Post Reply To all the roleplayers [A Must-Read before applying!]
Posted 2/10/10 , edited 2/10/10
Alright, y'all lovelies! Assuming you're going to be my potential future Durarara roleplayers, I want us all to have some fun around here, and to do that we're going to have to follow a little bit of guidelines to hold this roleplay together. Most of the time I'm always quite patient and lenient to people, esp. fellow fans <3 And moreso to fellow roleplayers. Therefore, I shouldn't need to make any reminders about respect around here, si? Si. Onwards to the guidelines~

1. You're expected to roleplay in-character. As this is not only a roleplay but also an ADVICE column/Q+A mini forum, it's important that you are able to put yourself in your character's shoes and respond to situations as they officially would. Of course, since Durarara has just begun airing, I can't expect a bunch of flawless roleplaying-- we all gotta try. What I'm trying to say is, do your best. I'm sure you'll be fine if you try and I'll be able to see that through your applications. <3

2. We will use two formats in this mini roleplay:
(a.) PARAGRAPH: For the forums. Must be third person, and you must type at least one paragraph per post when you are roleplaying. Remember, a paragraph is a minimum of 5 sentences.
(b.) DIALOGUE: For the advice column pages (found in the "Pages" tab of the group.) Your character will speak, and when you want to add some actions, put them in these brackets..." [/actionhere] " Here is an example using Mikado Ryuugamine.
[/spots Shizuo across the street, gasping in fear] I-it's Heiwajima Shizuo! The person that
Kida-kun told me to avoid angering at all costs!

3. When applying, please apply as your default account. If you are accepted, please make a Crunchyroll account under the name of your Durarara! character, and I will link default account to your character's on the "Accepted Characters" list. This way, fans can ask you things on your character's page too <3

4. How will you navigate this group once you are accepted? The format of Crunchyroll groups are a little confusing... I know it because I had trouble setting up this group in some places. @[email protected] But for you guys, once you are accepted as a roleplayer, I will rank you guys.
All roleplays go in the forum. Please, feel free to start rps between other roleplayers, but if we end up with a bunch of dead topics (IE. never replied to, never finished, too short) then you guys will lose the privilege to start topics in the forum.
The advice column goes to the "page" tab in the group. I will have a sample of how you will start your character's advice column so you guys have an idea. Fans will be free to ask for advice in the chat area of the page, and you just reply to them from there.
Finally, the questions go to the wall. When fans ask you a question, you answer them there. That is all.
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Posted 8/19/10
um....the paragraph and brackets are a little to much...maybe take those off and i would rp!
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Posted 5/6/11
chould i be izaya
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