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Any anime you refuse to watch in Japanese?
Posted 1/1/13
InuYasha --Everyone sounds weird, but especially InuYasha!
Monster --It's set in Europe so why watch in Japanese?
Yu Yu Hakusho --Oh Kurama, you're not the only male anime character who was butchered by his female voice.
Bleach --Same reason as InuYasha.
Marmalade Boy -- The English cast just captured the characters' personalities better.
Shin Chan --Maybe it's because I like the gag dub better.
Ghost in the Shell
Sailor Moon --Grew up with the crappy dub, might as well stay with it.

On the flip side there's quite a few anime I CANNOT watch in English:
Naruto -- Naruto can "Believe it!" straight up his...!
Clannnad -- I couldn't take any of them seriously.
Kanon 2006 --Ayu's voice is SO annyoing.
Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-- Kyon and Haruhi's voices.... just... no... no.
Lucky Star -- Same reason as Suzumiya.
Fruits Basket -- See above.
Durarara!! -- See above.
Deadman Wonderland --Ganta's voice was annoying.
Perfect Blue
Posted 1/1/13
Haha this is a hard because Anime. Is. Japanese.
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from the South Bay
Posted 1/1/13 , edited 1/1/13

Kouunna wrote:

Haha this is a hard because Anime. Is. Japanese.

You mean the word "anime" ? or you mean the genre "anime" which is referred to Japanese animation productions.

Becuase the word itself is not really Japanese. It came from either the english word "animation " or french phrase "dessin anime".There is no kanji for it. Its in katakana.

Since I have seen the dub version on some anime , like Ghost in the Shell, Hellsing and Cowboy Beebop, Trigun I prefer the english dubb becuaseits very believable and really well done.

And its also vice versa, there are some anime I wont watch the dub at all ie Vampire Knight , I love Ezra ,it started out well but etc etc.

and yes Deadman Wonderlan , I love Greg but his voice for Ganta is indeed annoying. They should picked someone else.
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Posted 1/1/13
Now that I think about it, any show with Laura Bailey or Travis Willingham makes me like the series instantly more than the subbed, but I wouldn't say that I can't stand the subbed either.
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Posted 1/1/13
took some thought but X'amd has really bad translation in some areas [ie: words missing]
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Posted 6/2/13
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