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Posted 2/13/10
hello i am currently looking for a skilled hand in halping me draw some portraits to go along with my works here are the info

style wanted: clannad style (anime, digital)
type of work: long term
portraits needed: around 26
money for each portrait:depends but bare minimum (doesn't impress me) is 70 dollars (canadian)
time given for each portrait 4 weeks

artist needs to be
1) in good health
2) consistant with their quality
3) good at meeting deadlines
4) willing to make changes and revisions of rejected submissions
5) be consistant with their style
6) cannot quit leaving half of our team hanging in mid air for 4 weeks wondering where our freelance artist is

method of payment: paypal 50% when i accept your pencil sketch, the last half (how ever much it is) when you tone and color it for me

email address: [email protected]

i'll say this now for auditioning portraits accepted for final auditioning will be payed regardless if your chosen or not, all i need is a pencil sketch for review for audition submission, all terms are final. no contracts, no legal bindings, your art however may or may not be published.

please contact me if you wish to apply,
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