Which member of Team 7 improved the most?
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F / Why do you care?
Posted 12/31/09
i know Naruto,Sasuke,and Sakura improved a lot during that 2 year pass time
i want to know who you guys think improved the most though
i think it's Sakura because she used to be this useless girl on the team and couldn't defend herself but now she's a medic nin and has her sensei's strength

What do you think?
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24 / F / you will never know
Posted 1/2/10
I think sakura is the one
sasuke was a genuis ever since the beginning and with his hatred and hard training with a good teacher his improvement isn't a big surprise
if i must go with this I'd say naruto improved a bit even though he's still not that strong but he is indeed a hard working nin so he deserve a little bit of improvement
however sakura's improvement is a shock she was almost useless in the first part and she really changed 180 degrees in shippuuden so I vote for sakura
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23 / M / Somewhere over th...
Posted 1/2/10
id say naruto. its true that sakura used to be this useless girl who always needed savings but now is stronger, but naruto was always pretty weak at the beginning of the series.
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