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Chapter 15
The rest of the day I stayed in bed, working on my school work. The nurses brought in my tray for dinner. I fed Streak a little. He noticed my Spell Caster book. He arched a ferret eyebrow and started flipping the pages with his paw.
“Streak, what are you doing? I kinda had enough of casting a spell for one day.” I shuddered. He squeaked in victory as he turned to the right page. I frown and looked at the page. I blink.
“Streak…can you…read?” He nodded and nudged my hand. I look back at the title. Legendary Creatures to human. I eyed Streak suspiciously.
“You’re not some assassin that will kill me the second I turn you to a human are you?” Streak started freaking out and shaking his head. I sighed. “I’m not quite sure how this is going to turn out Streak. I haven’t tried this out before” He gave me the puppy face. I let out a big sigh. “How the heck does everyone know my weakness?!” I sighed again and looked at the book then at Streak. “Do you trust me?” He nodded. I suddenly felt uncomfortable. I picked up Streak and placed him on the floor. I sat next to him and brought the textbook next to me. “Sheesh, this is advance stuff. Well, here goes…” I followed the hand motions in the book and spoke a couple of words. I kept my eyes shut and spoke the last word. Through my eyelids I could see a flash of light. I licked my lips, afraid to open and see Streak be some creepy thing if I messed up on the spell. Someone stroked my cheek. I felt myself blush.
“Liz.” A guy’s voice spoke. I opened one eye. Some teenage boy was sitting where Streak was sitting at. He had clear white hair and had black jagged streaks the side of his spiky hair. His face on both sides had two stripes going outwards. He was shirtless but thankfully, he was wearing black jeans. I gaped at the guy. He could have been a model for all I know. Then it hit me.
“S-Streak?” He smiled. My eyes went incredibly big and I quickly stood up.
“Ah-ah! No way!” The room started spinning and I passed out.
I wake up back on my bed maybe 5 minutes later and see Streak’s human face. I blinked and sat up. He had a worried look on his face.
“This isn’t what you were picturing me as?” I quickly shook my head.
“N-no! You’re awesome! I never knew I could accomplish a hard spell like that.” He smiled. “You look really hot too!” I blurted. I squeaked and covered my mouth and blushed. He laughed.
“I really wanted to meet you like this but I didn’t think Kana knew how to transform me.” He placed a strand of hair behind my ear. He seemed to act like Chael. His face turned serious.
“Also, I don’t like that Chael dude. I see the way he looks at you and it irritates me.” I rolled my eyes. Whee, rivalry. I noticed he placed a hand on my cheek.
“Another reason I’m happy to be human is because I can do this.” He grinned and leaned his head forward. I blink. Great, my ferret is in love with me and he’s gonna kiss me!! I couldn’t pull away. I squeezed my eyes shut. The next thing I felt was somebody pulling me away. I looked up and saw Chael. His eyes were filled with fury. Streak shot up from the bed. He crouched and made a low growl. Chael pulled me behind him.
“Who the hell are you and who do you think you are trying to kiss her!” Streak smirked.
“I’ve always hated you Chael. I called Liz first and you steal her away from me.” Chael twitched.
“What the hell are you talking about! Who are you!!” Streak straightened up.
“You should know me by know.” He points to the tattoos on his face. Chael looked puzzled. I tugged on his shirt. He looked at me. I flushed.
“Uh…that’s….Streak…the ferret.” He eyes went wide. He flicked his eyes at Streak then me. He rubbed his forehead as to take out the headache that was coming.
“That’s Streak??” I nodded still embarrassed. Chael looked like he was about to fall over. I quickly led him to my bed to sit and clear his head. Streak snickered..
“Tch, humans…so typical.” I gave him an icy glare. He shuts up. I turned back to Chael. His face was kinda pale, not as pale as he is already. He looked at me.
“Mind if you tell me how he became human?” I grin uncomfortable and nodded. Minutes later Chael sighed and rubbed his eyes.
“Wow, I could say good job at turning Streak human but I think its best you turn him back.” Streak recoiled as if he’s been slapped.
