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Posted 2/6/10 , edited 2/7/10
Who here has played or want to play this game? I've recently started on it after beating Spirit Caller (SC), another game that revolves around Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. In the story mode, Stardust Accelerator (SA) loosely follows the plot you've seen in the first (and possibly second) season of the series up to the Fortune Cup, with a few tweaks so that the main character's story (you, not Yusei) will fit in. A lot of the tasks that Yusei normally does in the series are fulfilled by you in some way or another, much like in Spirit Caller. In fact, SC and SA are two of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! games for the NDS so far and soon, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia will make its release sometime this year.

There's also the World Tournament mode where you can challenge CPU single or tag duelists as well as perform wireless battles with other people. Beating characters in story mode a certain times unlocks new CPU challengers in tournament mode. Beating those duelists in turn unlocks even more packs to buy. Each pack contains 5 cards - 4 common and 1 rare (and it can be ultra, super, or just rare). Unlike SC, where you can utilize a glitch to buy a bunch of packs for very cheap DP (duelist points - points awarded after every duel), SA will be harder to get all 2887 cards. What's even more challenging is that the first 4 packs (available by default) contain about 200-230 cards each so trying to get the card you want can be very hard. The subsequent packs, however, are about 50 cards each so you'll have more chances of getting the right cards for the same DP.

At least you don't have to wait a "week" like in SC to replenish the packs. Do note though that much of the staple cards (great and usually rare cards that work in almost any deck) are found in the first 4 packs so you'll want to focus on buying packs there first before any other packs that you unlock. Also one thing to consider is that when you buy packs, the game automatically saves so if you didn't get what you want, there's no way you can just turn off the game and try again. =( In my opinion it's better to buy bulk quantities (max 50 each time) instead of 1 pack at a time. It will greatly increase the chances of getting the right card because you're comparing 50 packs to ~200 cards (1 in 4) instead of 1 to 200 (anticipating rare cards are even slimmer). For example, I wanted to get 3 copies of Skilled Dark Magician for my spellcaster deck that revolves around Dark Magician. I bought 50 cards in the appropriate category and I got all 3 at once plus all the other cards that may be good for my deck.

But no matter how much DP costly the packs may be, you can always challenege story mode characters or tournament duelists as much as you want and if you like dueling as much as I do, this is where you shine. I also have a few decks and I can use such duels to test them out. It's recommended you fight every single one at least 5 times each to fulfill certain requirements to unlocking certain things. So right off the bat, you have a bunch of duels to accomplish. Regular duels tend to give out around 190-210 DP depending on your performance. The tournament duelists usually give a minimum of around 280 DP and can be as much as 400 or maybe even 500.

At this time I'm not that far into the game. I basically finished the first part then I dueled 10 tournament duelists (after unlocking some of them) before I plan on continuing story mode for the purposes of setting up for later and getting new packs. I've also noticed that most of the decks the computer use are actually fun to play with, meaning the AI for a lot of these duels sure know how to make the most out of their cards in their deck, which sometimes forces me into a bind. At least that would be indicative of where the weaknesses lie in my deck so I can fix it.

There certainly is a lot of things in this game just from those 2 modes and I haven't even mentioned turbo dueling yet. I can't say for now because I haven't gone by the story too far yet to even engage in turbo dueling but I'll keep posted. I definitely look forward to the endgame when hopefully I have obtained 90% of the cards so I can use one forbidden card in the forbidden list.
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