December Winners
Posted 12/25/09 , edited 12/27/09
Cutest Girl Of The Month - Maaiix3

Cutest Smile - lexi_boo

Cutest Pose - Loramfao

Cutest Teddy Picture - blondeegrl96

Best Santa Letter - AznKid0129

AznKid0129 wrote:

DeaR SanTa,

Even though I look like a big kid right now. I still act like a 10 year old. So what I want for Christmas this year is . . .

FirsT: a NEW beanie hat
SeconD: a NEW stuffed doggie.Don't hate cuz I'm a guy and I want a stuffed doggie Santa! I used to have a stuffed doggie but it not really stuffed anymore.
ThirD: a new iTouch cuz someone at school stole mines
FourTh: AND I really want one of those Santa helpers lol I think they are pretty cool

PS: I'll leave you a cup of milk and a plate of cookies.. Okay maybe only one cookie by the time you get to my house cuz I'll probably ate most of it. And I don't know about the milk. It MIGHT be spoiled, haven't checked the expiring date lately

From your 10 year old cookie eating kid that haven't check the expiring date for the milk,
Posted 12/25/09
i can't believe i won.....
*happy dance*
Thanks to all the people who voted for me [:
Posted 12/25/09
Congrats to you all
Posted 12/25/09 , edited 12/25/09
All winners if wanting an icon for the V.I.P Membership collect it
Posted 12/26/09
how do we get our icons ?
&& i still have the old icon for inviting all my buddies......
Posted 12/28/09
congrats to the other winners [:
can you do the awards ? because im having trouble making the fronts good ]:
Posted 12/28/09
whoa congrat minna-san ^^
Posted 12/27/09
woah, i never thought i'd win O_O
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Posted 12/28/09
Wow.. I won that Santa Letter thing o.o

I never expect that to happen, but all well! xDD
Posted 12/29/09
congrats to all
Posted 12/30/09 , edited 12/30/09
Posted 12/30/09

thanks amber ! [:
Posted 1/5/10
Keep joining contests guys and keep voting toooo !!! thankies~
Posted 1/16/10
D: do you keep a forum for past winners? i wanted one of those pretty membership card thingies but i completely forgot to come check if it was made yet T-T i fail.
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