“Y-You can’t! I don’t like being human! I’m finally able to talk to Liz!” I looked down. Chael looks at him with a dull look.
“You’re just going to make more trouble with her. We have to deal with something else that’s putting her in danger.” Streak snorted.
“Do you not think I hear all the stuff you guys discuss? I know she’s in danger. That why I can protect her when she is in a tight situation.” Chael stared at him.
“Also when you two are alone, you’ll take an advantage when I’m not around.” His eyes blazing. Streak smiled guiltily.
“Dang, you catch on fast. Well, I’ll give you my oath I won’t do “anything” to her until the dangers gone.” Chael gave a big sigh and looked at me for my decision.
“Uh, I kinda do want Streak to stay human. What if he is helpful and incase you’re not with me, I can call on Streak and he’ll come running.” I shrugged. Chael smiled and stroked my hair.
“Hey, I know what you’re thinking at any distance. I’ll come running if you need help too you know.” I smiled and hugged him.
“Thank you Chael.” I didn’t notice as I was hugging Chael, the guys were making a competition behind my back to see who will claim me. Chael smirked silently and mouthed “one point” and hugged me back. Streak gave a smug grin and mouth “you’re on”. I quickly pulled away.
“Ahh, what if the headmistress notices Streak? Wouldn’t he get into trouble? Well I guess I could keep him in human form but how can I call him back in a snap without having to do the whole ritual thing…” My thought trailed off. There was silence. A small knock broke the silence. Streak hid in the dark corner of the room close to the door. Chael and I fumbled around and looked like we were the only ones talking.
“You can come in.” The headmistress walks in, not noticing Streak behind the door. He was stiff as a board. I keep my eyes from meeting his and smiled at the headmistress.
“Are you feeling well Liz?” I nod. The fever was actually starting to go down. She smiled.
“I see Chael has been taking good care of you.” Chael and I blushed in unison.
“Yes, he has. I really happy he spends a lot of his time to see me.” I looked at Chael. He smiles.
“Oh I have a question for both of you.” She asks. I nod. “Are you two going to the Winter Dance?” We responded yes. She smiles. “Are you going as a pair?” I was too embarrassed to answer.
“Yes we are headmistress.” Chael answers with confidence. The headmistress nods.
“I was going to tell the students in the dining hall at dinner but I wondered if you two were staying here and I decided to tell you two here in advanced. The Winter Dance will be held at my castle instead of the usual dining hall.” I grinned and pictured a grand castle, snow falling lightly around forests of pine trees.
“We’ll definitely be there.” I said. She smiled again.
“Oh, it seems you two also have a question to ask.” Chael and I looked at each other guiltily. She waited patiently.
“Yes. My name is Streak and I was wondering if you could allow me to be one of your students.” She turned around and saw Streak step out of the shadows. My lips went tight. She observed Streak. Without turning around the headmistress speaks,
“You did a wonderful job at making a creature become human Liz.” My mouth dropped.
“Uh thank you mistress.” She turned around and smiled then looked back at Streak.
“I shall allow you to register to become a student in D.S.A. I have a small feeling you all have something in mind but I shall not pry into things that are not my matter. When the time comes you may tell me okay?” I had to keep in the urge to let out a big sigh of relief.
“Thank you so much for understanding headmistress. It’s true we’re somewhat not ready to explain everything but I hope we can discuss about it soon.” Chael spoke, smiling and placed an arm around me. The headmistress nodded and turned to walk out the door. She stopped at Streak’s side and whispered something that neither Chael and I could hear.
“Don’t be so hard on Chael. He really does like Liz a lot.” He blushes slightly and nodded. She walked out the door and closed it. In harmony we all sighed in relief.
“Wow, she is one patient girl.” Streak said. “I thought she’d never let me become a student.” I nodded. I looked at the time. It was around 5:30pm. I look at Streak.
“Uh, so now you’re a student here in D.S.A., you need a dorm room.” Streak gives a cocky grin.
