What do you want to do before you die ?
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Posted 2/3/10
alright so i was watching this new show on MTV called the burried life.
idk if anyones heard of it but its pretty damn good, its about this guys who make this list of 100+ things they want to do before they die and they help some people along the way, pretty touching stories.

so i was wondering what are some things you guys would like to do before you die ?
you can put as many as you want.

here are five of mine.

1) have my own buisness
2) build multiple animal sancutarys
3) travel the world
4) see my reletives i havent seen since i was five.
5) buy my own island and live on there forever.
Posted 2/3/10
I get the feeling this is a dupe but w/e don't feel like searching for the link~

** get my mind & spirit finally in complete even chi
** try to help my family get along better
** travel to at least one place I'd like to go
** be fluent in a language i like [hopefully Japanese or French] XD
** find the man of my dreams (may never happen)
** participate in activities i really like (water rafting, hiking etc)
** try to trace my family ancestry even more
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Posted 2/3/10
A lot of things.. I'll comeback and edit later
Posted 2/3/10
Learn Japanese
Travel to Rome
Skydive off a mountain into a pool of sharks
Finally finish the novel I'm working on
Learn Italian
Skydive off a plane into a pit of chocolate and male models

And mostly, to just be happy.
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Posted 2/3/10
Conquer the world to spread Islam and rule it with justice so it can be written in my good deed so i can offer it on judgement day as my ransom and get the highest place in heaven available to me. and anything i do is a step to realize that goal.
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28 / M / California
Posted 2/3/10

Ride the oldest train alive
Ride a bike throughout Japan (honey and clover style)
Learn Mandarin/Nihonggo (Kansai Dialect)
Create something that will change the world (good change not bad)
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24 / M / Brunei
Posted 2/4/10

1) Move to Australia
2)Find my Special girl and marry her.
3)Have babies
4)Watch my child grow up
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Posted 2/4/10
Sorry, but this is a duplicate thread.

Please just use this thread:

List of things to do before you die

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