10
Last Update: Dec 22 09 O_O;;
July 23 10: TITLE CHANGE

~Sensei Genkei~

At an early age, few of many females had been devoted to the sword. Mai was one of them. She wanted to learn ever since she was little, her childhood friends; Satoru and Akiro made fun of her for it. They were male, so it was perfectly fine for them to train under Sensei Genkei's teachings. The three friends swore loyalty to their Sensei as their students, day and night, they trained until they're bones ached. They ate together, laughed together, and lived together. Soon, all of his teachings were passed on to these lucky 3. Mai, Satoru and Akiro.

* *

~ Past ~
“Mai can't possibly train with us any longer! I forbid it! She's only a girl! She'll only get in the way!” That was Akiro, I've known him since I could remember, he'd always been sort of the alpha male. Always wanted to run things. But he knew better then anyone I could kick his ass any day. And today just happened to be one of those days.

I sighed heavily at his big-headedness, preparing to mouth off yet again.

“Oh yeah!? Why don't you just admit to yourself already... I can KICK. YOUR. ASS.” I smirked in conclusion, drawing my sword out of its sheath as he did.

Satoru didn't like being involved in our little disputes, he watched from afar as he lay on the grass lazily, sometimes observing us, sometimes just gazing up at the shaping clouds. He was the lazy one.

We were well aware that Sensei was watching the two of us, he was always watching the two of us, mostly because he knew Akiro and I would kill each other if left alone.

We heard Satoru's yawn at our little show, and right then and there charged at each other with battle cries and our sole reason for winning. To see who was stronger.

In the clash, I managed to make Akiro eat his words, forcing him to move back considerably due to the pushing against swords I had dealt. Even if I was a girl, I was still stronger, I had more discipline, and more of a resolve to finally make him understand it isn't just about who's stronger or who's weaker.

“So, what were you saying about me getting in the way...?” By now, I had the point of sword a half inch from his throat, watching the scowl and pure hate in his eyes, it had never changed.

“You just don't understand. Why can't you accept the fact that I MAY just be in your league...?” Or just superior... I shrugged it off, nagging him for today had been over. With a smug look on my face, I sheathed my sword, turned around, took two steps forward and had been too careless... his sword had never been sheated... and that look in his eyes...

My mouth opened wide, and I coughed out blood before I could comprehend was had just happened. The last thing I saw before my body hit the ground was Sensei and Satoru running toward me, then everything went blank.

“Stupid Mai,” He grinned, watching the blood spread. “You'll never be in my league.”

His words echoed into my unconciousness.

Akiro had stabbed me. Back stabbed.

And just like that, our bond had been broken. What foul motive had gotten into him that day...? The devil was surely sitting on his shoulder.

In the aftermath, Akiro's actions had caused him to get expelled from Sensei's school of swordplay. Or that's what I was told anyway, I was too busy at home trying to recuperate and rest.

It took a few weeks for me to get back on my feet, for me, wounds healed fast. I trained my body hard, and it could take a little damage here and there. But the scar on my back would always remain. In an always careful manner after the incident, I dressed slowly and wore the usual clothing I did when I tried, only this time, the shirt on my back was hiding the bandages.

I met Satoru on my way up the hill that lead to the school, he'd visited my home while I was still on bed rest, but we hadn't talked much of anything... especially not of that day.

When he'd gotten closer, I realized something just wasn't right. “M-Mai....!” He sounded so exerted, so tired, and his breathing had been so rapid and unhealthy. Had he ran all the way to meet me?

“W-what's wrong, Satoru?!” He lost balance then, falling forward and clinging to my shirt. I could only imagine the worst, and couldn't beilive it when he'd told me.

“I tried to stop him... Akiro.... Sensei... Sensei he's... dead...”

~ Present ~
Three long years have passed since that day.

And I couldn't stop hating him. All the hate had never disappeared, it had grown.

I tried to avenge Sensei, but Akiro escaped before I even got there. There was a fire. And I was sure he'd try to burn the school down, too. Sensei had been... murdered in cold blood. His own. By his own student. I just hated him to the core. Still, we had nothing to go back to. No Sensei, no future. I fled the village with Satoru after burying out Sensei, our burdens still weighing heavy on our shoulders to this day.

We made it to a clearing and decided to rest. We'd been walking for what seemed hours, and the sun above was our worst enemy.

“...Water...I need water. Where did you say the next village was, Satoru?” I asked with a longing dry taste to my tongue, letting my shoulders slump in our slugging walking to... somewhere.

Satoru took a slow moment to reply, either being lazy to speak or really suffering the heat more than I was. “Uhhh...erm... according to the map... it's somewhere?”