“Well in the meantime, I can stay in this infirmary room with you and possibly…share a bed?” My mouth falls open again. In one swift motion Chael lifts Streak up and sticks him to the ceiling. His eyes were blazing again.
“You are not sharing a bed with Liz.” Streak struggles under the invisible force holding him up.
“Yeah, yeah I know. Now put me down, I hate it when you do that! I wish I was in my ferret form so I could shoot you with my quills.” I giggle. The guys look at me funny.
“Stop fighting over me. You two sound like little boys fighting over the last chocolate ice cream cone.” I laughed. Chael smiles in embarrassment. Streak blows the long bangs from his face to hide his embarrassment. He drops Streak and he lands on the floor without making and sound.
“Well that leaves me to stay in your room, mate.” Badly imitating an Australian accent. Chael had to hold the impulse to act like he was strangling himself. He grimaced. I patted Chael on the back gently.
“I can ask Jared to…” We instantly pictured Streak rooming with Jared. Streak was pestering Jared to the point were Jared snapped and broke every bone Streak’s body. Chael and I shared horror looks. Streak looked at us.
“So, what about Jared? You mean the emo tough looking guy who also likes you?” My eyes widened. I opened my mouth to say something but what came out was a small squeak. Chael frowned.
“Maybe we can send him to Jared’s room.” I hit Chael on the arm. He laughs and hugs me. I shake my head and laugh. Chael stood up and offered me his hand.
“You feeling better to go and eat at the dining hall?” I nod and take his hand. I looked at Streak, he only had a pair of jeans on.
“Streak, we’re going outside. Aren’t you going to get cold?” Chael gives me my PDT jacket that I was brought in the infirmary with. He grins.
“Pssh, I can fight the cold.” I was slightly worried because he was human.
We walked outside. A giant gust of icy wind blows at us. I shivered violently. Chael placed a protective arm around me. I glance at Streak. He was walking and whistling as if the wind wasn’t there. My eyes bugged out. He winked.
“Told ya I can fight it.” Chael mutters something under his breath too low for me to hear. When we reached inside the dining hall, Chael and I took off our winter jackets.
“Uh Streak, you’re going to need to wear a shirt. This is where the clothes code comes in.” I look directly at Streak, trying very hard not to stare at his supermodel body. Chael tossed Streak his uniform jacket. I turned and saw Chael wearing a normal D.S.A summer uniform shirt underneath. He smiles.
“It’s good to be prepared.” I look at the giant doors that lead to the dining hall.
“Shall we go in?” I asked. We pushed open the doors. The smell of food wafts around the room. A lot of people saw Streak and observed him. Girls whispered and giggled as they saw Streak walking past. He looked slightly uncomfortable but kept his face serious. As we sat down, the room went to its normal volume and people continues their conversation; they would glance at Streak every now and then. Streak touched my hand. I looked at him.
“Why are they staring at me like that? Do I look weird?” I almost forgot that Streak was actually my pet ferret and didn’t understand what the people meant. I whispered something to his ear. Chael, sitting to my right leaned over to hear. Streak then looked amused. He smiled and placed an arm around me. The girls began to talk and gasp. I blushed then scowled at Streak. He grinned guilty and placed his hand down. Chael glare. My roommates sat around Chael, Streak and I. Kana spoke first,
“Heh heh, Liz’s got two hotties.” She giggles. I flushed a dark red.
“Hey Kana! What’s up?” Streak spoke happily. Her mouth dropped open. Trae, had to clamp it shut.
“H-how do you know my name?!” I coughed into my fist to catch her attention. I leaned across the table and whispered in her ear about Streak being the ferret she gave me. Her eyes bulged.
“NO WAY!!” She flicked her eyes to me then Streak. “Damn Liz, great spell you cast. He turned out really hot for a human.” My cheeks felt hot. Streak suddenly reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded sheet of paper. He gave me the paper.
“Who has room 20 in the guys dorm?” I saw Chael snap his fork in half with his forefinger and thumb. I blinked.
