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Seikon no Qwaser
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Posted 1/17/10 , edited 1/17/10

_Jesse_ wrote:

Stupid... what's next power from swallowing semen?


There are already manga with that kind of premise...

As for the anime this thread is about... I'm not too sure about it.
The whole... milking... thing... kind of kills it.

Now, I'm a big fan of perversion, but this was kind of... meh.
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Posted 1/21/10

Bankai1987 wrote:
but i don't wanna keep seeing breast after breast after breast all the time

Well better start getting used to it cuz it's the main selling point of this show...unfortunately

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Posted 1/21/10
yea i like the idea of alchemist who can control a certain element, but the milk breast parts kinda kills it for me. rather have a good storyline
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