If I had the strength to face palm, I so would.

"Never mind... I'll just lead the way... somewhere." I paced a little faster, gaining in front place. Satoru walked even slower from behind me. He was slowing down... that much I was sure of.

A light breeze wafted passed, making us stop in our tracks and embrace it.

Then when it was gone... we collapsed.

I didn't know how long a time had passed, when I was hit awake on my forehead, literally. I groaned, rubbing the red mark and slowly letting my eyes take in the situation. A bucket, of water, it seemed, and three little mischievous looking kids, laughing.

Cold, very cold water had splashed onto me, making me shiver with delight, I was saved. And so was Satoru.

The water awoke him, of course, and he jumped up onto his feet, blurting some nonsense about aliens.

In the group that saved our lives was a little girl, and two boys.

Somehow, in the back of my head I envisioned three little sparring buddies and a Sensei.

~ Reflections ~
The three little kids lead me and Satoru to their village. We started sweating again after the freezing water had done it's job, but the sun started setting and the climate started to get a little less humid.

Satoru and I were wide awake because thanks to that water though, the three little kids walked ahead of us leading the way, hands locked. The girl was in the middle of the two boys, she kept swinging their arms in the air whilst giggling.

Satoru and I shared a glance but we didn't say anything. We both knew what this reminded us of.

"So..." It was the girl, she was still looking on ahead but it was obvious she was talking to us. "Just who are you guys, huh?"

Satoru looked at me, as if looking for words. "We're... travelers." Well, we were now... we didn't exactly have a home to go to anymore.

We finally made it.

I took one look at their village, and it instantly felt nostalgic. I watched the girl run up to someone, her arms forward to an incoming hug, "Sensei, Sensei! You were right! We did find some strange people almost dying of the heat...!" The little girl hugged 'Sensei' around the leg, and 'Sensei' patted her on the head.

The name felt like a slap in the face, I was a little at a loss for words that would actually make sense.

"Maybe it's just... coincidence?" Satoru mumbled to me, his voice troubled. We were both out of sorts, that we barely even noticed the four of them trying to talk to us.

"I thought there would be someone in need of help during such heat. Luckily, I sent my best students at the right time." He smiled down at his pupils and the girl tackled his leg again. "That's right, we're your BEST students, Sensei!" she sang.

I looked at them bitterly, trying to not look bothered by it at all. "...Sensei... uh, thanks for saving us..." I felt the sting in Satoru's voice when he'd said the name.

"Thank my students! Not me." He laughed out loud, and each of his students looked up at him proudly.

"I'm Sai, by the way!" The little girl released Sensei's leg and trotted over to me, I tried to reflect her smile. Our names sounded so similar...

"I'm Mai..." I said, looking across to Satoru. "And that's Satoru."

"Nice to meet you," Satoru looked down at the girl, shaking her tiny hand briefly with an honest smile.


"I'm Ion," introduced one of the boys, staying by his Sensei's side. This one, resembled Satoru the more I looked at him...

The last one was the hardest to not strangle, demon child... "And I'm Roka," He crossed his arms over his chest after his introduction. Stubborn face. Same scowl.

After Roka, the Sensei took it upon himself to speak up. "I'm their Sensei, obviously. We teach the art of combat here, feel free to stay as long as you like, travelers."

~ Illusion ~
"I'm telling you Satoru, this is just eerie... you can't tell me NONE of this is just a coincidence anymore! It's more..." I trailed off the road of unease. We were both staying in one of Sensei's room he kindly offered us.

"I know. This place... everyone... they don't seem real." Satoru leaned his head against the wall and sighed, sitting on his flat surfaced bed.

"What, you mean like... an illusion?" It was strange to come to that thought, but I also somewhat came to believe it.

The moon from outside the window shown in and revealed our faces in the dark room. Satoru had his eyes closed and his head finally fell against the pillow quietly, he snored. And I sat in deep thought, head tilted against the wall.

Some hours passed and I felt my head roll forward from tiredness, I snapped it upright, waking myself up once again. Something wouldn't let me get to sleep. And that's when I heard it. The sound of running footsteps on the roofs outside. That night I had kept my sword closely by my side, holding the handle with a strong grip.

I pushed away from the wall and jumped out of the window. Fully glaring and following at the figure jumping roof to roof, I followed him in hot pursuit.

He was heading for the school... something tugged at my memory.

I jumped high into the air and landed on the roof this mystery person was on, right in front of him, making him freeze. His face was shrouded with some sort of hood, but my gut instinct already knew who it was.

