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Funi is not doing a secound season of Big Windup Bad news for anime and sports fans alike.
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Posted 2/17/10 , edited 2/17/10

llamaben wrote:

Darkphoenix3450 wrote:

I have already made threads about the fact there is no swearing in Japanese. I also explain in the thread why they do not need to jazz up the anime the way they do... Wen some one said YOU.. We do not need to sub it YOU Bastard! You! would have worked in this case.
I see this in subs all the time.. Not swearing but adding in other words that their not saying or is not needed to get the point across. Its a old thread of mine but I can always look it back up for you. Thread was locked Because they said it was similar to another thread but wen I compared them their nothing alike. In other word mods trying to shut me up because I was upsetting people by pointing out mistakes they make.

Actually, in some circumstances the translation to just "YOU" would not work - at least in correct English. Also, subs often also incorporate facial expressions into the subs due to cultural differences, which is often why bastard is added. Sure, its americanized, but its nowhere near as bad as the translations for the majority of dubs...

Either way, this thread is meant to be about Funimation and their choice to not continue this anime...

If I was to Yell YOU across the street at some kids...! They shit them selves all without the need of the bastard. SO no expression and the way he said it would be far more than what is needed to understand what he is applying. Bastard was never needed. (its just fluff. And I am not a big fan of fluff on my sandwich.)

And as for Funi.. Their loss.. because in the end its do to there lack of their business sense.
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Posted 2/17/10
I don't like baseball and any anime revolving around it, but that is sad news for the fans
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27 / M / Arnold Maryland
Posted 9/24/10
I dont like sports anime period : /
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