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24 / F / Somewhere In This...
Posted 1/22/10
Alright then. Now how to close this forum
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Posted 1/22/10 , edited 1/22/10
Tadase and Tsukasa are two different people. You're probably confused because Amu called older Tadase, Tsukasa. First of all older Tadase never said he was Tsukasa.

Amu: Tsukasa?!
Older Tadase: ...Tsukasa...?
Amu: Y-Yeah what are you doing here? When did you get here? You really scared me!
Older Tadase: Yes, yes. That's right. You scared me, too. I can't believe my eyes. We meet again, Amu-chan.

Didn't Amu just see Tsukasa? Doesn't Tadase call Amu, Amu-chan?

Like Amutofan123 said, older Tadase looks different from Tsukasa on the splash page. Tadase has light blond hair and pink eyes while Tsukasa has darker blond hair and violet eyes. You can tell they are two different people if you see it in color.

If Tadase is Tsukasa, how would it work? Tsukasa is Tadase's uncle. If they were one person his mom would be his sister and there's no way it can work. Unless somehow he brainwashed everyone to think he (Tsukasa) is Tadase's uncle and mother's brother.

Lastly, Kiseki was in the road of stars and called him Tadase. I think he would know his owner. Yoru also said something like "You're not the mister who fed me sardines."

Therefore, Tadase is NOT Tsukasa.

EDIT: Whoops, topic already solved. Oh well at least I added in more details.
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21 / F / In a fun shugo ch...
Posted 3/14/10
All I can say, in manga.
There's a pic of Tadase's & Ikuto's family
Tadase was carried in his mom's ands while Tsukasa is the person behind Tadase's grandma
So, Tadase is NOT Tsukasa
Posted 3/15/10
didn't really think about that... i think i skipped over that...

oh well don't think too hard or else you'll get a headache, sometimes manga just a bit too complicated...
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