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Crunchyroll iPhone App (Alpha)!
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40 / M / Twin Cities
Posted 5/7/11
i like the app. when i'm getting back reception, it reduces its resolution. that's okay, but it's annoying when it makes it nearly impossible to read the subtitles.
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31 / M / VA
Posted 5/11/11
I agree with ChadKumada. Just got the app today and it's so far great, but the lowest quality stream is a bit too low quality :)

I wouldn't mind waiting or letting it buffer a little to get a better picture.
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22 / F
Posted 6/24/11
Is anyone eles having thIs problem?
When I open da app, I noticed that lots o anime is gone D:
Like bleach n Ao no exorcist n BZB, those 3 r da main reason I use da app....
So if they r really gone, I'll just delete da app - 3-
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26 / M / addicted to YOYO-...
Posted 6/25/11

shinji wrote:

Hey guys,
I wanted to keep this a secret until the entire team feels it is ready for prime time. But as some of you might have already heard, we've been working on a Crunchyroll IPhone App. A candidate was released last friday in order to get feedback.

Currently it is still Alpha release, so there are still some bugs that need to be worked out -_-. Please try it out. Any suggestions, comments, or bug reports are greatly appreciated~! For now, it is WiFi only.
to anyone using iPhone or iPod Touch with the OS 3.0 or greater.

The Crunchy IPhone App currently supports watching non-premium videos (basically anything after 1 week broadcast), logging in, accessing guestbook/profile and writing on other's guestbook. Premium members can log in to skip ads. Oh yeah, the App is free~!

We'll be incorporating your feedback to make the Beta release really awesome, so don't be shy =D

~ Shinji

Download Link:
(link launches the app page in iTunes)

is there any chance that you guys might come up with a blackberry 6OS CR.
it would be unmissable.
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Posted 6/26/11
The app is great. It used to crash a lot when I had anywhere from 8 to 3 minutes left in an episode. I haven't had that problem for a few weeks though. Also, I don't get why you can often hear the audio for the next episode's preview, but the video has stopped and the time is also 00:00 left.
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Posted 7/17/11
Please make it to Blackberry User's Andrioid And Windows PSP playstation3 Xbox :D
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