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[GAME] Corrupted Wishes
Posted 12/30/09
My first thread as a Mod, babes ;D
This game is pretty fun, in my opinion.
Mkay, here is how you play:
You wish for something and the person who posts under you says, "Wish granted, but..." and they say something that goes wrong with your wish. Then they make a wish for themselves, and it goes on just like that!


Person 1: I wish I had a million dollars.
Person 2: Wish granted but it was all fake.
I wish I had a banana

So there you go and let the game begin!

I'll go first, to get ya'll started :]

I wish this ladybug would leave my room.
Posted 1/1/10
Wish granted, but a spider comes back in its place.

I wish i could fall asleep v.v"
Posted 1/1/10
wish granted but you dont wake up

i wish i could eat all the candy i could without my teeth wrotting xD
Posted 1/2/10
wish granted but ur teeth fall out..
i wish i was a superhero!
Posted 1/2/10
Wish granted but the color red is your kryptonite

I wish I could eat ice cream without getting sick D:
Posted 1/2/10
Wish granted but you eat too much and get uber fat.

I wish I owned a dinosaur!!!(:
Posted 1/2/10
Wish granted, but it fell in a hole and can't get out o.o

I wish it was summer *o*
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Posted 1/3/10
Wish Granted, but the sun is so hot, there's no water!

I wish i can eat a caramel sundae.
Posted 1/3/10
Wish granted biut them yew get all sticky

I wish I can my own world
Posted 1/3/10
wish granted but no one likes u-srry twiney-
i wish i was famous
Posted 1/3/10
Wish granted but it doesnt last long o-o

I wish all seven meals I eat a day magically feeds all the poor starving people in Africa
Posted 1/4/10
Wish granted but then you starve

I wish that everyone can become vegetarians like me and save the animals
Posted 1/4/10
wish granted but then evryone became cannibals!
i wish that creepylady would stop saying hi to me
Posted 1/5/10
Wish granted, but instead she gives you hugs

I wish my essays did themselves
Posted 1/8/10
wish grated but you end up failing ur essays.

i wish i didnt have to go to school ever again
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