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Posted 12/23/09 , edited 1/6/10
_______________________HELP CENTER__________________________
Do you need help on something like programs (Gimp, ect)? Or making something on a program/website?

Note: Make the text red, so we know you need help.

Programs/Websites We Use:
Creator; sonnynguyen - Photoscape, Gimp 2.6/Gimp 2.6.7, Photofilter
Mod; Hinimoru - Photoscape, Gimp 2.6
Mod; Loli-Berry - Serif Photoplus, Photoscape, Picnik, Photo Impression, Blingee, GIMP 2.6
Mod; katiti1997 - Photoshop CS4
Mod; KikiLaShaeSegawa - Photoshop CS3


____________________DISCUSSION CENTER_____________________
Hi, this center is where you want to make a discussion with a mod/creator. About this group or something you just want to talk about ^^ Feel free to come here and talk about things!

Note: Make the text blue, so we know you want to make a discussion/conversation. Please don't say anything bad in this forum. Thank you.


Fill this out and when you talk to us you don't need this form to talk. Talk freely after making this form and talking to one of the staff:
Need Help/Want Discussion (pick one):
What do you need help on (only if you need help, if you don't, put none)?
Would it help if we make a tutorial on what you need help on a program/website?:
What do you want to discuss about (only if you want to discuss something, if not, then put none)?
Who do you want to talk to (mods/creator) (be specific plz)?

If we don't know,plz don't feel bad, we'll might try to do as much as we can to help/discuss ^^

Quote this post so I know that you need something and I'll tell the mods to help/discuss with you :excl:
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Posted 1/21/10 , edited 5/28/10
Username : Ryoma4Life
Name : hanna
Need Help : yes
What do you need help on : GIMP
What do you want to discuss about : how to render a pic and how to put and image and a background together >< both in GIMP
Who do you want to talk to? : to anyone who knows a lot about GIMP

Discussed w/ sonnynguyen by PM
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