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Hey guys i want u 2 read MagicalxMiracle its not a Anime but i wanted it 2 its sad but so sweet its about A girl Name MeralweA Girl who wants to be a great Wizard she was just a Country girl now on the city*like around when technology wasnt really used*She was walking to school till she got kidnapped!By a guy Name Vaith She was supposed to be a subsituite 4 the master wizard which she sume never met but wanted to Wait she's only 14 years old but also the Master wizard SylthFarnShe will also meet Fern a shadow double of SylthFarn i think he's still hurt when SylthFarn well tell ya after and Glenn who loves tea,also Yue whos superpurple]SMART!but he is also kind of meanShe will also mean she has to pretend to be A boy!gender Bender but its own for her own good because they both look like she also have to hang around with an 8yearsold princess Seraphia whos in love with SylthFarnBut it might be Hard 4 her because the only magic she can use is Flower magic but later on she might learn Fire,Water,Wind,and SoilAlso the ending is kinda well sad cause SylthFarn died by getting ran over well he's a human u know dont judge i wanted SylthFarn to meet Mel-chan almost to the end She Cried cause she couldnt meet him or somethingThere are also six volumes!:D but have a lot of pages ifinish reading it in 2 days Thursday to Friday like today wat it was good i read fast!:(But if u cant find it go to www.MangaFox.comor put if cant work! well i hope u can read it plz enjoy:D
if u want to know wat it looks like see the pics here:D PLZ READ!!><
Oh also plz commet if u read this
Here are some avii's i made out of sorry imm kinda bad also u cant buy these u cant also take the pictures! they were mine ! u have to ask i have a hard time finding these

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U guys can ask me to make an Avii of it PM me
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here are Forums
Text1/Text 2/text 3:
Title one or title two:
No need to pay its free
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Do u want Fire Works red,Orange,or blue
Wat color border of it want it thick or thin
If u want a darker color Avii like my first one ask or just light
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