[Kpop] f(x) and M.I.C.’s Lollipop MV
Posted 1/12/10
f(x) and M.I.C.’s Lollipop MV

check it out...


is 2ne1 and big bang lollipop better (korean)


m.i.c and f(x) better?? (chinese)

is not the band is chinese

is the song in chinese!!!
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Posted 1/12/10
LOL ...in chinese

You must be a beautiful song, becauseF(X) are very good

They are good in Chinese
Posted 1/12/10

amber is chinese too..i love her voice when she rap...

Posted 1/12/10
the song's catchy and thy all look cute ^^ ambers wearing make up ^^ looks cute but i think Big Bang's and 2NE1's version is better.
Posted 1/12/10
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