Illution! Fountain water moves UPWARD. against the GRAVITY o,o
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Posted 2/5/10 , edited 2/5/10

If you look at this garden for a glimpse, may be you think that this fountain is flowing upwards the ramp. But, the real thing is, the water passed through either the tilted side or the down flat side. (get it?)

What makes this looks like that is the bubbles blown under the tilted side. As the properties of gas, it moves upward, so this air makes the illusion of water flowing upwards.

This extraordinary work of James Dyson is shown in the Chelsea Garden Show. The conclusion is, it's your eyes, not the law of nature changed.

The real article :

sry for bad translation. i can't do translation really well
so ya.

ahahaha i hope this isn't a

thanks 4 reading and bye~
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Posted 2/5/10
Spell please .

Lack of discussion/content.
Posted 2/5/10
it looks cool i guess
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Posted 2/5/10
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