I gave him a sadist and dark smile. "Planning to assassinate this schools Sensei as well, Akiro?" All the wrath from inside me came into that one name.

Surreptitiously, he came at me within one heart beat.

Our swords clashed and I exerted all the force I had to pull his back, he jumped forward and slashed his sword across my chest, causing me to get knocked off balance and to roll down the roof. I hung onto the roofs edge with one hand and the other holding my sword, my legs dangled down and I tried to find enough strength to push myself back up. The blood from my shirt seeped through and droplets splat on the ground, it was as if my hearing had just heightened a mega fold.

He seemed to have been waiting for me to climb back up... and when I did, all the wrath broke loose in my mind. "I REALLY REALLY hate you!"

We fought under the moonlight.

And then it finally clicked in my mind, right when I ran my sword through him, he wasn't real. An illusion created by my own mind.

But the pain across my chest was very much real, somehow...

I fell to my knees, and then flat onto my stomach. In a sad attempt to reach the sword that was only inches from my grasp, I reached farther into the air for it, and my finger was able to touch the tip of the sword, but my body rejected anymore movement.

My hand dropped with a thump.

~ Haunted ~
Everything was pitch dark.

There was no light. I was dead. Wasn't I?

I roamed around the darkness, eyes turning in all directions, but then there was a small unnoticeable glint of light in the far off distance. What was it...?

I heard Satoru's voice.

"Mai... Mai!"

"Don't worry... she'll be okay, the wound wasn't life threatning... oh look...! She's waking up!"


My eyes fluttered open, and the first thing I saw was Satoru's face as he hovered over me.

"...Mai..." His bangs hid his eyes, his worry. And Sensei touched his shoulder. "She's fine, see?" Satoru seemed to relax then, his face gentler and less worried.

Sai sat next to Satoru, leaning over to me in my bed. "...I-I'm glad your alright! I was so scared when I... found you on the roof...." She choked back a sob, and I couldn't help feel responsible. but I didn't say anything, and I couldn't find my own voice.

"Do you remember what happened, Mai?" The Sensei asked calmly, next to him, Ion had a look of worry, and Roka... well, he looked like he didn't flipping give a care in the world. With his eyes closed, and his arms always crossed. Figures.

I tried to search my memories of the night, they all came back to me one by one.

I shook my head. I decided to remain silent about it, what could I tell him anyway...? That he was going to get killed just because of the person he was? No... I didn't want anymore fighting.

Sensei and the kids left a few minutes later to give me some privacy and rest, but Sai lingered a second more as she slid the door open before leaving, giving me a very meaningful stare. Then she was gone.

Beside me, Satoru still had his head hung down.



My eyes widened a bit at his word, and all I could do at the time was look at him. Then the silence between us was gone.

"So now you tell me, what really happened back there?" He finally raised his head, and looked deeply into my eyes, begging for an explanation.

I laughed weakly at his seriousness, shifting my body opposite of him and to the wall. "I'm simply... going crazy."

I winced at his sudden raise of tone, but understood his anger at me. "CRAZY? This isn't a laughing matter! Why are you... your always... injured."

I stared at the wall, and for a while, that's all I could do.

I'm being haunted by the past, I didn't need to voice that, did I?

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It's so cool!!
I name thee first post under heaven!!!!
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OMFGG~ <33
Posted 12/21/09
@angelo: thank ya :DD <3

@KON: OMFG GJ ;D im proud as your Senpai <3 LOL
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Posted 12/21/09
"KON" reminds meh of BLEACHHHHHHHH 8D
heheheh >]
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and is a pervert. END STORY
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Posted 12/21/09
@KON: LOL TRUE...........OwO
and if i cuddled wiff him he would get PERVY ideas O_o

@meg: LOL are you talking about teh STORY or KON?? XD -imsloww-
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Whaaah, that last sentence, I was thinking the same thing TwT
Stupid little *scuse the language* shit-head Akiro
Broke up their perfect little fam-bam T___T
Posted 12/21/09
WAAAHH I KNOW, teh last senteance was powerful i think <3
and yes, yes BIG BIG SHITTHEAD ;D
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He IS!

And yeash, very powerful indeedy ^^
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Posted 12/21/09

Today Satoru had gotten expelled from Sensei's School of Swordplay. I wasn't there to witness it, because I was still healing back at home.

did you mean Satoru or Akiro?

Just wonderin
Posted 12/21/09
oh LOL xD wat the...
Akiro NOT Satoru Dx
thanxs -edits- i wouldnlt of noticed that b/c i didnt reread more than once xD
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Posted 12/22/09

yeah, i was wonderin there

like: "was he so lazy he got expelled!?" XD
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