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l l y ’ s β a k e r y
By Koko :]


Kiwi my black cat stared out the window with her paws lightly touching the window, slowly coming down.

She didn’t use her claws though.

She knew I, her owner Elly would get upset.

It was a rainy day today for my Bakery.

But I was glad I always had my cat to accompany me.

Strangely, I’d get more customers during Opening hours when Kiwi stared out the window!

Customers would rush in, sometimes the little kids would only come in to pet the cat!

I frowned, but laughed. What a silly thought... Kiwi can’t be more popular than me!

I looked up at the clock just over the front door, it was closing time. I strolled to the front door with my short brown hair blowing gently around my face because of the fan that sat next to Kiwi. There were small cases of pies, cookies, muffins, cakes, brownies, and cupcakes in each case. And a long marble curved case that stood out in front of the bakery where I usually stood behind.

I flipped the Were Open sign around, now reading Were Closed. Sorry. Locking the door, I went to take a break and sit around, I picked up my favorite drink in the world; Dr, Pepper. And began sipping. Ah. How I love my Dr, Pepper. I sighed pleasurably. Such a heavenly taste.

Kiwi meowed at the trickling rain hitting the window repeatedly, and tilted her head, suddenly growing quiet.

A moment later as she saw the figure stop by the front door, she hissed.

The stranger knocked on the glass door rather hard.

I put my half-drunken Dr, Pepper down regrettably, no one disturbs my moment with Dr, Pepper! No one.

What part of ‘Closed’ don’t people understand...? With a sigh I scooted the chair back to its rightful spot and walked over to Kiwi by the window, I picked her up and held her close just under my chin, staring at the customer who obviously couldn’t read signs.

“We’re closed. Can’t you read the sign?”

Kiwi tried to free herself from my embrace, because to tell the truth I was squeezing her to death. I was scared, for once. It was a rainy night. And a stranger at the front door...

Kiwi’s hair raised when the male gave a humorless laugh. His eyes beseeching me to unlock the door. “Please.”

C h a p t e r 1

I didn’t remember last night clearly when I got home.

I knew there was a man. And that he wanted to try one of the cupcakes…

And then that was it.

I rubbed my tired eyes and found Kiwi sleeping quietly against my side. She was so warm. That I petted her and I was sure she was awake when she rubbed her head against my hand. She curled back up into a ball and cuddled closer to me again, swinging her tail about.

Unfortunately, I had to get ready for work. It was early in the morning, 7 o’clock. I hated waking up Kiwi, I knew she would just be cranky with me for the rest of the day. But I did so anyway.

And stepped out the front door, wearing the usual clothes I wore to my bakery. My hair was usually the same, I couldn’t do much with it since it was so short. But the bow in my hair was a nice touch. I think.

Oh, Kiwi. I almost forgot to bring her! I felt so bad, that I hurried back inside just to hear Kiwi’s meow from behind me. She was already waiting on the front porch. Giving me the evil look.

“Heh…Sorry. I guess I’m just tired today…” I grabbed her and cradled her like a baby, maybe that would ease her grudge on me this morning.

I watched for the green light to cross the busy morning street, and people in the sidewalk looked at me and Kiwi strangely. What? Never seen a girl and her cat going to work before? I laughed to myself, knowing I could never really tell it to their faces.

I could see my Bakery now, I could see the sign that read Ellys Bakery. I was just another street away from walking it. When I had to stop because of the cars.

And that’s when my heart leaped out of my chest, like Kiwi, she leaped into the middle of the road, running toward the Bakery.

“KIWI!” I called out to her with a shriek, and people commuted around me fast. I couldn’t do anything to help her. The cars moved impossibly fast, and just when Kiwi’s paw touched the curb, a car ran past fast, and I crumpled to my knees in front of everyone. Crying my eyes out.

The person in the car stopped and ran out in haste; I could hear the door slam so I knew. Everyone sighed. I didn’t know why. But it sounded like a sigh of relief. I was too busy crying to tell. And one person touched my shoulder with a gentle-trying tone. “It’s okay. Look up.”

I didn’t want to, but I did, and found Kiwi safely out of harms way in the same arms of the man who came by my Bakery last night.

C h a p t e r 2

All the cars stopped for me and let me run across the street.

And that's exactly what I did, I almost started crying my eyes out again after seeing Kiwi in the strangers' arms.

Some people even called this mystery guy a hero.

And when they all decided to give us some space, was when I couldn’t contain my undying gratitude toward the guy.

I ran the space still separating us and wrapped both of them into my arms. Kiwi and the complete stranger.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You saved my cat! I’m in your debt!” I shouted out loud, and heard some people still listening in on us giggling. And that's when I blushed, hugging someone I didn't even know. But a savior that I'll never forget.

The guy looked utterly lost, but smiled having to been able to make someone like me so overly grateful just from saving a cat. I broke away from the embrace and he handed Kiwi over to me. Blushing at first, my eyes glistened with emotion again when Kiwi was handed over to me, in perfect condition.

But the guy was still a stranger to me. And I just hugged a stranger. “S-sorry... I might of overreacted. But Kiwi’s like my best friend!” It was such a strange feeling, an epiphany or something. Kiwi nuzzled her nose just lightly brushing my chin. And I glowed and held her tighter than ever.

“No problem,” He said plainly, he had no idea what he'd just done here. “So how will you repay me again?”

“Free cupcakes!” I offered jubilantly. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, my cat had just almost gotten run over and I’m not even scolding her for being an idiot and running across the street in the first place.

But I hadn’t forgotten we were standing right in front of my Bakery, and clearly neither did the man. He turned away from me and simply walked over to it, turning back around and smiling at me.

I guess that smile caused more customers to join his wait, today would be busy, that’s for sure.

Kiwi meowed, and I lifted her up into the clouds, grinning so big. “C’mon Kiwi! Let’s make these people happy!”
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Posted 12/23/09
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Me likey this story. (:
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@kon: GOODJOB<33333
nah Jk xp
@angelo: thankya ^^
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You and your o b s e s s i o n wiff KITTIES <3 XD
heh Kiwi's awesome tho =w=
YOULL SEE <3 >w<
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Most cats would be smart enough NOT to run into the middle of the street =w=
WHAAH I was freaking out =w=

And it's THAT GUY OwO
I wonder what his deal is?
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But lol, all Kiwi saw was teh Bakery and NOT teh cars Dx

And lol =w=
Idk guys a......mystery :d
-tries to write chap 2 >3-

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