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Japanese racism towards korean
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30 / M / Monterey Park, CA
Posted 2/23/10
Umm... Racism is NOT a thing of the past. Yes, people these days AROUND THE WORLD may be a little more tolerant, but I believe that almost everyone exhibits some form of prejudice.

No matter what country you live in, there is racism. Personally, I think the world will never be rid of racism. I'm sure you associate certain stereotypes with people of different racial/ethnic backgrounds. Don't deny it.
Posted 3/21/10

Kenshin1986 wrote:

WTFWMD wrote:

Japanese are racist to other Japanese that live in a different area of Japan. Lol. Its mostly the old people. The new generation is different, some look up to Koreans cause they have "perfect pale skin"

ur stupid to think its just old people, actually the majority of old people are very nice to others from different places its just a small portion who still act this way, you can not just say its mostly old people without facts.

Yes, racism is not all centered around Japan. Honestly, this forum has two pieces of evidence and pull this racism thing on Japan. Why dont i look up a million racism acts done by the korean? I'm pretty sure these forums should not be created.
Posted 3/22/10 , edited 3/22/10
Do you know the major reason why someone has Japan and Korea frequently conflict? maybe only Japanese and Korean know that. In a word, it's because of Korean education. the Korean government has educated the people to make people regard Japan as enemy. That's all.
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23 / F / Calgary, AB
Posted 4/2/10 , edited 4/2/10

LosingOrbit wrote:

Come on people, it's 2010, this racism shit is getting old.

Lol... it's still happening even here in canada.. i'm filipino and i've encountered a few racists. XD

and i think japanese really has that attitude towards koreans 'cause i've read a thread here that says korea is japan's most hated country :))
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24 / F
Posted 4/11/10
my best friend is korean and though i know she isn't personally against japanese, when i first brought up my fascination with japanese things she was a bit upset saying that she didn't really like the japanese.
its kind of interesting how good she is at telling japanese and korean people apart. i mean, sometimes its obvious, but i'm only half and sometimes people look very closer.
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28 / M / California
Posted 4/12/10
Why do they think Koreans are cockroaches?
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Posted 4/15/10 , edited 4/18/10
This Anti-Korean sentiment in Japan is not new phenomenon, this started with Imperial Japan annexation of Korean Empire on 1910 right after Empress Min of Korea was brutally raped & cut into pieces by 20 Japanese assassins (Previously Kingdom of Joseon, Korean King declared himself as emperor after Qing Dynasty lost war with Western Imperialists and Japan).

Sadly, there are some Japanese right wing groups still living in early 20th century mindset believing Koreans are 2nd class citizen of Imperial Japan. This Anti-Korean sentiment from Japan is not about "racism" or "racial hate" because racially both Japanese and Koreans are most closest.
Likewise Koreans also have strong Anti-Japanese sentiment mainly due to war between Korea & Japan back in early 20th century til 1940s.

According to Hugo Int'l Institute's Dec 2009 Racial profile of East Asian report, the genetic distance between Koreans and Japanese were almost 97% match with only 3% difference. Even Japanese demography institute concluded that modern Japanese were mixture of Neolithic East Asian immigrants from Korean peninsula and Ainu tribes and Ryukyu island people.

Ethnic tree

Genetic profile of East Asian

Between Japanese and Korean there are no racial hatreds but two people see each other as traditional political rivalry.
Two countries shared similarity not just in spoken languages, but also in foods, musics, arts and cultures.

In overseas countries, both Japanese and Koreans don't have any problem mixing each other but only seems tobe problematic when they go back to their own countries. However, younger generations of both countries have improved positively mainly due to effort of young people have opened their eyes and minds.

I think education is key to improve misunderstanding and myths/stereotyping.
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Posted 4/17/10 , edited 4/17/10
Some people are racist, I grant you that, but those tend to be the minority. The Japanese may have their 'Uyoku dantai' (the term for bloody great buses covered in Nationist and Racist slogans), but Americans burn cross, the Brits do not seem to be kind to Moslems and 'Asians' (Mostly South Asians),China is a country steeped in Xenophobia &c. &c. In fact, the existance of Racist as well as non-Racist in Japan is a symbol of freedom of speech in that country.
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45 / F
Posted 4/17/10
I do not like some people because how they are, not because of what nationality they are. I think that the world have changed.
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23 / F / Hawaii (U.S.)
Posted 4/23/10
wow, srsly Japanese aren't only racist to Koreans so why make this such a big deal? I'm sure alot of other ethnic backgrounds are racist towards others. Yeah this is getting old but still partially going on.
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23 / F / Canada, Mickey Mo...
Posted 5/18/10
Racism sucks. I hate racism the most in situations like this.
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25 / F / The land of sheep.
Posted 5/18/10
This racism isn't only directed at Koreans, but also the Chinese.
Unit 731 would be an example of Japanese looking down on Korean and Chinese victims:

It probably has more to do with cultural pride rather than stereotypes or labels.
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35 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 5/18/10 , edited 5/18/10
Unit 731 is during WW2 it's time to GET OVER IT!

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22 / F / dubai
Posted 5/21/10
Thats bad...-_- Racism hurts.
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Posted 7/11/10
I really wanna go to Japan somday. See this racism on other people made me decided not to go there anymore. I don't wanna go there and be hated.
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