Post Reply ||GAME|| Who is the Hotest? (girls only)
Posted 1/12/10
choose from:

1. Fai
2. Syaoran
3. Kurogane
4. Watanuki
5. Doumeki
6. Kamui
7. Subaru
8. Touya
9. Yukito
10. Ashura

if i missed any please tell me

BLUE is who i think it is
Posted 1/12/10
i looooove fai
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Posted 1/13/10
Syao fai and subaru!!!
Posted 1/14/10
Just Kamui. Everyone else is just cute but not hot.
Posted 1/15/10
lolz...i agree with you on that sorta~ kamui and fai are the same for me, i cant decide
Posted 1/22/10
again......i LOVE fai
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