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Posted 1/2/08 , edited 1/2/08
I am so thankful for everything He has done for me. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness right now. God is so great! At times when I am so stressed over big, and little things, He has given me peace. When my grand father passed away, He had comforted me. All my weak points, He is working on to strengthen. He's given me an amazing new friend, and has been opening doors to witness to her. He's blessed me with a wonderful church to grow in Him with. He's blessed me with this group which I can find fellowship in. He's burdened my heart to do great things for this society. He's given me amazing desires that I've never had before. He is my strength. He is someone I can rely on completely. He is someone I can come to with anything that's on my mind. He is someone I yearn to grow closer to. I am so thankful for His love. Jesus died on the cross for us! He's forgiven me for my sins, so that I won't go to Hell. I am so thankful. Without Him, I'd be so lost. I am so thankful for His guidance. I want to praise Him forever. I desire to glorify Him in everything I do. God is so great! His love is so beautiful. I am so thankful that I'm His!

Let's glorify His name!
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Posted 1/2/08
Now I'm glad I have SO many weaknesses. Because then I get to see something super uber special when God makes a lot of transformation in me!

When we finally go to heaven after having done God's Will, I'll bring a camera up to heaven and we'll take lots of neo-prints together, us and God and Jesus and the wispy Holy Spirit Woot!
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Posted 1/11/08
lol, Faeleia , that's funny ! Cause technicaly.., we cant bring material things to heaven ^____6 , ,., though that;s really funny ^__^

anyway,., for me , GOD IS SO AMAZING cause, He always provides our needs. though sometimes we dont achieve what we wanted in life maybe cause It's not what we needed the most. Since God knows what's best for us (He knows us and everything about us and even what our life on earth will be -- even though we're not yet born in this world)

He's so so so AMAZING cause, He's full of suprises everyday ^___^ ,., He gives us trials or problems in our lives that he knows we can handle (so if you had problems right now -- dont' worry , relax , God knows we can solve it! just pray to Him and ask Him wisdom about it)

Though what i'm saying right now is not enough to tell how God has been Wonderful and AMAZING in mylife !
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