Is Jane Austen Japanese?
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Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/8/10
I was flipping channels after I came home this morning, and came across Sense and Sensibility.

Anymore, I'm somewhat innundated with Asian stuff. I watch a lot of anime, I've been reading a book of Akutagawa stories for the past few days, Juzo Itami is one of my heroes, I have a shelf full of movies from Japan, China and Korea, etc. The first thing that I noticed about watching this movie is that 18th century England seems almost more foreign than Edo period Japan. Maybe that has something to do with being an American... we aren't really from anywhere, and what little history we have together we spent mostly at each other's throats. Or maybe I watch too much tv and need to get the hell out of my apartment more often.

So anyway, Jane Austen struck me as a little bit foreign. And then I was like, 'holy crap, this is a Japanese story!' Think about it: the daimyo of a remote prefecture is dying and leaves his estate to the son of his first wife, but because of the first son's cruel wife, the daughers of the second wife can no longer live in the castle... I swear, I watched the rest of the movie with my jaw on the floor, amazed by the cultural dysphoria of it all.

I heard that Bridges of Madison County was popular in mainland China, Ang Lee's screenwriter -- tired of putting up with rewrites -- ended up writing all of the characters in Eat Drink Man Woman as Jewish as possible, and Throne of Blood (蜘蛛巣城) was Kurosawa's version of Macbeth.

So my question is this: is Jane Austen Japanese?
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Posted 1/8/10
^ the question above can be answered by a simple Google.

No, she isn't Japanese. She's an English novelist.
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