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Posted 12/22/09 , edited 12/23/09
Post your favorite story of a time when you were drifting. It can be anything! On a track, or on the streets. Make it as detailed as you want. Mine was when I drifted my FWD car down a windy street in the snow.
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Posted 12/23/09 , edited 12/23/09
Turned left into a Vista Point, didn't notice the mud on the road, felt the rear end slide, countersteered unconsciously (to my own surprise)...

not drifting, more like a scary moment
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Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/24/09
Few months ago at an event called Speedrift 15 at Autocity Speedway. Late in the day, tired from battling mechanical issues all day, I intiated late and high on the bank during what was to be my last run. Because I like to drift high up along the top of the track, i didn't realize I fucked up until it was too late. Turns out there's this HUGE dirt mound that marks the edge of the track just out of view. The damn thing looked like a wall when I saw it and it felt like I'd hit one after the crash. The damage was both ends of the car bent( Thank goodness for full-frames!), caved in quarter panel and dented fender, destroyed tail light and headlight bezel, bent one of my nice wheels. Luckily it was all cosmetic damage!. Toe-in was off though, but at least the camera survived.
Video link for those who want to experience the momment, just skip to 2:35 to see the good stuff
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Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/25/09
I got flagged at a indoor go cart track for drifting, does that count?
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Posted 1/9/10 , edited 1/10/10
LOL well when i was learning how to in my S13, i got nervous Oversteered the car and ended in the left lane of the street next to a mercedes i nearly crashed into
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Posted 1/13/10 , edited 1/13/10
Occasionally I'll slip up and use a drift for every day maneuvers. I don't try to drive like a nut public roads, you never know when someone or something will pop out. I used to drive empty dirt/gravel country roads to have fun.

There are two routes to enter my development, depending on which side of the street I park on usually determines my route... One rainy night, I made a last minute decision on which route i would take, hit the brakes, turned the wheel, quick shift lock, then let go of the wheel, letting it spin back into place with my hands free of the steering wheel, correcting with the throttle as the wheel returned to center. It was perfectly executed, though, when I realized what i'd done, i checked my mirrors for cops.
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Posted 1/19/10 , edited 1/20/10
I was being followed by a arsehole in a crappy, noisy car, and as we went around the roundabout (I live in the UK, they're not that bizarre) I saw him in the rear-view mirror drifting behind me, and got a bit annoyed at him. But then he disappeared, and I couldn't see him anywhere. I reactively went 'HAHA FU!' but then realised he could've been badly hurt.

I blame videogames....
Posted 1/29/10 , edited 1/29/10
Hmm, only experience I have breaking grip when Iw as the driver was when I had my AW11 MR2 (before a drunk driver sideswiped me and totaled it) was when it was raining hardcore on my way to a friends house, and there was this one sweeper like road that I normally took at about 30 or so (Limit is 25) and I turned a little too sharp coming around the bend and the rear tires lost traction for a moment.

Had I push the clutch I probably could have kept it going, but knowing my luck there would have been a cop on the receiving end of the road lol
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