[VOTE] Hottest Smile
Posted 1/31/10

for the hottest smile! GOOD LUCK!

Meiyuki // Hakkai_Chu

Chris // animenerd13

Tsukune // AznKid0129

Zack // SmahD

Posted 2/1/10
I can't choose between Zack and Chris! XD
oh..okzz..i vote for Zack! :3
Posted 2/1/10
cant really decide between 3 dudes. hahah meiyuki, chris & zack -----damn it´s hard ....*thi8nks*

I choose meiyuki !
Posted 2/2/10
ZACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes my cutie and my boyfriend so he gets my vote. I LUFF YOU ZACKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. :3
Posted 2/2/10
Go Zacky!!! <3
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Posted 2/6/10
Hmm .. zack or travis??
I'll go for travis XDD
Posted 2/6/10
omgawd .. it's hard to choose ! whyy ><?!

first, Chris and Meiyuki are as awesome as ever,
and i see new faces !

Omg.. that Zack is handsome and lovely xD

I go for Zack ! <3
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Posted 2/8/10
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Posted 2/11/10
hmm Zack or Travis?....

Well I can actually see Zacks's face so I go for Zack! lol
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