“Uh, that would be your room right?” His lips were tight and he nodded slowly. I hugged him.
“Try to be patient with him okay? I know you two don’t exactly get along, especially now that Streak’s a human but give him time to adjust. He’s just excited to be a human for the first time.” He forced a smile. Streak taps my shoulder,
“From looking at my school schedule for next week, what’s PDT?” I smiled.
“Hey, we have the same class together. It’s the one class I kinda keep getting my butt kicked back into the infirmary. You’ve stayed with me in the room a couple of times in your ferret form.” His eyes narrowed.
“Well, you don’t have to worry about going back to infirmary anymore, I human now and I can guard you better…”
“You won’t need to be her bodyguard, Liz and I normally work together in that class. I can take care of her.” Chael quickly cuts in. Chael looks boringly at him,
“Not the way I see it. Plenty of times I’ve seen Liz in the infirmary was because how you could say “protect” her in your way doesn’t exactly work out well.” I noticed my friends whispering amongst themselves catching my glance.
“I bet you a rare potion of mine that Chael is going to beat Streak in PDT next week of school.” Rae whispers to Kana.
“You’re on. I chose Liz a good companion so I'm siding with Streak.” I rolled my eyes, finished my dinner and walked out of the dining hall back to the infirmary building.
I sat in my bed for a few seconds before flopping over with an exaggerated
“Meeeh!!” What have I gotten myself into! I covered my face with a pillow and groaned. I felt a small breeze come from the window. I shivered and slowly peeked out from my pillow. I squeak in surprise. Streak was looking down at me and sitting on the sill of my opened window.
“Ahh, close the window! It’s cold!” He chuckle and slid the window closed. I sat up.
“How did you climb to my window? Its about 5 stories high.” He shrugged.
“I jumped on a tree branch.”
“I thought you were supposed to be in the room you were assigned.” He scoffed.
“I was wondering if you could turn me back to a ferret? I know it might be troublesome because you just turned me human today but I kinda want to spend my last night in my ferret form.” I shrugged to mean I didn’t mind and paged through my Spell Caster textbook that was lying on my bed.
“Since this is another advanced spell I'm making, I’m going to try and hopefully do this right. I sorta have the spell to turn you back to a human memorized so I’ll change you back in the morning even though we don’t have school tomorrow.” He nods.
“Uh, before you turn me back into a fuzzy creature again, can I at least have a hug?” he blushed. He looked so adorable. I smiled and held my arms out. He grinned and gave me a warm hug. “See ya tomorrow.” He whispered and winked and stood back. I grinned and read the spell of my book to revert Streak to his ferret form The glowing stopped and a gray ferret sat in front of my feet. He grinned showing me his fangs. He ran to me and I picked him up.
“About time he turned back.” I looked and saw Chael leaning on the doorway. He grinned.
“Hey Chael.” I said. Streak stuck out his tongue and gave a ferret smirk. I poked him in the nose.
“Be good or I won’t turn you back tomorrow.” He obeyed. Chael walked over and sat next to me on my bed.
“You still up for tomorrow?” I then remembered I was going to be taught how to do fist combat.
“Heh, ohh yeahhh.” I sat there thinking of something to say. “Uh, are you mad I turned Streak into a human?” He looked at me with surprise.
“Mad, no, a little jealous, yes.” My eyes widened. Streak started to snicker. I poked him in the nose again. Chael looked away slightly embarrassed. “It just didn’t look right. He’s a ferret. Yeah, I know what I’m saying doesn’t make sense, it’s just that it bothers me a little to see you with a different…err guy.” I was quiet. Streak looked at him. I couldn’t find anything to say so I stood up and hugged him. Streak walked under my pillow. I stood there, my face hidden in his shoulder. He hesitated then hugged me back. I wasn’t crying but I couldn’t find any words to say. I really wanted to tell him I like him, a lot.
Streak was peeking out from the pillow. He made a small sad sigh then smiled at his female owner who had strong feelings towards the silver headed boy and learned to accept it.
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